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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Brewer and Superintendent breaking policy....

Updated on June 3, 2015


Southside ISD Administrative Officers an Board Room.
Southside ISD Administrative Officers an Board Room.
Loren Brewer. aka. Loren Adcock Brewer, Loren Glenn Adcock, Loren Glenn Brewer, Loren Martin.
Loren Brewer. aka. Loren Adcock Brewer, Loren Glenn Adcock, Loren Glenn Brewer, Loren Martin.
Ricardo R. Vela, aka. Richard Vela
Ricardo R. Vela, aka. Richard Vela

Mr. Brewer always the bully....

Those who have known Mr. Brewer when he was Loren Martin called him a bully who hasn't grown a bit. Those who have followed Mr. Brewer's activities on the school board have said the same.

During the elections in April of 2015, Mr. Brewer visited a voter because he found out that they hadn't supported him. The first official meeting of the board with the newly elected members; Mr. Brewer was disruptive and used intimidation against the inexperienced board members continuously repeating the phrase, "don't do this in haste" and something to the effect of "Look, Listen and Learn." Much like Ms. Mendelsohn's quotes to the media. Coming from Mr. Brewer, they are nothing more than catch phrases because they are both phrases that Mr. Brewer never learned to follow when it came to the governance of Southside ISD when he held the position of board president.

His actions have been well documented and stand on their own.

Do you see Mr. Brewer bullying and breaking the law?

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June 4, 2015 Agenda for Southside ISD

The June 4, 2015 Agenda signed in accordance to law and set by the district at 5:49 pm. will be discussed at Southside ISD at the Administrative Board Room, 1460 Martinez Losoya Rd off of Hwy 281 south.

According to the agenda, there will be presentations, awards and public comments before the board goes into discussion on items that were tabled at the last meeting, from appointment of legal council, the Superintendent search and possible suspension. Something that thanks to Mr. Brewer and his wanting to control the Superintendent, leaves Mr. Vela at the mercy of the board's kindness as to whether he will receive pay. According to Mr. Brewer's contract for Mr. Vela, he could be suspended without pay. The contract reads; "The board may suspend the Superintendent without pay during the term of his contract for good cause as determined by the board."

As if the board didn't have good cause before, after the posting(s) of the agenda(s) for the June 4th meeting without board approval, Mr. Vela has shown not only the board, but the entire community that his lack of moral compass and his continued loyalty to Mr. Brewer is more than the board would need to find him less than trustworthy.

Legal Agenda

The false agenda

This agenda is not valid for many reasons.
This agenda is not valid for many reasons.

Mr. Brewer had opportunity...

to place an item on the agenda had he so chosen, but instead, went above the law and without the Board President approval to have a second agenda set forth on the district website. The agenda calls for reorganization of the board, a tactic in line with Mr. Brewer's disruptiveness.

This agenda was posted on the district website and created at 6:12 pm. approximately 20 minutes after the Board President and Superintendent posted the legal board agenda.

A source revealed that Mr. Brewer was not happy with the posted agenda and took it upon himself to create an agenda. This agenda was not authorized or signed by the board president and is illegal. The agenda reads that a special board meeting will take place immediately following the regular board meeting on Thursday June 4th at 6:15 pm. and then repeats, changing the time from 6:15 to 6:30.

Anyone who attends board meetings understands that a meeting with an agenda like the one set by the board president could run in to late hours and to have an additional meeting would boarder on ridiculous, but would happen long after the community members had left and allow Mr. Brewer to bully the board members in private.

This disruptive behavior of Mr. Brewer cannot be allowed to continue and if the Superintendent allowed this to happen, then he is just as guilty as Mr. Brewer in not following policy set forth by the state and the district and just the reason the board needs to prove that he cannot be trusted.

Agenda Procedure

Setting an Agenda and Removal of a Board Member

According to Southside ISD board policy (BE Local), The Board President and the Superintendent prepare the agenda. A board member with the support of another board member may request for an agenda item for the meeting, but the agenda has to be approved by the board president and the Superintendent and the item must be submitted the sixth working day before a special meeting and seven for a regular meeting.

The actions of Mr. Brewer to place this agenda on the website would have had to have the approval of the Board President or the Superintendent, it came from a reliable source that the Board President did not approve this, hence, no signature on the agenda.

Reasons for Removal of a board member:

“Official misconduct,” which means intentional, unlawful behavior relating to official duties by a Board member entrusted with the administration of justice or the execution of the law. The term includes an intentional or corrupt failure, refusal, or neglect of a Board member to perform a duty imposed on the Board member by law.

Mr. Brewer has continually shown that he follows no ones rules or laws other than his own, it was his agenda that the "team" followed and the members of the community voted out. Members of the community believe that Mr. Brewer will continue to bully the board members and be a disruption to the board and the district as a whole in moving forward.

His actions are clearly speaking and making their believes to be true.

Southside ISD Board Room

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Martinez Losoya Road, San Antonio, TX 78221, USA
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