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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Roby Cannon Chavez, candidate dug a deeper hole.

Updated on June 6, 2015
The many faces of Roby Cannon Chavez and his disrespect for women.
The many faces of Roby Cannon Chavez and his disrespect for women.

The silent candidate

When the campaigning started for the Southside ISD school board elections in 2015, not very many people knew anything about Norberto Chavez IV, son of sitting board member Norberto Chavez, aka Robert Chavez. However, it was quickly discovered that the younger Chavez had an alias, Roby Cannon Chavez and this unleashed a media frenzy.

A former Southside ISD graduate, Norberto Chavez had a social media file that gave the community the impression that he was immature, irresponsible and incapable of making the decisions that needed to be made for a district that runs through millions of tax dollars a year.

A home owners association representative put out a letter to his community members in which he pointed out the embarrassment and shame that the sitting board brought the district and asked that they get out and vote for caring and dedicated candidates who were interested in the future of the students and their community.

Questionable Candidate

Should Roby Cannon Chavez aka. Norberto Chavez IV remove himself from the race?

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Digging a deeper hole

It was learned that Roby Cannon Chavez (Norberto Chavez IV) mislead the elections office when filing for his position, by stating that he was a security officer. Roby C. Chavez, could not be a security officer because according to the Department of Public Safety, he was not eligible for employment. He worked for a security company prior to 2008, which did not show him having a weapon or certification. With his current employer he held a level I and II certificate which expired on Sept. 9, 2014.

Roby C. Chavez tried to use social media to prove his case and he dug a deeper hole for himself. According to Roby C. Chavez, he had a temporary license, if he did it did not come from the DPS office because they don't issue those. Roby C. Chavez posted his receipt for payment for his security license extension, but he did not submit it until Sept 21, 2014, almost two weeks after it expired. That alone showed the irresponsibility of not maintaining a license to keep ones job.

Texas Law states that in order to get a security license you must meet the following criteria.

  • 21 years of age
  • US Citizen
  • Social Security Number (valid)
  • No felony or crime involving illegal use of weapons.
  • Mental Competency
  • Drug Testing
  • Pass a Criminal background check
  • Fingerprint cards (2)
  • Texas Drivers Liscense
  • Level II Certificate of Completion
  • Level III Classroom & Firearms training.

The latter, of which Roby Cannon Chavez did not have. Roby C. Chavez had also lost his drivers license. On April, 25, 2013, he filed an application for an occupational drivers license and asked for his to be re-instated.

Case Information for Cause #: 385730


Cause No. :385730


Business Name :

Litigant Type :PLAINTIFF

Date Filed :04/25/2013


Case Status :CLOSED

Court :002

Case History










VOL: 1346 PAGE: 972 PAGE COUNT: 3

Former board, with Mr. Brewer and Mr. Rodriguez and Former Superintendent, Dr. Juan Jasso. Mr. Brewer and Mr. Rodriguez voted to hire the Superintendent .
Former board, with Mr. Brewer and Mr. Rodriguez and Former Superintendent, Dr. Juan Jasso. Mr. Brewer and Mr. Rodriguez voted to hire the Superintendent .

Stability and integrity an issue at hand

Roby Cannon Chavez (Norberto Chavez IV) did not take any responsibility for his actions instead he said, "The former board is after me because they know I'm a good person that will help turn the tide." Since Mr. Chavez is running to sit alongside his father and his team, what tide does he want to turn? Are they not doing a good job in his eyes?

He claimed that the photos were old and they very well may have been, but the actions of those photos showed someone older hanging around with a younger crowd with alcohol involved. While a more recent photo had him making crude remarks about his feelings for a female.

His brother went on to defend him, an admirable thing at best, but in the process, he spouted reasons for the loss of the Superintendent, Dr. Juan Jasso that was fired by his father and his team on the Southside ISD school board. He went on to call the teachers at the district, squatters and gave the excuse that they didn't do their jobs and that is why they were "leaving."

Norberto Chavez IV claimed that his signs were being torn down and that "WE KNOW WHO IT IS." Speaking in all capitals in the middle of a sentence, giving off the sentiment of anger or threat.

A markermartinez losoya rd -
Martinez Losoya Road, San Antonio, TX 78221, USA
get directions

Southside ISD Administrative Office Board Room- Early Voting for everyone!

Community Concerns

Former graduate of Southside ISD was so disappointed in the district that she pulled her child out of the school after one school year.

Another Alumni member claimed that the media report did not represent the district well and she did not want children in the district looking up to someone who clearly has no sense.

Others were enraged that people were actually defending his behavior, saying that he is obviously not a leader, and made a pun at his BAD hat, saying he has BAD judgement and is not anywhere near capable of providing strategic direction; and went on to say that he was probably immature and ridiculously foolish.

Many are asking for Norberto Chavez IV to step down and concede to his opponent, but he says that he has done nothing wrong.

So many community members have been vocal as to their feelings about this candidate. Election day will tell.

Running in Slate

Roby Cannon Chavez (Norberto Chavez IV) is running in a slate with Alma Guzman, Daniel Rodriguez, John Wood and Theo Castillo; trying to keep the "team" in tact to continue doing more of the same.


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