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Spanish Revolution or worldwide?

Updated on March 3, 2013

The recent scenes happening, apparently spontaneously, all over Spain are a very interesting development in civil revolt.

Whilst I am now in Penang, some15,000 miles distant from Spain, and therefore no longer able to stick my ear to the ground and report first hand, I lived there for 25 years, so am obviously interested, indeed, had Europe not chosen to pay the bankers debts, which cost me a couple of million Euros! in the property crash, I would probably still be there now.

So I empathise with the many Spanish youngsters who face a dire future due to the greed of the bankers.

I will however state that the Spanish banks were less guilty of the stupidity of immoral chasing after hypothetical promises, made against worthless paper, designed to act as some perverse 'pass the parcel' game, where commissions were taken as each greedy pair of hands passed it forward, until the last hapless sucker managed to get stuck with an empty 'asset'.

So were Spanish bankers somehow more virtuous.... not in the least, they were constrained only by banking laws left over from Franco's reign, which prohibited them from gambling quite so openly with depositors funds.

Frankly the bankers are fortunate that the modern young Spaniards have been so politically corrected by the socialist schools system that they have not thought to put the bankers (and politicians who allowed this mess to happen) against a wall and shoot them, they are far too civilised to resort to such immediate justice, but that may change.

Presently memories are still alert to the last civil war Spain hosted, and a repeat is not desired, however poverty could change that.

This is news?
This is news?
These are celebrities? The ' Only way is Essex' people, who are apparently newsworthy celebrities. Go figure!
These are celebrities? The ' Only way is Essex' people, who are apparently newsworthy celebrities. Go figure!
This is what makes one a celebrity?
This is what makes one a celebrity?

Sitting in Penang, Malaysia, one can lose touch with what happens in Europe, indeed the rest of the world, and if one still bothers to read UK newpapers (online of course) it quickly becomes apparent that even in one short year of absence things have deteriorated rapidly.

I imagine that being fed a constant diet of inane reportage, made by seemingly illiterate journalists, who seem to work without any sub editors checking their work, may well dull even the most alert brain into soporific inactivity, and (for instance ) the fact that a footballer may have been bonking some unknown 'model ' and as a result, managed to gain a prohibition on the mere mention of his name attracts daily attention, only goes to show how hopelessly uninformed the UK public must be about what is transpiring elsewhere, that is actually REAL news.

The fact that some strange and inconsequential people known as TOWIES are even mentioned in print just clarifies how dumb the UK readers must be.

Meanwhile, in the real world, these outbreaks of civil disobedience that are happening will not go away, and why should they be stopped?

The 'authorities ' know full well that if they attempted to use the draconian measures that our mainly Muslim neighbours have been using to stifle revolt, they would face criticism that would undoubtedly spoil their breakfasts, as they saw the harsh words that would follow in the world press.

Franco would have had the Puerta del Sol cleared in a very short time, and had the road cleaners in to clear up the blood before it dried.

Today's 'rulers ' have no option but to allow it to continue and hope it dies a natural death, which I hope it does not and suspect it will not.

Our modern Spaniards may not be as dramatic as his forefathers, but they are no less determined to overthrow what is patently an inadequate political system that has let them down, sold them out and sided with the bankers over the people.

Would they choose communism again?

In my opinion, and understanding, no way, they (modern Spanish youth ) are used to capitalism and it's benefits, have no taste for hard work and austerity and really only want well paid jobs that supply all their needs with not too much work involved.

In reality they want to be lawyers taking fees for conveying property, to speculative non Spaniards, out to live a life of low cost luxury in the Spanish sun.

The whole concept is ludicrous, but that's how things stand.

Unfortunately the bankers again ruined that, although the government had started the rot when they decided to lean heavily on the local mayors who had traditionally made their cash from taking bribes to issue development licenses to builders.

When they did that, they killed the property market, as no developer knew who to bribe any more, and in any case only the most blithe mayors were still open to doing anything that made money flow into the property market for fear of spending time in the 'Alhaurine Country Club ' (the polite name for the local jail ).

So instant sales drought and price collapse, which meant that when the bankers crisis hit, instead of being able to ride out the storm with Spain's 40% GDP income from property construction and sales, Spain became the poor man of Europe again.

Frankly I hope this 'revolution' spreads across Europe and America and that the namby pamby politicos are all swept from power.

