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South Park Political Correctness Episode makes the right point

Updated on September 18, 2015

PC Principal

Gotta Love South Park

Given it's run time I doubt very seriously that many people haven't seen at least one episode of South Park. But for those of you who may not have, and to give a little context, I'll explain. South Park is in short a Satirical approach to current events. It takes things that are really going on and grinds them down to a humorous pulp.

The season premiere of South Park's 19th season was no different, introducing a new character titled "PC Principal." PC Principal made it a point let everyone know that South Park was going to have to enter 2015. He is the perfect metaphor for Social Justice Warriors and the PC Culture that seems to be taking over the internet.

The entire episode revolves around Bruce Jenner's "heroic" transformation into "Caitlyn" Jenner, with Kyle being the main source of dissent regarding his/her "Heroism." Consistently, through out the episode, Kyle stands his ground repeating that Jenner is not in fact a hero. Of course he gets ridiculed and mocked every time he dares speak his opinion on this.

The other side of this brilliant coin is Cartman. Evil genius that he is, Cartman of course starts laying plans to use this new found situation to his advantage (something we'll probably see come to fruition in later episodes). He at first plays the part of cowering in fear to the PC Principal, but then at the behest of his friends determines to black mail PC Principal into laying off. This however turns bad when Cartman uses the word "spokesman" instead of "spokesperson," prompting PC Principal to beat Cartman into a bloody pulp. This is a beautiful metaphor for every conversation I've ever had with an SJW. PC Principal completely ignores the point of the conversation (the blackmail) and instead keys in on something that is ridiculous and completely off point and badgers that point until the non-SJW just gives up. If you identify yourself as an SJW, you do this, if you don't consider yourself to be one, you probably know what I'm talking about. The irony and hypocrisy of someone defending "Social Justice" while beating a kid to a bloody pulp pretty much nails what the PC and SJW movements are all about.

An attempt at Objectivity

To understand this episode, and more importantly the times we live in, we must also understand both points of view. I've always considered myself to be an objective person and try to understand both points of view before deciding where my opinion lies.

Being Politically Correct boils down to not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings and to try and treat everyone as equals. Black, White, Male, Female, everyone is 100% equal in every way and they should be treated as such. I don't doubt that the point of SJW's comes from a good place, they mean well, and political correctness of course sounds wonderful on paper. Imagine a world where everyone could walk around with out ever having their feelings hurt, where people held hands and sang songs together and rejoiced in their equality. This is the world they envision, and they try and make that a reality through speech, as actions often begin with word, words often have an effect on thought. By going after language, they can eventually adjust both thought and behavior (bet you didn't realize how important language is).

Then there's the other side. The side with no name. The silent majority. These people just want to speak their thoughts. Sounds pretty simple right. I think it, I speak it. They often don't appreciate it when they're told that their thoughts and speech are "wrong," and that they are "bigots" and "racists" who need to "check their privilege." They get up every day, work 9-5 (or some other shift), go home and take care of their kids, and occasionally comment on political events on Social Media. I'm going to refer to them as Verums (I'll let you figure out why). They speak the truth as they see it. What they're saying isn't always "nice," there's no butterflies and rainbows, no holding hands and singing, just unabated opinions spoken by people who live an breath in the world. They have no agenda, no goal, they are not a movement, their just people.

Reality Check

Here's the rub. Reality is what it is. We can try and pretty up, shine it, and sell it as something it's not, but it still is what it is. Bruce Jenner wants to be called a woman because he feels like a woman on the inside, ok, that's all well and good but ol' Bruce still has 23 Chromosomes. Penis or no Penis, biologically this is what determines the sex of a person, and that extra Chromosome that men have makes big big changes in the rest of our bodies.

Equality is a wonderful concept, and from certain points of view everyone is equal. Black, White, Male, Female, we are all human beings and are born with the same rights and freedoms. That's kind of where it ends though. Males and Females are different biologically, women tend to be smarter and more agile, men tend to be stronger and faster (of course there are exceptions but this is true for most people). This is absurdly clear in the recent case where political correctness "geniuses" decided it would be appropriate to let a "formerly" male transgender "woman" fight another woman. It wasn't pretty and did not end well for the woman who was born a woman.

Brent (the woman on the losing end of this fight) said "I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not, because I’m not a doctor,” she stated. “I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life, and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right. ”

If Bruce Jenner wants to be called a women, that's fine. If Bruce Jenner wants to have his penis cut off so that his appearance is more in line with his "inner self," hey more power to him. That's the great thing about this country, you can be whoever and whatever you want.

