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South East Bexar County Awareness: Voting sites and precincts realigned in Commissioner Rodriguez's Precinct.....

Updated on June 23, 2014

The Best Reason for Early Voting

Voters in the Southside Independent School District; that live in Precincts 1048, 1059, 1053 and 1054 should be crying foul at the disenfranchisement of their voting rights. According to past election records. The voters of this area come from as far out as 37S and the Wilson/Atascosa county line on the east; just before Apple White Rd and the Atascosa County line on West and to the 410 S/ 281S are to the north. The East side voters usually voted in the Waterwood Subdivision until Heritage Elementary was built at which time it became the voting site for that area. Everyone else in the West area of the district voted at the main office building listed as Martinez Losoya Rd. and those to the north voted in the Villa Coronado Subdivision, until the Mission Delago Subdivision was built in the same area. By looking at the map of the areas, everyone had a polling site that was easily accessible for election day. That is until now; when sites were changed and others were added. One of the voting sites take these voters out of their area and into the San Antonio area to vote in another school district. Voters in Precinct 1116, have to drive even further, bypassing the main office voting site to several miles down the road to the Mission Delago voting site. The previous mentioned sites are in County Commissioner Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez's back yard as well, but make it very inconvenient for voters who don't have transportation or knowledge of the new areas. County commissioner Rodriguez is the same person that supports the travesty that is going on with the ESD6, who is in litigation with the Southside ISD as well as being the same individual who appoints members the the ESD6. And most recently was found to have given nearly $2000 to his ESD6 Board President, during school board elections at Southside ISD for "campaign organizing and community organization", as well as donating funds to a sitting school board member, Theresa Balderas for a "fundraiser".

My advice to these voters, vote early to make sure your vote counts.

According to county election records, in 2007, when incumbents Craig Knapp and Rick Quebe were running against Isaac Griego and incumbent-Tony Luna. The polls closed at 7 pm. Harlandale ISD announced their results, but Southside ISD election results from those precincts were held for several hours before being released. Election day results for Mr. Rick Quebe and his opponent, Mr. Tony Luna were just 10 votes apart.


One might believe it's out of concern, but his actions concerning the Southside ISD community has quickly proven otherwise. According to media coverage of Commissioner Rodriguez, he's been called a "hot head" and "vindictive". The SISD filed a lawsuit against the Emergency Service District, a pet project of Commissioner Rodriguez, it might be construed by some as petty vindictiveness. Either way, it's the voters being disenfranchised in this community that makes it a huge travisty for this community.

The Importance of Early Voting

While election day voting can be exciting, it can also be a strain because it is only one day and the last chance to have your voice heard. Weather, family crisis, etc. play a huge role when it comes down to the wire and can make it difficult to get to the polls. On Election Day, the only place to vote is YOUR precinct.

Early voting gives everyone the opportunity to cast their vote at their own pace. If you are at the mall and they have a polling site, vote there. If you see a sign that says, "VOTE HERE", you can certainly vote if you vote early.


Voting Sites Sisd- Subject to Change Before Elections!

South East Bexar County Voters

Don't be discouraged, election time is just around the corner. Be informed. Make sure you know where your polling place is before you leave your home. Your vote matters.

With all the political wrangling that is going on, the polling sites might and probably will change again. As of today, Precinct 1116 does not show up on any maps. Where will those voters go?

Remember: is the site to go to for election information and contact information for any questions regarding your voting rights, violations or concerns, as well.


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  • profile image

    JJS 6 years ago

    Just for anyone that wants to vote early - if you live out in South or Southeast Bexar County, you can cast your vote at the administration building of Southside ISD. It's a lot quicker and easier than running all the way up into town. It's also a lot easier to take advantage of the early voting now when you can go in and get out in probably less than 5 minutes instead of waiting till election day and not only facing the crowds and lines but also trying to figure out WHERE you're supposed to go. Most of us out here will have to go up into town to vote on the 14th. Think about it.

  • profile image

    JJS 7 years ago

    Will they have an early voting site at the school admin building? That would be so handy.