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Spaceship Earth

Updated on July 30, 2010

Our dear mother earth is not doing so hot these days. Burning and mining oil and repressing alternate energy solutions for the weak excuse that is it brings in lots of money; dumping plastics in our oceans to where there is now a trash island in the pacific bigger than the size of Texas; cutting down down acres upon acres of irreplaceable rain forest for purposes a billion times less important than the air it provides or the life it contains; poaching animals only to waste the carcass completly and keep but a small portion. I could go on and and on, and perhaps I should if that is what it takes to impress upon you the ugly truth of how we are treating our planet and the ecosystem in which we live. The joke is really back on us as we're slowly and subtly cutting not only our own throats but the throats of our future generations.

If we don't act fast and on a much bigger scale than we already have been then we are only plotting our own extinction on this planet.

Perhaps we could build a sort of Noah's arc and fill it with not only two of every animal and two or more of every plant. In lieu of a great flood it would be great environmental pollution to the point where Earth is unable to support life any more. Perhaps getting two of everything is, to say, a bit overboard. Maybe we just need the animals in this orbiting ecosystem that will aid in human survival. Besides, what's a few more extinct animals when we've diligently brought other animals to extinction such as the passenger pigeon, Javen tiger, Baiji River Dolphin and dodo, to name a few.

Why save only a handful of scientist when you could save a whole city worth of people? This would require a substantial food source, sufficient plant life to provide enough air, etc. The weight and volume of the water alone would cost millions just to get enough water into space for an orbiting ecosystem or an ecosystem on, say, the moon (it cost about $10,000 per pound to launch into space). And that's laying aside everything else an outer space ecosystem would require.

Okay, imagine it's the future. The planet is screwed and select few are going into these outer space ecosystems that have required untold millions to build. But it's the least be can do to keep the human race alive -- wish we had only acted on this much earlier.

Why not save more than just a handful? Why not save an entire city worth of people? That would be better. But why stop there when we can launch a couple cities worth of people into this space ecosystem? Keep on expanding on this to where we can save an entire state worth of people. Then expand it further to where we can save an entire country worth of people. Now that's impressive. Now, why not save every man woman and child on this planet and get them onto this space ecosystem and save everybody? Now we're talking! But where would we ever find a spaceship that big? How would we possibly construct such a vessel?

Well, you're in luck because such a vessel already exists. It's called planet Earth and it's already built. It just needs some repairs but, don't worry, because these repairs are very minor and inexpensive compared to what it would be like if we let things slide into decay and we are too permissive when it comes to taking care of our ecosystem.

This is the only home we have. Take care of it and all living things inside it as well.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The best thing to do is put the animals in and forget the humans , Man has destroyed earth thats for sure.

    • lmmartin profile image


      8 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      A timely message. For a minute I wasn't sure where you were going with this, thinking of the great sci fi novel "Cities in Flight" I read as a kid. If only ....


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