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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: New Board left to meet deadlines

Updated on July 25, 2015
Southside ISD Administrative Bldg & Board Room
Southside ISD Administrative Bldg & Board Room
2015 Elected Board Members.
2015 Elected Board Members.

Southside ISD School Board taking the bull by the horns

Southside ISD school board scheduled a board meeting for June 10, 2015, at 2 p.m. Community members were disturbed at the fact that it was being held during working hours and making it impossible to attend.

The "team" had contracts, employment renewals, non-renewals, etc. on the agenda for 3 meetings and tabled the items, leaving them for the incoming members to deal with knowing that they had to meet a state mandated deadline. The "teams" only concern was to guarantee the now suspended Superintendent Ricardo Vela, not the employees of the district.

The "team" was busy readying their ethics complaint in an attempt to remove the elected members that were not part of their inner circle.

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Board members digging into training

June 4, 2015, the inexperienced and freshly elected members of the Southside ISD held a board training meeting.

In order to make sure they stay within the law and policies of the state as well as the district, they will be attending local training, so as to keep the cost to a minimum for the district.

Kudos to the elected members of the board at Southside ISD, started on shaky ground, but quickly landing on their feet.

Never Give Up

One can say one thing about Ms. Mendelsohn and her "team", they never give up. School is out, the board should be concentrating on the next school year; teachers, students and education. Mr. Brewer and Mr. Chavez were still pushing for a movement of funds totaling over $6 million dollars to support the building of the Athletic/Community center.

Southside ISD Administration Office & Board Room

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