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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD trustee arrested

Updated on July 28, 2015
Frank Henry Cannon Jr. Southside ISD board trustee
Frank Henry Cannon Jr. Southside ISD board trustee

More negative publicity at the hands of a school board trustee

While attending a Southside ISD special school board meeting; board trustee, Frank H. Cannon Jr. was arrested on warrant for 27 violations.

During the process of being arrested, it was learned that Mr. Cannon had yet to take care of the issues that have haunted him 27 times. His vehicle tags and inspection were expired.

Mr. Cannon was said to have gotten mouthy and was cuffed and removed. The arrest report did not confirm the attitude or behavior of Mr. Cannon other than to confirm that he was cuffed and taken to the Bexar County Jail, where he remained for almost 24 hours before his release.


Some of the charges below were repeat offenses to the total of 27, in layman's terms:

  • He was driving without a valid license.
  • He was driving without insurance
  • He had been charged with not taking financial responsibility
  • He was charged with speeding
  • He was charged with expired tags
  • He was charge with expired inspection
  • He failed to appear in court

His violations come at the cost of approximately $14,000 in fines that he has yet to pay.

At the time of his arrest, Cannon said he believed that they had been taken care of, however, letters were mailed to his home to notify him of a pending arrest and officers had been to his home as well.

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Meeting community financial responsiblity

Mr. Cannon has had other financial problems in the not so distant past. As a business owner, he has been sued by his suppliers.

  • #2102cl13056- Custom Crushed Stone Inc.
  • #376417- Ferguson Enterprises
  • Sunstate Equipment Co.

Since as far back as 2003, he has suffered with delinquent tax problems.

Tax records also show that Mr. Cannon lives in a home valued over $300,000.

Southside community taxpayers, work hard and pay their taxes to support the community needs from road repairs to education. Mr. Cannon's record shows that he does not support the community by fulfilling his financial obligations to it.

Just food for thought; if Mr. Cannon couldn't pay his tickets, purchase insurance, register his vehicle, pay for an inspection and pay his fines--How did he run his campaign and where did the money come from?

He reported no expenses, but had flyers, t-shirts and campaign signs.

Threats & Excuses

Friends and family have rallied behind Mr. Cannon in support. However, it is disturbing to see that his supporters are actually making excuses for 27 warrants, "just tickets" are the consensuses.

Everyone is required to have insurance, Mr. Cannon's refusing to purchase insurance means that if he were on the road and caused an accident with you, you would be out of pocket or your insurance would be responsible for the repairs. The fact of disregard for the law's set forth by the state alone, those that we follow, should be followed by all, no exceptions and to excuse him and them as menial is a disappointment in itself and the character of Mr. Cannon and those that support the behavior.

As former board member and community member said, "shameful", asked for an apology and resignation.

Mr. Cannon's own son, posted a threat on a social media network, not upset that his father had not taken responsibility, but because he felt he was "set up" and accused ex-board members for it. Going on to say that "if your looking for trouble with me or my family, you're sure as hell going to find it."

While it is touching that Mr. Cannon has close friends and supporters, it is astonishing at the ignorance of some of the thinking, "it had to be a set up, police don't come looking for you". Police do warrant round up several times a year and announce it on the local news channels.

Then there is blaming the media for being there to cover it. "People are trying to humiliate your family". No one kept Mr. Cannon from paying his fines, except Mr. Cannon.

Mr. Cannon's own behavior has caused the issues that he is dealing with, the fact that he is a public official has made it a public burden to the school district.

Southside ISD

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