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Sondland Turns On President Trump

Updated on November 20, 2019
Trump and Sondland
Trump and Sondland

Sondland, Ambassador to to EU, against Trump's wishes, once again testified in front of the impeachment hearings. In his first testimony, he tried to shield Trump and later was forced to amend his testimony to avoid conflicting testimony from his close aides. He also had donated one million dollars to his 2016 campaign. He was selected by Trump for his ambassador role.

Sondland was not allowed to access his State department memos and files, so Trump and Pompeo have made it more difficult to stop him. Nevertheless, Sondland clearly states that this whole, nefarious, dual track system to withhold the promised military aid and to get dirt on Trump's opponent, Joe Biden, was directed and desired by President Trump and his White House staff. Sondland indicated that Giuliani and Trump wanted a "quid pro quo" for the military aid already approved in the previous year. Sondland and his staff were directed to work with Giuliani by the President of the United States in getting a public Ukrainian statement that they would investigate the Bidens and Burisma in exchange for the release of the military aid. All of which would benefit Trump, personally, in the 2020 campaign.

This was the back channel 's purpose, it was not to benefit the US national security. The others using the official channel of the US State Department, like Taylor and Kent, were not privy to this initially. They only learned of this "back channel" as time went on and the presence of Giuliani and others meddling in their efforts. The use of Trump's corruption claims were just his cover to actually just focus on the Bidens and Burisma. As Sondland told his staff after a private call to Trump, the President did not give a shit about Ukraine, only the big stuff, such as the Bidens and Burisma.

The talking points of Trump and his Republican idiots like Nunes and others, fall on hollow ground. The Mueller report did point to real obstruction issues, although, it could not find any Russian collusion issues. Of course, the CIA and others, clearly state Russia, not Ukraine (as Putin wants Trump to believe) worked behind the scenes on social media to get Trump elected. Like it or not, Russian disinformation has divided the American political process, which distracts American foreign policy and interests. This allows Russia and others to take America's place. Look no further than Trump's move in Syria that has allowed Russia to expand their influence across that nation.

The impeachment proceedings have yet to get any documents or other key persons, such as Pompeo, Bolton and others, from testifying. This alone is clearly obstruction. Not allowing Sondhand to obtain his personal notes or documents from the State department is obstruction to protect themselves. Sondland indicated that everyone from Trump to Pompeo to Bolton to Mulvany to Volker, and more, knew what Trump wanted Ukraine to do in order to get the already approved military aid.

Ukraine had to make a public announcement about investigating the Bidens and Burisma. Trump really did not care about an actual investigation, he just wanted the Ukraine to make a public announcement that would be reverberated across the American landscape and help Trump in the coming election.

It is so clear, despite how the desperate Republicans try to diffuse or slander others, what Trump wanted. There is no doubt there will be an impeachment trial in the Senate, and we all know what will result: Acquittal.

The Republicans are just unwilling to allow Trump to be removed. They are a pathetic bunch.


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