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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD community votes speak volumes

Updated on May 15, 2015
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Southside ISD gets four new board members and one retains his seat.
Southside ISD gets four new board members and one retains his seat.

Community has spoken

While the last few months have been strenuous for the community members of the Southside ISD, tonight it all came to an end.

Months of community members turning on each other because of their political views and current board members under their campaign manager, Sylvia Mendelsohn creating such turmoil within the district had voters on edge, but early voting numbers showed that the new candidates had taken an early lead.

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Voter turn out not great but good enough

Voter turnout at Southside ISD elections, even after all the turmoil was average for the district. With a very large voting base, the only broke just over 1000 voters, but as they say, a win is a win, even if it's by one vote.

The final call

  • Kenneth Bouldin--631 votes; his opponent Daniel Rodriguez--382 votes
  • Julian Gonzales---712 votes; his opponent John Wood--296 votes
  • Johnny Cantu--706 votes; his opponent Alma Guzman--302 votes
  • Daniel Espinoza--707 votes; his opponent Theo Castillo--292 votes
  • Manuel Sandoval--706 Votes; his opponent Norberto Chavez--297 votes

The winners of the Southside ISD election.
The winners of the Southside ISD election.

What the future holds

The newly elected members will have their work cut out for them. As they will now have to deal with an unqualified Superintendent, who as of this posting has not met his classroom qualifications to stay a Superintendent.

The current sitting board held a special meeting this morning, it has been mentioned that they signed 2 year contracts with pay raises for several of their supporters, almost as if they had foreseen the outcome of the election.

It will remain to be seen if Mr. Brewer's behavior becomes one of disruption for the newly appointed member.

I will not go peacefully into that good night

Mr. Brewer will be using the time allotted to canvas the votes and swear in the new members. History has shown that the district usually canvases the votes within a 3 day period. Mr. Brewer will take 10, in hopes that during this time, the attorneys will find a way to have the Temporary restraining order removed and allow the "team" to secure Mr. Vela's contract; adding additional use of taxpayer money to further the "team" agenda.

Southside ISD Administrative Office & Board Room

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