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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD Community Asking for Change

Updated on May 19, 2015

The Media

Members of the Southside ISD community are both outraged and sympathetic towards the media coverage given to the district's elections.

The coverage was mostly negative, due to sitting board member Norberto Chavez's son who chose to run for a position on the Southside ISD school board, but his social media postings made all the information- public information. While it was very unflattering and stirred the community into wanting change; it detracted from the fact that there were also other candidates running for the board.

Julian Gonzales running for Position 2 on the Southside ISD School Board.
Julian Gonzales running for Position 2 on the Southside ISD School Board.

Julian Gonzales

Julian Gonzales, former board member, served the district from 1978-1987. He gave 9 years of his time and dedication to education and decided to dust off that suit and get back in the ring for another round. Asked why? He said, "Because our children deserve better." His priority is on educating the children and being a good steward of the taxpayers money.

Julian Gonzales retired from the Air Force, served the Bexar County Sheriff's office and became an ordained minister with a Bachelors degree from Baptist University of the America's. Mr. Gonzales took a landslide victory on election night.

The Choices are.......

The people have spoken, enough was enough. Are you glad the elections are over?

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Kenneth Bouldin
Kenneth Bouldin

Daniel Espinoza

Candidate for Position #4- Daniel Espinoza, was a former teacher/coach at Southside ISD. His dedication and effective leadership lead him to another district, where he served as Vice Principal for 11 years. Mr. Espinoza retired after 40 years and was ready to bring back common sense solutions to the district.

Kenneth Bouldin...

Kenneth Bouldin, running for Position #1 is determined to enforce a quality education, integrity and to uphold the laws that govern the board as well as the schools in the state of Texas. Mr. Bouldin has said that he wants to see that all necessary tools for a top quality education are available for our students, faculty and that the facilities are conducive to learning.

Mr. Bouldin, retired Air Force, has served the community at Southside ISD for several years. Served in Law Enforcement, has served as an instructor during his service while holding leadership positions. Currently, Mr. Bouldin is the Fire Chief for a Volunteer Fire Department in the Bexar/Atascosa county area.

Johnny Cantu, Jr

Johnny Cantu, Jr. a respected member of the Southside community and business man was running for Position 6.

Mr. Cantu I vowed to protect your child's education and your tax dollars. His goal is to make sure that the students get the education they deserve because with a great education, the districts rating improve and the children's chance for a better future improve. The falling scores are a travesty to the rights of an education for the children of the district.

He is pumped and ready to serve the community and get the educational program at Southside ISD back on track.

Manuel Sandoval Jr

Manuel Sandoval Jr., ran for Position 7, was appointed to the board by the "team" hoping for a team player. Mr. Sandoval asked too many questions and was told so by Mr. Brewer. Mr. Brewer called for special meetings during morning hours, so Mr. Sandoval, who has a job as a Critical Facility Engineer could not attend without missing work and jeopardizing his livelihood.

The position held by Mr. Sandoval, being an appointed seat, must have the individual run for the seat in order to retain the seat.

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