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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: More money on payroll and created positions at Southside ISD

Updated on May 19, 2015

Southside ISD

Southside High School
Southside High School

Where are they getting all the money....

to pay for additional created positions? No one knows except the few in the inner circle that is the Southside ISD school board.

The district has had many issues since the board was taken over by seven members that are either related to each other or have been appointed to the board because of their allegiances to the existing board members.

With all the negative publicity they have been getting, the board decided to create positions within the district to help them create a more positive spin and who better than people with media background and ties to people in the industry who can do favors and spin stories.

Sylvia Rincon, formerly of KABB San Antonio, KNXV in Phoenix Arizona and film maker.
Sylvia Rincon, formerly of KABB San Antonio, KNXV in Phoenix Arizona and film maker.
Randy Escamilla, former colleague of Sylvia Rincon.
Randy Escamilla, former colleague of Sylvia Rincon.

Syliva Rincon

News anchor and Reporter from KABB; San Antonio, Texas has taken a newly created position of Public Information Officer and Director of Communications.

Due to lack of transparency, there is not telling what this position is costing the district. What ever it is, it has got to be good enough to pull someone away from a 12 year career with a major network.

Randy Escamilla

Colleague of Sylvia Rincon was also brought on board at Southside ISD for his newly created position of Community Relations Coordinator.

Both of their media guru's have been brought on just in time for the 2015 school board elections; where five members of the school board are up for re-election in May of this year.

That was a big risk to take, but with the arrogance of the "team' and the belief that they would always be elected to serve and hold control of the board. They could of made a very appealing plea to the new additions to the district.

The "team" did not hold on to their control of the board, leaving the possibility of the positions to be rescinded, so that the district could begin to recoup some of the financial spending.

Playing fast and loose with school funds

How much longer can the Southside ISD board continue to spend the tax payers money until they run out? Southside ISD elections have 5 members of the "team' running for positions, if the community does not get involved and get out to vote, the answer to the question is, very soon.

  • The board is making sure the athletes have expensive meals whether at home or away games, spending thousands of dollars at Bill Miller where the average meal is about $9 per person, Jason's deli- a high end deli, Cici's Pizza, Constantino's Pizza, Chick Filet.
  • The board members families are getting paid for selling t-shirts, tickets and coming in to help file for Mr. Vela, who already has a paid secretary.
  • The board recently spent nearly $7000 on something that was not disclosed, but the check was written to Solid Border Inc. a company owned by their "inner circle" Kay Del Barrio, the wife of former interim Superintendent at Southside ISD and close friend of Sylvia Mendelsohn, Fidel Del Barrio.
  • Paid Padilla Polling Service with taxpayer dollars. Who is Padilla Polling Service. His name is Carl Padilla, Texas High School footballs most highly respected rankings expert. The board has shown once again that they will spend the districts money to make sure they have a winning football team.
  • The board spent thousands of tax dollars on iPad's for the students use, the former board had passed the motion to purchase for school use and turn in at the end of school year. Current board at the request of community member and now candidate, Theodore Castillo, are asking deciding on whether to let them keep them permanently. This will then be a greater expense for the district in the coming year to purchase them again for incoming students.
  • Bought vehicles: Grande Truck Center: $68,310.39; Dodge Charger, $28,800.00

To last or not to last.....

Do you feel that these positions are necessary at Southside ISD?

See results

Southside ISD

A markermaritnez lososya -
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Southside ISD Administrative Offices and School Board meeting room. Anyone who wants to get involved can attend the school board meetings.


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