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South Bexar County Awareness: Harlandale ISD board orders internal audit

Updated on June 17, 2015
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New Board- Old Issues

Harlandale ISD board members are elected by districts, so that each area of the community is divided by district and has a representative serving their interests.

Newly Elected, but not so new Harlandale ISD school board member, Tomas Uresti (2002-2013, another district) ran on the fact that the district was spending great sums of money on the districts hired bond manager, Jasmine Engineering. The firm was hired back in 2007. Some of the board members at that time were, Tomas Uresti, Anthony Alcoser, Jesse Alaniz, David Abundis (current member) and Josh Cerna.

Do you support the districts use of Jasmine Engineering?

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Time for Change?

The board voted on June 15, 2015 to conduct and internal audit of all payments made to the firm, due to concerns that the bond election held in May 2015, would allocated over $64 million dollars to the district, leaving members of the board, four to be exact, attempting to be good stewards of the districts money.

Uresti, was able unable to convince those good stewards to halt the use of the firm and move to hire a new firm. Board Member David Abundus, who has been on the board since the inception of the contract with Jasmine Engineering, defended the firm. The firm came under fire in 2011 as well, and was once again defended by Mr. Abundus.

The two stand alone votes to halt the use of Jasmine Engineering are hoping to bring the issue of removing the firm back up for discussion at a later date; once the audit is completed.

On Board in 2007

  • Tomas Uresti
  • Antohony Alcoser
  • Jesse "Jay" Alaniz
  • David Abundis
  • Josh Cerna

Spent Millions of Dollars on Renovations- Expansion

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Harlandale Independent School District, San Antonio, TX, USA
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