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Sometimes We make It Too Easy For Race Hucksters Like Al Sharpton....

Updated on August 22, 2014

Sometimes We Make It Too Easy For Race Hucksters Like Al Sharpton….

There is the decades old puzzle that is yet be solved, as to why race hustlers and those who represent the ‘grievance industry,’ like Al Sharpton, receive the respect they get from some citizens, the main stream media, and some notable politicians. Some thirty years ago, I heard my father going ballistic… discussing Jesse Jackson, the head race-baiter then. Now that I too am a father, my family has to put up with me sometimes engaging in the same mouth agape, eyes-bugging-out, surprise wonder… pondering how come many of us still give ‘props’ to the likes of Al Sharpton - but just like the racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, sometimes, we make it way too easy for the race hucksters, like the afore-mentioned Al Sharpton.

We make it easy for various reasons to foster racial animus… which then gives malignant voice to these venal, self-serving men like Sharpton… who make a mint off the legitimate suffering of others. Take our current racial run-away fire in Ferguson: how is it that its population is over 70% Black and out of 53 police officers, only 3 is Black? Are you telling me that no one in that city saw the need to have a police force more in tune racially with Ferguson’s ethnic breakdown? If the Al Sharptons, who have made it a science out of practicing racial divide, can take stats that do not exist to legitimize their racial Blackmail – what do you think they are going to do, especially in convincing Black folks, with such blatant stats showing the prejudice hiring practices in Ferguson’s police department?

It is shameful to know that 91% of all Black men murdered are perpetrated by other Blacks, and, that, apparently, it is ‘A-ok’ if the murders are Black on Black. This is the reason why most of us Blacks are sonic-boom quiet about the wholesale slaughter and massacre of Black men that is currently afoot in cities like Chicago. Where is the vigor and pro-action to protest, or moreover, prevent Black-on-Black-murders by the race hustlers like we see now in Ferguson, when a White man is accused of allegedly murdering a Black man? And note that the only time you will see or hear the likes of Al Sharpton say anything negative about Black-on-Black crime is when he is cowed into doing so.

As it is my wont, I do not spare anyone in this forum when I write because I look at situations from the prism of a Traditional Christian point of view, whereby, ‘the truth is not relative,’ which, then, often requires me to castigate even myself. Yes, it is ok to pull over mostly the African Americans in Ferguson for drugs and general crimes because the stats may support such detainment. But it is here again, I must interject my Traditional Christian beliefs and where I get in trouble when I mention that all were born under the burden of Original Sin, which means that we all are capable of doing all sort of manner of evil. With that said, do we only look at the stats where Blacks are legitimately, disproportionately guilty of certain crimes?

If we are to accept having Blacks detained because they are more prone to commit certain crimes… then we must have Whites detained too, especially if they are more prone, say, to molest children or being serial killers. Right now many of you are feeling resentment toward me for writing this, but suppose the stats bear this out? Now you know how many Blacks who have never used drugs in their lives or commit a crime feel when they are detained, even though, I myself understand it is a necessary tactic to preserve the peace in our neighborhoods. So then, if we are indeed being objective in this discussion, we must agree that, surely, Serial Murders and Child Molestation are more of ‘a clear and present danger’ than selling drugs or on par with doing so. If my White brothers and sisters do not accept this negative premise about the behavior of some members of its race, then we give the Al Sharptons more ammo.

The Sharptons of the world are like the big pharmaceutical companies that secretly wish that the Common Cold or the AIDS epidemic is not cured, so as to perpetuate the cash cow that it is. You know the saying… why cure a disease when you can palliate and still secure the loot. I am not saying that the Pharmaceutical companies are that cynical - but the race hustlers are and for the life of me, I do not know why we allow them to be our mouth pieces or garner such respect in our society - once again, it is a testament of the distrust borne out the histories of the two races.

Throughout this blog, you may notice that I have abstained from referring to these hustlers as ‘reverend’ this or that because these guys have done more to hurt Christianity than Atheists; come to think of it, Blacks have been more a danger to themselves than the racist Skin-Heads or the KKK. Who in their right mind can say that Malcolm X and Martin-Luther-King would be happy with our mostly, self-inflicted-wounds? I am not ‘poo pooing’ the fact that there is racism… because I have seen it up close and personal, ironically, right here in Liberal New York... but the race hustlers do many of us Blacks a disservice that is akin to the [man] who cried wolf, when legitimate cases of racism come to the forefront.


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