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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Brewer and Chavez create a circus atmosphere

Updated on October 14, 2015
Loren Brewer, Tony Luna (former board member), Robert "Norberto Chavez and County Commissioner Chico Rodriguez
Loren Brewer, Tony Luna (former board member), Robert "Norberto Chavez and County Commissioner Chico Rodriguez
Former board member Frank Henry Cannon
Former board member Frank Henry Cannon

Southside ISD called meeting #1....forgot to inform a quorum.

Mr Brewer has called on two meetings within the district and has not had a quorum at either meeting.

The first was to re-align the board and remove it's officers, by taking the helm again. What he underestimated was not that he wouldn't have the votes to take control, but that he would have enough members of the board to actually proceed with the meeting.

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Southside ISD called meeting #2.....didn't happen.

September 24th, Policy shows that it is the board president who sets a meeting, but when you are Mr. Brewer and Mr. Chavez and the Interim Superintendent was handpicked by these two and former Superintendent Ricardo Vela, it's easy to say how rules were manipulated and the district reported another agenda for yet another meeting.

This meeting was to go over the 21 day deadline and to push for the hire of Dr. Gonzales as the permanent Superintendent.

The district circus before the meeting included a Commercial truck being donated to the district by Mr. Frank Cannon. Some will recall that Mr. Cannon was the board member that was arrested for not being able to pay $14,000 in fines and who had issue paying his property taxes. The truck "not running" was towed to the site, the community and students thanking him for a vehicle that doesn't run and will cost the district more money to insure, repair and find a qualified driver.

This media circus could be construed as a violation of the open meetings act. The item was not on the agenda. Any donated items to the district must be placed on the agenda and voted on to accept the said item. The district is going to spend tax dollars on this item and their representatives should have a discussion on that subject and make an educated vote on whether to accept the item or not. Free isn't free when it costs twice as much money to repair and operate that purchase. In question should also be taxing and licensing of the vehicle and clear ownership.

Southside ISD administrative building
Southside ISD administrative building

Third time is the charm....October 15, 2015

Southside ISD will hold a meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

The truck is not on the agenda! Will they still try to donate it or do they figure because the district had it towed there, it belongs to them? Only time will tell which direction this issue goes.

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