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Someone's Sexual Orientation Shouldn't Matter

Updated on August 26, 2016

I am one of those living room pundits. That everyone loves to hate. I will share things with you about politics that you may not want to hear. I will share things with you about myself that you will sit there that you think to yourself. This is none of my damn business.

Why will I do this because I want too persuade you too see things from a different perspective. This is my coming out post. I am bisexual. Some of you are saying well that's cool. At least you know what you like and then there are some of you saying well bisexual. I don't understand that. In order to be that. You have to be confused because you like girls and guys. No.

You just have more options. I look at a girl and a guy both and I see potential mate material. Someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Which brings me to the next point. No, I haven't formally told my family. Why is this you wonder. Is it shame. No. God made me this way for a reason I believe that.

Sometimes for some people like myself. It is because you really don't want to hurt the ones you love and this would.

You see I grew up in a Conservative home where people said to me. If you looked at someone of the same sex that way. You were wrong. It was a sin.

My mind goes to what if I lose my family over this even though I know I can't keep it a secret forever. That it will come out eventually.

I think some of you who are reading this are struggling with this too. Struggling with the stereotypes that people put you in because you love in a way that is different from the mainstream.

Some will say. How do you know you are bisexual. You haven't been with anyone because I have been in love with two women. Who even though they didn't share my feelings in that way. The role they have played in my life was to help me to come to terms with my sexuality.

God has been good to me in a lot of ways because even though I went through hell in a lot of ways in this area. He has given me something to share with all of you. So that I can help.

Your sexual orientation shouldn't matter in America because the reality is. It is no one's business, but your own.

You shouldn't have to hide in this country, but a lot of us still have too because our cultural thinking truly is still backward about this lifestyle even though we have made much progress in this area with the assistance of President Obama.

Do you want to turn us backwards this November by electing Donald Trump to the highest office in the land because you will if you don't do something to help this cause.

Yes I am a Hillary Clinton Supporter. So some of you will probably take my pitch with a grain of salt after all I want too see her elected, but one of the many reasons is I truly believe she will do everything at her disposal to help the LGBT community.

Yes, this woman is a part of the hated establishment, but what if through some of my posts I could get to you look at her differently as I am trying to do with Donald Trump because if Donald Trump is elected. It will be the end of life as we know it because this man is a danger to our society as a whole because of his ever changing moods.

He first sold himself as the man who could fix every fucking thing in the United States to now he just fucking panders to his supporters like some two bit celebrity. Who loves the attention.

So, to the LGBT community. I am asking for your vote in November for Hillary Clinton. Yes she flip flopped on the issue, but she is a person and people change.

Look at me I did. I hated the LGBT Community. Well because I was a closet bisexual, to not just accepting myself, but deciding I wanted to do anything I could too, to help not just the LGBT Community, but others as whole, using my gifts and talents on the computer for positive change in this election.

I will not sell everyone to my side I realize that, but maybe I will get you too see a different perspective in my rant here and if I am able to do that. Than I did my job.


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