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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD residents question their votes

Updated on September 23, 2015
Southside ISD to hold Special Board Meeting on Sept 24, 2015.
Southside ISD to hold Special Board Meeting on Sept 24, 2015.
Joe Gonzales, Interim Superintendent on Special Meeting agenda.
Joe Gonzales, Interim Superintendent on Special Meeting agenda.

The Honeymoon is Over

Members of the community voted for change.

After Mr. Brewer and the "team" took over the districts school board and spent the majority of the funding on anything pertaining to athletics such as artificial turf, a jumbotron, coaching staff, etc. All the while, the "team" was taking funding from other previously approved items such as the band, agricultural and R.O.T.C. departments, etc.

The members of the community are full of concern over the fact that people they voted for are now turning "to the dark side".

Could not make a quorum.

Mr. Brewer
Mr. Brewer
Mr. Chavez
Mr. Chavez

Special Board Meetings

Mr. Brewer once again called for a special board meeting to "reorganize" the board. This is the second time that he has pushed for this since May.

It is the concern of the community that Mr. Gonzales, hired by the "team" has won over newly elected members of the board. The community members want someone fresh and new at the head of the district, not a good ol' boy with a checkered past. They were sorely disappointed to see that out of 18 applicants, the board was looking at hiring Mr. Gonzales permanently.

Mr. Brewer called of a Monday, Sept 21st Special Meeting, when Mr. Gonzalez (Board President) and Mr. Bouldin both had church activities. At 8 pm. the 7:30 meeting had not begun because they did not have a quorum, holding on for hope, they held steady until just after 8:30 pm, at which time the meeting was canceled. Those in attendance were Mr. Brewer, Mr. Chavez, and their former coach, Mr. Espinoza.

Policy shows that the Board President can call for a special meeting at his/her discretion or at the request of two board members. Since Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Bouldin were unavailable, it is evident that Mr. Brewer and Mr. Chavez were going once again to attempt to take over the controls of the Southside ISD school board as the sitting officers were unable to attend.

Roles & Responsiblities

Do you believe that the Roles & Responsibilities of the board members are not being taken seriously?

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Sept 24, 2015- Another Special Board Meeting

Another board meeting is called just two days later, the controversial agenda item: the Superintendents search. If the board already ready voted to keep Mr. Gonzales at the lone applicant for the position of Superintendent, the district could be seeing the installation of it new Superintendent.

As upset as the community members of Southside ISD have been since the elections, the board members will most certainly seal their fate in their community with this very controversial vote.

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Southside ISD

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