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South East Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD Habitual Candidate: Norberto "Robert" Chavez- Would Raise Taxes on Sout

Updated on June 23, 2014

Good 'Ole Boys Club

Norberto "Robert" Chavez
Norberto "Robert" Chavez
Chavez (black hat), Cannon (leaning on truck), Brewer (squatted)
Chavez (black hat), Cannon (leaning on truck), Brewer (squatted)

Southside ISD School Board Candidate: Norberto "Robert" Chavez.

Mr. Chavez was the perpetual candidate. This being the 3rd time that Mr. Chavez ran for a position on the Southside ISD School Board. His brother-in-law stated that while he knew Mr. Chavez would be a questionable board member, he had to support him and Mr. Chavez would keep running until he got elected.

Each time Mr. Chavez ran, he ran with Mr. Loren Brewer (aka. Loren Martin, Loren Adcock, Loren Glen Adcock, Loren Adcock Brewer). Mr. Chavez, Mr. Brewer and Mr. Cannon, who currently sits on the SISD school board have been friends since childhood. Mr. Chavez and Mr. Cannon being brother-in-laws.

While the School Board position eluded him, he managed to align himself with Mr. Brewer and hence, Ms. Mendelsohn who has ties to County Commissioner Rodriguez and his family. and was quickly appointed a member of the Emergency Service District, along with Mr. Brewer.

The closeness in relationship was shown, when Mr. Brewer (former member of the Southside ISD School Board), left his position on the school board, Mr. Chavez was the person that attended the ceremony to receive Mr. Brewers plaque.

According to board minutes and agendas, Mr. Chavez and Mr. Brewer share one trait in common. They are or were continuously absent from their board meetings.

Mr. Chavez's opponent this time around was Mrs. Lisa Salazar, whom he ran against before. Mrs. Salazar has proven her dedication to the community, the children and district over the years as this would have been her 3rd term. As, many have now commented as to how they wished she had been re-elected.


As a board member with the Emergency Service District 6, Mr. Chavez was embroiled in lawsuits due to mismanagement of funds and bankrupting the volunteer fire department. As a ESD6 board member he asked for outside help for fire protection, in preparation for canceling the contracts with the 3 existing fire departments, some of which have protected and served the Southeastern Bexar County region for as long as 30 years.

A member of the community recently made a comment after a fire on Peaceful Lane, that resulted in an evacuation, that Mr. Chavez and his brother-in-law Mr. Cannon were to be thanked for their concern. Others in the community questioned the fact that this is an election year and Mr. Chavez, nor Mr. Cannon have attended board meetings except during election years and showed up at any fires or evacuations of which there have been a few in the last couple of years; except during election time. Another assumption that was mentioned was the fact that Mr. Chavez may have been there to make sure there was no fall back or liability to him or the other members of the Emergency Service District Board for providing scaled back fire and emergency protection to the community.


Mr. Chavez on the campaign trail was telling community members that the school board was looking to raise taxes. Always a great scare tactic during election time by most candidates, but what is not being said by Mr. Chavez is that the ESD6 Board was and is looking into the possibility of raising taxes on the community; with an ESD6 sales tax on items purchased in the district area to raise more tax funding due to the fact that they have exhausted the limit of tax funding that they can ask for in property taxes. The ESD6 board has taken out "pay day" loans to meet payroll for the last two years. If this tax hike passes, then every time a member of the community purchases something in the area, they will be charged more in tax than if they drove into town and bought the exact same thing.

What else he hasn't told the community members? Since become a member of the Southside ISD School board, in less than 4 months; he and his team have squandered several million dollars on paybacks of campaign promises that the district was not prepared to spend on. Now the district is looking to raise taxes again and Mr. Chavez and his "team" are talking to community members about needed a bond election. The same individuals who fought against a bond election when the district brought up the idea, saying the district was wasting the money and now they wanted the community to pay out more money.


Another perpetual candidate, Tony Luna, a former employee of the district and the remaining candidate on the ballot with ties to these gentlemen, Mr. Luna was a former member of the school board as well, and is also related to Mr. Brewer by marriage.

Mr. Chavez's agenda for this election, " It's not what I want, it's what you want" is what he is telling the people. Mr. Chavez has shown by example that for the last two years when the Southside community has been telling him what they want in fire safety; it has fallen on deaf ears and he has continued to side with the County Commissioner's wants as well as those of board president Sylvia Mendelsohn and not on those of the wants and needs of the community.

It was Mr. Chavez who voted with the ESD6 Board and Sylvia Mendelsohn to use the "nepotism" rule to shut down Sandy Oaks Volunteer Fire Department.

One might want to ask Mr. Chavez, "If you didn't support nepotism on the fire departments sir, then how can you expect the members of the Southside community to support you and your brother-in-law and Mr. Brewer and his uncle to be on the same board? Isn't that a monopoly on voting?"


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