That real people, folk who have worked outside of politics and have experience in life, start running things again, and that ordinary people have their needs put over and above the needs of the financial elite who have stolen billions of public funds to finance their obscene lifestyles and behaviour.

It is time for a revolution, hopefully a peaceable non violent one, but that will depend upon whether the power elite wish to try and hold onto power, or will slink off to their private world and step down into obscurity.

Make no mistake, I am a capitalist and have no problem with folk making money HONESTLY by their endeavours, but this current lot of Illuminati scum need flushing away before they ruin everything with their stupid greed, pride and avarice (all deadly sins).

It is not too late for ordinary people to regain control from these parasites, nor too late for them to take their ill gotten gains and run, but I see that the clock is definitely ticking, so change will happen one way or the other.

Unless the dark star gets us first!

OK, the Dark Star may not get us, but how far could this 'revolutionist' action actually go?

To cover that, take a look at some footage shot regarding the Spanish Civil War, (1936-1939) which was a training ground and precursor for WW2.

You will see the same elements of confusion and discontent with the then 'villans' of Spain, the rich and educated upper classes who had abused the trust they held by subjecting the people who worked to maintain their lifestyle.

It too started as a protest movement (as we would call it today) and then coalesced into a rebellion, where anarchists conjoined with police to return order against the communists, in other words the most unlikely unions were formed on shifting sand, only to be changed at a later stage as each section of dissension sought partnerships with anybody who could help them get what they wanted.

As we all know Franco won after the Germans pitched in on his side, partially because he was ostensibly a fascist, mainly because they needed to test their air power before the main event started in Poland.

Make no mistake, this situation is similar in that we have the established powers determined to maintain the status quo at any cost, and the ordinary people united against a common enemy, in this instance the financial and political elite rather than an aristocracy.

Most of those gathered would probably not invite each other to a party, but in a revolutionary atmosphere we tend to accept strange bedfellows.

But if this is not handled properly, there will be bloodshed, either because the proletariat refuse to surrender their revolt against the establishment, or because the proles lose their patience with the establishments refusal to countenance a new direction.

Folk have finally understood and rejected that they have been offered two choices, supposedly on different political platforms, who by virtue of international banking cartels, are forced to carry out the same policies dictated by their banker masters.

If they expect that this will quietly die down and folk will slink back to work (or unemployment) without a change, then they are mistaken and foolish in the extreme.

Here's one we rehearsed earlier... The Spanish Civil War...


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    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      9 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      We could start by requiring the Rothschilds to repay the money they received by deception in 1815 when they spun the lie that Napoleon had won at Waterloo, crashing the English stock market, then buying the fallen stocks and making a fortune when the TRUTH came out.

      If we apply compound interest on the money they stole to found their empire, I guess we would have no debts to pay anywhere.

      Got to start at the top, cut of the head of the beast and the body will die on it's own.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Certainly the greedy cannot be trusted to police themselves in such matters. The recent ongoing "Occupy" movements, including Occupy Wall Street, have called a great deal more attention to this dark corner of civilization. The bright lights are being turned on and the cockroaches are frantically scurrying for new darkness.

      It all seems like part of God's plan, bringing all of this corruption to a fine boil. I think what we can do is to help our fellows find a new direction. We can start now for the time after the boiling is done.

      Perhaps non-cooperation can be laser focused. Find one segment of the beast and apply all our efforts or non-effort in that one direction. Such concentrated heat is sure to make that part of the pot boil faster.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Think Free, you really should start writing here on HubPages (assuming that you are not already doing so under another name)for you have the gift of words and paint with a fine brush.

      Non co operation is exactly the one thing they cannot defeat.

    • profile image

      Think Free 

      10 years ago

      You're right Agua.

      For most people, their god is their stomach. If they are okay with what they've got, that's good (imaginary) hell :-) with everybody else.

      Adapted from something I posted elsewhere: -

      As for 'them', where do their wages come from......yes, that's right......from the likes of those that they are terrorising and bullying.

      This is what I mean about these shameless, bullying thugs......they call themselves 'public servants'!!

      What would happen to a servant that tried to beat his master?

      And in the extremely unlikely event that they are hauled before a peoples' court, they will say "I voss only obeyink orders".

      These scum are living somewhere among the people they are persecuting.

