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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD, Another Superintendent Fired

Updated on July 8, 2015

Board Members Vote to Save the District Money

The Southside ISD school board held a meeting just before the 4th of July 2015 holiday weekend. During the meeting the board voted to save the district money by cutting ties with the suspended Superintendent, Ricardo R. Vela.

Along with removing a high paid, unqualified and non-certified employee of the district, the board also voted down the building of the community/athletic center, that would cost the district millions of dollars.

At the embarrassment of the handpicked administrative employees of Ricardo Vela and his "team", they were unable to answer simple questions by the sitting board members as to funding for the district. Those in charge of the money could not give a straight answer when it came to questions pertaining to funding.

Mr. Brewer and Mr. Chavez were not in attendance for the board meeting.

Athletic Center No More....

Southside ISD proposed Athletic/Community center.
Southside ISD proposed Athletic/Community center.
ESD#6 Community Center/ Evacuation Center.
ESD#6 Community Center/ Evacuation Center.

Costly Center

The "team" ran on an Athletic Agenda aside from a vengeful agenda to remove employees of the district.

The "team" accomplished both when they removed the vast majority of individuals in administrative positions that were not "team" players, to include the Superintendent, Dr. Juan Jasso and his secretary. Ms. Martinez, the secretary's lawsuit has been a staple to the Southside ISD agenda for months and the board has yet to take action.

With no one to hold the "team" accountable, they designated the vast majority of funding that remained from the previous boards financial decisions and set it towards building the Athletic/Community center. The center was quashed, saving the district millions of dollars, but not completely without expenses, as the "team" had voted to accept the architectural firm that they had used at the ESD#6 to build their Evacuation/Community center. Tax dollars that the Southeast Bexar County community is still paying for.

The same will occur in this situation. The plans had been drawn and so they would have to be paid for as per an agreed motion by the "team" at board meeting they held in May. This will cost the district several hundred thousand dollars, but in the long run, is a lot less than the millions it would cost them to build a structure the district does not need.

Board Decisions

Do you believe the school board members are making positive changes in their district?

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School Mascot in question.
School Mascot in question.
Southside ISD spent millions of dollars on an artificial turf that may need to be changed.
Southside ISD spent millions of dollars on an artificial turf that may need to be changed.

Cardinal Logo in possible lawsuit

According to agendas and minutes of the past, Southside ISD was asked to remove the Cardinal Logo that had been changed by then board member Mr. Loren Brewer and his team. When Mr. Brewer was no longer on the board, the district was contacted by a state university because of copyright infringement on the cardinal logo.

The district came to an agreement and according to the agenda, allowed members of the community and district to submit their ideas and a cardinal was voted on and changed to comply with the agreement.

Fast forward; the control under Mr. Brewer and his "team" once again took liberty at changing the mascot to "beef" it up. And once again the district is being threatened with fines and lawsuits over copyright infringements.

The "team" has put the Southside ISD board in a position of having to decide whether to spend tax dollars fighting the case or tax dollars in removing all the items the "team" put the logo on. Ex: a $5000 flag, the millions they spent on the football field which portions would have to be replaced, the banners all over the district would have to be removed, electronic signs with logo's, uniforms for all clubs and organizations, etc.

Just another unwise, unveted or uneducated decision by the "team" that will cost the district more money.

Southside ISD

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