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No Show Brewer Bails On Bond Election Vote

Updated on June 30, 2019
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All Politicians embellish, but those that flat out lie to deceive can never truly be trusted.

Loren Brewer, aka. Loren Martin. former Southside ISD board president.
Loren Brewer, aka. Loren Martin. former Southside ISD board president.

Where has Mr. Brewer gone?

Even his long time friend and ally has claimed "not knowing" what happened to Mr. Brewer. Mr. Brewers history at the district has been one of self destruction due to the constant need for power and respect. Two things that have to be earned by one's actions.

Mr. Brewer has put the district in legal predicaments both times that he has held the reigns at the Southside ISD school board.

And when things don't go Mr. Brewer's way, he disappears. Only this time, there is a bond election and more money to be voted on. So is Mr. Brewer planning for the upcoming election or is he sulking?

Finances and lack their of

Under the reign of Mr. Brewer and his "team". Alma R. Guzman, Daniel Rodriguez, Tony Luna, John Wood, Frank Cannon, Theresa Balderas and Norberto Chavez. They spent millions of taxpayer dollars both irresponsibly and possibly illegally.

Most of which was poured into the athletic department and funding large salaries for friends and family; while allowing other areas of the district to be neglected.

They behaved as though they were above the law and did what they wanted, micromanaging the district and all the powers that be did not step in to stop this.

Today, the board "team" has dwindled to three, Mr. Brewer, Mr. Chavez, and Mr. Espinoza. Not enough votes to give them the power to continue their reign, but only one member away from gaining control in that rural school district that has been left in financial shambles due to the "team".


Southside ISD school board met to vote to discuss a bond election. Millions of dollars are needed to fix the problems left behind by the "team"; but is throwing more money at it, the solution?

This district is rural, lower average income and the majority of the community is taxed at levels they can't afford. Since many of the "team" members were notorious for not paying taxes or not owning property in the district and some still involved in tax disputes to avoid paying their taxes; for them spending wasn't an issue.

However, for those taxpayers in the community, it is time to decide if you are willing to vote to have your taxes raised to support rebuilding the schools funds and facilities or denying it and having the board find other ways to recoup funds, say "no" to projects until the finances are available again.

Tightening the budget can be done and the district can get back on it's feet. Loans are more debt on the plate of a rural district.

School board elections should be just around the corner in May 2017. If the "team" gains control again. Mr. Brewer, Mr. Chavez and Mr. Espinoza will have to run to maintain those seats. The district will have given them millions of dollars more to spend if the bond election goes through.

Tough decisions are just around the corner for the Southside ISD community. A community that sits by and does nothing until it's too late. For their sake, they need to get involved or they will have more of the same.

Bond Election---More School Debt

Do you support a bond election and higher taxes?

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