      When I mentioned 'none co-operation' with their corrupt, tyrannical system, part of it would be that the likes of these don't get to go into their local bar, nor served in restaurants, nor supermarkets, nor petrol stations, nor do tradesmen do any work for them, nor do taxi drivers allow them in their cabs, the postie refuses to deliver their mail, the counter clerk refuses to hand them their mail if they go to collect it themselves...... etc etc

      They don't even get a salute in the street!

      Non-cooperation with the oppressive system and the enforcers of the system.

      That is the type of action these individuals would have to think about.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi ThinkFree, strangely, I 100% agree with you! this despite knowing that anarchy produces chaos unless tightly governed, which of course is an oxymoron!

      Yes we need to dismantle the whole financial elite concept of running our world, and of course the easiest way to overthrow 'them' would be for all normal folk to simply stop playing and paying them.

      The mass default on their artificial debts created with hypothetical capital would collapse the financial elite very quickly.

      But unfortunately the sheeple are just too indoctrinated to stand together and say, no more.... no more debt repayment, 'cos you fabricated the debt in he first place, no more obeying your rules, no more working until we retire and die.... but I doubt you could find 1000 people who would agree to join the 'strike' and there lies the rub.

      Personally I opted out of their society years ago, I'm a renegade denizen of planet earth, floating in no man's land and obedient only to God.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi Aguasilver,

      I'm too lazy towrite things out aain....but here is one of my comments on this subject elsewhere:

      'Democracy' such as allegedly exists in countries such as the USA, UK and Spain are utter shams.

      One definition of democracy: "A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives".

      Power is vested in the public? Hogwash!

      People rule directly OR through their chosen representatives?

      Well there is certainly no direct rule for the the people rule through their representatives?

      No way! These so-called representatives of the people (or public servants as they laughingly refer to themselves) do only what they want - or their party wants......which is all ENTIRELY decided by big business.

      The wishes of the people are entirely ignored.

      These actors in expensive suits from the President down who mockingly pretend to be our servants are nothing but corporate representatives.....puppets of big business, reading and acting out scripts in a staged drama designed to keep us all under the illusion that we have some sort of say in what happens.

      The politicians represent the interests of big business......not the people.

      Big business interests 100% dictate what happens in our lives - with their ruthless policies implemented in a system so widely corrupt that it is hard to see the extent of it.

      Can you, as an individual, realistically run for office? No way! The system 'they' have created makes it way too expensive.

      Can 'they' remove anybody they don't like from office? Yes they can! By hook or by crook 'they' can do anything 'they' like.

      Who 'they' want in office will be in office.

      Who 'they' don't want in office will not be in office.

      If 'they' decide an individual is no longer playing their not going along with the long-term plan - or simply jeopardising it - they will be removed.

      The remarkable things happening in the Middle East are not about regime change.....said Cameron/Obama etc. Yeah, right!

      'They' have been deciding who will be President, Prime Minister etc etc of countries near and far for hundreds of years now.

      Usually under the cover of fighting for Democracy. What a laugh!!

      The whole system needs to be dismantled entirely - not patched up or adapted.

      Let the people rule!

      Put those ruthless, murderous tyrants - waving the flag of Democracy - and their representatives in prison where they belong.

      Look at B-LIAR. Lied and lied about Iraq......helped do the job for his masters - now earns a cool nine million a year in his various consultancies. Good's the bone we promised you.

      He and Bluff.....sorry, Bush......both openly admitted that they were 'wrong' (ie lied) about Weapons of Mass Destruction - upon which their mass-murder-and-mutilation invasion was based - and then said "But it doesn't matter because we would have done it (ie invaded) anyway".

      And yes....this is 'on topic'.

      My point is that a little bit of tweaking or reform of a top-to-bottom, globally corrupt system is not the answer.

      Yes, there seems to be a degree of awakening.....which inspires hope......but those tyrants that hold the entire world under their control are extremely cunning and will soothe our discomfort with empty words and soon rock us back off to sleep again.

      It is those big-business interests that purposely hold us all in SLAVERY (because of debt) that need to be completely stopped in their tracks.

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      10 years ago from trailer in the country

      From some of your wordage, I wonder if you ever read "Godlike Productions"...the online forum that likes to bring their own alternative,nose-to-the-ground news.

      You presented some interesting thoughts.

    • WillStarr profile image


      10 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Very informative Hub!

      Thank you.


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