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South Africa and anti-rape condoms - tool to solution of the problem?

Updated on September 1, 2012
Picture of Rape aXe.
Picture of Rape aXe. | Source

Recently, the proverbial panties of quite a few people had been in a twist over invention of South African doctor, Mrs Sonnet Ehlers. She invented condom, which may fight rape with its teeth bared - quite literaly.

If you take a look at the picture to the right, you can see rows of jagged hooks, which, upon penetration, are supposed to attach to man's penis. Once it attaches itself to the penis, it causes him great deal of pain and it's also impossible to be removed without medical help, and thus should make the conviction of rapists easier and quicker.

On the Anti Rape website there i a running banner stating "If men can use their bodies as weapons of attack, it's time for women to do the same." This condom definitely shows it's possible, yet it doesn't solve the issue of rape. For all the endorsement it receives, it also receives fair share of critique.

One argument from the critics says that using the aXe would give women false sense of safety, while it will not prevent attacker from sexually assaulting her - it will just stop him from continuing the assault. It also won't help in cases of other-than-vaginal-peneteration-rapes or group rapes, which, according to statistics, are happening more often, especially in the Southern part of Africa.

It also does not say anything about the aXe being misused - if a woman decided to hurt an innocent man and innitiate consensual sex with him while wearing this, it could easily mark him as rapist while in fact he would be a victim. The same for male victims of rape - if woman decided to rape them while wearing this, it would lead to even more suffering for the victim.

So the question remains - is the Rape aXe a tool to stop the rapes, or just a device waiting to be disused?



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      Idana 2 years ago

      So true. Honesty and everything reneocizgd.