However, if you recognize Bruce's right to hack his penis off, how can you lose sight of the fact that people have a right to speak their opinions about this? The hypocrisy here harkens right back to PC Principal kicking the crap out of Cartman for saying "spokesman." It's ok for Jenner to alter his appearance to look like something he wasn't born as, but it's not ok to say there is something wrong with that? If you believe that to be true, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why you can't make a coherent and logical argument that makes sense across the board. Freedom is not about making everyone feel comfortable, it's actually more about making people uncomfortable. Jenner wants a sex change and has the freedom to do that, that makes some people uncomfortable. I think it's strange and weird that a man would want to get rid of his penis and be called a female, and that makes some people uncomfortable. That's freedom baby, love it or leave it.

Jenner the "Hero"

At this point I hope I've made it clear that people can be called whatever they want. If you're more comfortable being called a Lion instead of a human because inside you feel like a lion, and you want to try and transform your body to look more like a lion. Wonderful. Have at it. But in the pursuit of "acceptance" and "tolerance" for how people see themselves, we cannot lose sight of reality. I will call you a lion if that's what you want (but I'll do it with a chuckle), what I'm not going to do though is treat you like a lion, anymore than I would put a biological male in the ring with a biological female just because the dude says he feels like a woman.

As for Jenner, I fail to understand how hacking your penis off and telling everyone that you did that (or in this case are going to do that) makes you a hero. In this case Jenner wasn't even CLOSE to being the first one to do it, and there are people who have done it who were in much more precarious situations. For instance, there was a Navy Seal who went transgender, can you just imagine the stigma and culture of that? THAT took balls, because nobody around this guy was probably tolerant or accepting of it, and even if they were there was a very good chance that they weren't going to be. Worse, Jenner beat out an actual military hero who literally lost limbs in defense of his country. This is absurd and wrong on just about every level that exists. You cannot defend this in any sane or credible way. It's just wrong.

The reason for the rant

What prompted me to write this is not South Park or Jenner, but rather an article by an SJW trying to pretend she's not an SJW about this episode of South Park. She made a few points that I want to address directly. Here is the article for full context and disclosure:

Martha Soren says: "But in making the PC people a bunch of white, violent frat guys, they made it seem like a bad thing to strive for correct language around transgender issues. It is a big deal when someone says "he" instead of "she" when talking about Jenner. She identifies as a woman, and wishes to have people use the corresponding gender pronouns. Not doing so is harmful."

There are a lot of things wrong with this paragraph. This paragraph in particular is the reason I'm writing this as it speaks fundamentally to the disagreement between SJW's and everyone else.

First of all, it doesn't matter the subject. Whether it's homosexual marriage, transgender issues, Christianity, Racism, poverty, I don't care what we're talking about. In all situations it is fundamentally wrong to try and "control" the way people speak. SJW's are constantly screaming about not shaming people, and letting people be who they are, and yet they want to change the way people speak which is linked directly to who they are as an individual. They rage about tolerance until it comes time to tolerate people who don't want to be tolerant. In short, they are as oppressing to freedom as the bigots and racists they scream about. Now trying to make an argument for your case, as to why people should be accepting of Jenner's decision, is one thing. In that case you are speaking to a concept. If a person changes their minds about a concept their speech will change along with it, typically. That's fine because the person still has a choice. Shaming a person about the way they talk however seeks to remove their choice in the matter.

Secondly, in a list of things that are a "big deal" the language we use to refer to something that they chose to do to themselves is probably last on the list, if it's on the list at all. We have kids starving to death in Detroit, our country is falling apart at the seams, our economy still sucks, journalists are lying through their teeth, we are constantly on the brink of war (according to said lying journalists). At one point during the episode Randy (a recent convert to the PC Bros) made the point that something was a first world problem (once again reflecting the hypocrisy), not being called a woman when you feel like a woman is most definitely a first world problem.

And as far as calling Jenner a man instead of a woman being considered "harmful" this is just absurd. Harmful to who exactly? Jenner? Harmful how? Is he laying awake at night crying himself to sleep because some people refuse to refer to him as a her? Somehow I doubt that, and even if it is true, I'd tell him to suck it up buttercup. You cannot and will not force everyone to see you the way you want to be seen. If you're going to make a decision that effects the way people judge you, you also need to accept the fact and be tolerant of the fact that not everyone is going to. That's life. That's freedom. Deal with it.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      I got lost, I have no idea what is your point.

      PC is mind control and it is a pavlov device, it shouldn't be followed, unless you want to be part of the herd.