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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: School Bullies don't change....

Updated on June 12, 2015
Southside ISD
Southside ISD

School Bullies

What exactly is a bully?

  • Most school bullies are those that feel inferior so they pick on the less likely to respond back to an attack and get more satisfaction when they attack in numbers. Then gloating to make themselves feel important.

Imagine having a group of those on a school board and all adults with the power to decide the fate of your child's, grandchild's or nephew and nieces education. What do you get? You get the Southside ISD school board.

Bullies running your school district

Would you support bullies making decisions for your school district?

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Southside ISD Bullies...

Loren Brewer (aka Loren Martin, Loren Adcock, Loren Glen Adcock)
Loren Brewer (aka Loren Martin, Loren Adcock, Loren Glen Adcock)
Norberto Chavez. "Robert"
Norberto Chavez. "Robert"
4 members of the "team" up for re-election. 3 Lost, one chose not to run.
4 members of the "team" up for re-election. 3 Lost, one chose not to run.

Ask Their School Mates...

and all they remember is what bullies Mr. Chavez and Mr. Brewer were and how they bullied and attacked individuals in the bathrooms always a group attacking a single individual.

During the elections it was well known by the community that Mr. Brewer, Mr. Chavez, Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Cannon used bully tactics to scare voters. Always out numbering the voter and letting them know that they would know if the voted and how they voted. One item being a blatant lie, unless they used Ms. Mendelsohn and her connections through the commissioners office to look at ballots. Anyone can get a list of voters to see who voted, but no one should see your vote.

Board Bullies ....ask community members to leave board meetings.

Bullies don't like to be questioned or put on the spot. They believe that they are right no matter what and anyone that questions them, angers them. Southside ISD "team" members were no different.

The history shows that Southside ISD allowed community members to speak in open forum before getting to school business. Since the bullies got on the board, the item had been removed from the agenda when items are likely to create an out cry from the community, they weren't allowed to have a voice at the board meetings.

During 3 board meetings:

  • A community member asking questions during a public meeting was asked to leave the meeting because she was creating problems by voicing her concern.
  • Prior to a meeting, Ms. Guzman attempted to shake hands with community members including those that do not support her at which time they chose not to extend a hand and Ms.. Guzman then asked the school police chief to ask a former board member of the district to leave for disrespecting her. The former member called the Bexar County Sheriff's department and filed a complaint. As a tax payer in the community and having done nothing wrong, he had every right to attend the board meeting and as a free American, he had every right not to shake her hand.
  • When members of the community to include two former board members stepped out of the board room, Mr. Brewer made a point of coming outside and taunting them to provoke a response. Not alone though, he had 4 officers and Leo Balderas, the husband of former board member and re-hired employee at Southside ISD, Theresa Balderas.

Community decided "no more bullies on board"

After two long years, the community decided they wanted no more bullies on board and voted to dissolve the power of the "team" by voting out four members of the "team" May of 2015.

The "team" leader, Loren Brewer (aka. Loren Martin, Loren Glen Adcock, Loren Adcock Brewer, etc) and his childhood friend Norberto "Robert" Chavez still remain on the board until May 2017, when they are up for re-election.

Martinez Losoya Road, San Antonio, TX 78221, USA
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Southside ISD board room and administrative offices.


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