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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD Superintendent Got Perks ....board attacked reporter.

Updated on June 3, 2015

Reporter Doing Her Job treated with disrespect by Southside ISD School Board

Local reporter, covering her assignment was talked down to and what one would call disrespected by the Southside ISD School Board, for doing her job. A member of the media attended a school board meeting and spoke in Open Session about the disrespect they showed this reporter.

Once again pointing out the arrogance of this board and it's ability to treat people that do not agree with or question their agenda like second class citizens.

The board most recently has once again put not one meeting but two on the school board website and has yet to post an agenda for either. Calling a meeting 13 days away a "special board meeting."

No Surprise that Ricardo Vela was made Superintendent

It came as no surprise to the Southside ISD community that Ricardo Vela would be named the Superintendent because he was the only one the board set up the qualifications for. The position was never opened to qualified individuals who might buck the system.

As the Board members spoke to and brought Ricardo Vela from Dripping Springs ISD to do their bidding; Mr. Vela worked at the Southside ISD when Mr. Brewer was involved with the district before.

As the "team" ran for the board, they were very vocal as to wanting to remove the former Superintendent, Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso. They felt he was paid to much money and didn't like that he had outside interests (expanding his education) because they felt were pulling him away from his duties.

Ricardo Vela
Ricardo Vela

Getting Your Money's Worth?

As a you see that you are getting your money's worth in this Superintendent?

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Contracts Don't Lie

Duties: Educational Leader
Duties: Educational Leader
Compensation: Lots of perks at taxpayer expense
Compensation: Lots of perks at taxpayer expense

Breaking Down the Contract

The new contract signed on the 4th of March 2014, will be in effect until June 2017. Making this a 3 year contract, which was another pet peeve of the "team". Contracts were for too many years. This contract can be extended at the whim of the board as well.

Educational Leader....

The contract states under his duties that Ricardo Vela will be an education leader. It is well known that Mr. Vela does not have a background in education. However, the board that brought Mr. Vela to the Southside School District has hired him and granted him "reasonable time" to get his Superintendents or equivalent certifications.

The board has also inserted a clause that would allow them the right to amend his list of responsibilities at any time they see fit.


The "team" was extremely vocal in the community as to the Superintendent being paid a salary they felt was to high. Then they brought in Ricardo Vela as Interim Superintendent, without any qualifications and hiked his salary well past that of the former Superintendent.

The contract shows, that the "team" had no issue spending the taxpayers money.

  1. Salary: $200,000
  2. Taxpayer provided life insurance, $4,800 a year
  3. Pay for him to go to community events
  4. Thousands of dollars for Mr. Vela to attend seminars, meetings and take courses, while paying for his travel expenses to do so.
  5. Taxpayers to pay for him to have the following items: a cell phone, $40 for internet connection (personal residence). At home: a computer, laptop, printer,fax, his internet service and anything else he needs to work from home.
  6. Automobile: Taxpayers have paid his expenses (mileage), unless he was allowed to drive a district vehicle when available. The district has a new vehicle parked outside the administration office, which board members had been seen arriving with Mr. Vela at functions away from the district.
  7. Mr. Vela being allowed to use the district funds to cover the expenses of working towards his certification in order to retain a job he is unqualified for.

Bonus---More Perks $$$

Under the current contract, remember the phrase "as per board evaluation". Ricardo Vela will qualify for a $10,000 performance pay after his first year and $15,000 the year after. Who determines the Superintendent's performance? The same members that sought him out to come to the Southside School District.

Board Holds All the Cards

Mr. Brewer and his "team" held all the cards over the head of Ricardo Vela. According to the contract, he could be suspended at anytime without pay. The "team" attempted to change his contract before the "team" members that lost their re-election were replaced. The incoming new members filed a temporary restraining order in order to keep the "team" from making any changes to the contract.

A Perk not in His Contract

Mr. Vela's spouse got a job at Southside ISD. Mr. Vela's wife, was working at Somerset ISD with former Southside ISD employee and board member, Theresa Balderas; but had interviewed for a position at Southside ISD that was like her husbands interim position, not opened for others to apply for. Leaving many disgruntled employees who qualified for but were not given the same opportunity to apply.

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