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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Former School Board President in Bar Room Brawl

Updated on June 11, 2015
Loren Brewer (aka. Martin, Adcock). Southside ISD School Board President
Loren Brewer (aka. Martin, Adcock). Southside ISD School Board President

Once a bully.....

Loren Brewer who is currently serving his term as former board president at Southside ISD was in another bar room brawl of sorts at a local establishment, named R & J's. His unwanted advances towards a female at the establishment lead to words with her partner and started a scuffle.

It has been well known throughout the community, comments on website news articles,etc. that Mr. Brewer had been considered a bully since he was in high school.

In 1996, he was arrested for Bodily Assault, Cause #634307, the case being dismissed, when the witnesses disappeared. While on his previous term with the Southside ISD school board, Mr. Brewer was censured for his behavior and lost his position as board president. May of 2015, the community having enough, voted for the opponents of the four "team" members running for re-election. The new make up of the board voted Mr. Brewer out as board president.

While president of the board for the second time he once again began to micro-manage the school board, the hiring procedures not being followed as per the law, etc.

Mr. Brewer remains on the board until 2017, when he is up for re-election; remains on the board along with his lifelong friend, Norberto "Robert" Chavez..

Southside ISD Homecoming Bonfire.
Southside ISD Homecoming Bonfire.

Bonfire----burn ban

While Bexar County was under a 90 day burn ban which began Aug 26th of 2014, the Southside ISD school board chose to overlook the law and hold a giant bonfire, not only breaking the law, but putting the community and the school district at risk.

Creating More Positions

The Southside ISD "team" spent the district's money like a never ending "Mary Poppins's" bag where they kept pulling funds until they had pretty much spent it and hoped the the bag had deeper pockets than they do; were in the process once again of creating/adding positions at the district.

During a meeting , they proposed to create a position for Student Improvement Specialist. They wanted to hire a truant officer. Most created positions had been proven to have already had someone in mind for the positions such as friends and relatives. Mr. Brewer had gone as far as offering job positions to community members.

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