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Spreading Love Not Hate

Updated on October 19, 2018
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Sometimes life is hard. Those you love may struggle. Writing has helped me process my thoughts and helped me be more compassionate.

If You Find This, It's For You | Source

The Best Idea Yet!

It came through as a simple post from a Facebook Friend. A picture of a little bouquet and a happy person holding it.

The tag reads: "If you find this, it's for you! More magic! More kindness!

And then it gives a suggestion to share a picture of you and your find on their website:

I followed that website and found that I could easily ask for a copy of that tag and do my own mini bouquets so I sent a request and got a response within a day.

It's Time To Turn The Hate Around

Too much! There's way too much anger and hatred in our country right now. It's actually getting scary. I know right now that I have a choice, as we all do, to get involved in the political vitriol or do something different.

This person decided to do something kind! Perfect time for kindness. So here's my donation to the mini bouquet movement.

Flowers from my garden clipped before our first freeze.
Flowers from my garden clipped before our first freeze. | Source
Dollar Store vases purchased for another event now finding another purpose.
Dollar Store vases purchased for another event now finding another purpose. | Source
Boxed up and ready for delivery
Boxed up and ready for delivery | Source
My delivery helpers
My delivery helpers | Source
A yearly family tradition
A yearly family tradition | Source

Bringing Light To Someone's Darkness

This was for our annual walk with this organization. Funding goes to the prevention of suicide. We have a family connection to this cause in more ways than one. For years, we have gathered friends and family and donated dollars to this cause. This year, we did one more thing. We maybe, just maybe, put a smile on someone's face.

Just imagine if more people did things like this. Try it. Passing out love feels like you are lighting the way towards a brighter future.

And There It Was - We Had Brightened Someone's Day

This appeared a day after I had sent an update to the website

I would like to thank you for the beautiful flowers on Sunday. I know this may been a huge coincidence, but on Monday Oct 8th, we lost our Uncle Mike to suicide. My cousin who is a huge advocate for Out of Darkness invited us to the walk, she said it would be good for our family to be around people that understand. And she was right. During the walk, we would notice the vases of beautiful flowers, but we didn't give it much thought. There was one vase that placed on the sidewalk and I saw the tag flapping in the wind, curiosity got me at this point so I stopped walking and bent down and read the tag "in the memory of Mike" I lost it and broke into tears. Like I said, it may have been a huge coincidence, but I felt like that moment was meant to be and our family was meant to find those flowers. This act of kindness brought our family a sense of peace for a moment. My family and I would like to thank you! We took a picture, I apologize it's not the best, but I wanted to share this with you ♡♡♡


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