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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Jumbotron, over compensating....

Updated on June 18, 2015

Keeping up with the big dogs

Alamo Stadium scoreboard
Alamo Stadium scoreboard
Southside ISD scoreboard
Southside ISD scoreboard

No power, no school?

The morning started out like any other, then the Southside ISD personnel were informed of a power outage at the district. According to media sources, there were 4 transformers out causing a power outage at the school district and 216 residents.

The cause had yet to be determined, however, the district had just installed the latest in the taxpayers expenditures towards the athletics department; the state of the art and nearly $1 million dollar scoreboard, they call the "Jumbotron". The company they used for this expenditure was one whom Mr. Vela's brother works and may have benefited financially from the district.

Community members were angry at the way the situation was handled and blamed the school's new scoreboard for the problem.

In question was; who installed the scoreboard? Since the lack of transparency within the district has left them without answers, it is left up to speculation that it could have been installed by friends which the "team" has been accused of using for projects within in the district and not following policy of taking bids for projects as is in the school policy online manual.

Wasted Funds

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Extra costs to the district

Due to the power outage, students were bused home or parents were notified and they picked up their children and took them home. Power was restored early on some of the districts facilities at which time the board decided to send buses out for a second time to pick up students and bring them to school. Costing the district several thousands of dollars in payroll and fuel expenses to run an extra route.

Parents were irritated at the fact that some had just picked up their children and then the district requested that they be sent back. Several keeping their children home and making comment that the district would hear from them if their children were counted absent for the day.

Nothing in life is free....where is the funding coming from?
Nothing in life is free....where is the funding coming from?

Who is paying for all of this fun and free stuff...

the taxpayers of the Southside ISD community. The "team" appears to be trying to provide "fun" stuff for the district, but nothing in life is free. It all cost money and somewhere down the line it has got to be paid for.

Reliving the youth

Brewer and Chavez
Brewer and Chavez

Keeping Score in all the wrong places

While the athletic facilities are looking great these days at Southside ISD, the one place the Southside ISD is failing miserably is in education. The scores they should be looking at is the 2015 ratings. Academics at Southside ISD got a "C", Teacher received a D+ and their facilities a B-.

The Southside ISD rates 48 out of 50, the athletes may have a nice place to play, the community can oh and ah at all the new stuff they are getting for their athletes, but in the end with the scores they've gotten, it not likely that many of these athletes will have the education to continue past high school.

The problem with the Southside ISD school board, they want what they didn't have and they are willing to sacrifice the children and their education to get it. This type of behavior is just what lack of education will get you.

Southside High School

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