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Starting A Race War!

Updated on December 8, 2013

White Power?

Copyright 2012 VVeasey Publishing


This is another story for those who believe that racism no longer exists and that we're living in a post racist society because of the election of the first black president.

A white supremacist group calling themselves the American Front were training to start a race war, but their plans were foiled by a undercover informant who infiltrated the group and provided the evidence that lead to their arrests (if it wasn't for the undercover informant we wouldn't have known about these people until they had carried out their deadly acts).

Marcus Faella, the group's leader, was getting his group booted up, suited up and armed up, for the coming race war and planned to kill Jews, immigrants and other minorities. (It's easy to get paranoid people fired up to do just about anything) The group was described as "a military-styled, anti-Semitic, white supremacist, skinhead organization and is known as a domestic terrorist organization,"

Paramilitary Training Camp

The group operated out of a paramilitary styled training camp in St. Cloud Florida on property that their leader Marcus Faella owned. The camp was surrounded by a barbed-wire fence and three military-style trenches. Faella's lived in a trailer that was described as fortified and having added firing ports (If the race war doesn't start on time me, they will start it). Their plans included trying to make the biological toxin Ricin to use against their "enemies" (Extremely Deadly Paranoia).

Connected To Other Neo-Nazi Groups

The group also trained with other Neo-Nazi groups using firearms, explosives and tactical training moves, so they would be well prepared for the "coming " race war (some people have been predicting this coming race war for god knows how many years).

Protectors Of The White Race

They see themselves as the "protectors" of the white race and their belief that an inevitable race war will take place, seems to be the driving force behind their paranoid preparations, based on their perception of the current world situation. (People who think like this can bring about the very events they predict will happen by acting out their paranoia fantasies in a self-fulfilling prophecy)

Their Inspiration

Britain's whites-only National Front party seems to be the inspiration for the group formation (Why are these people so paranoid about being white and pure?) .

Domestic Terrorists

The American Front has been charged with, paramilitary training, shooting into an occupied dwelling and evidence of prejudices while committing an offense.The arrests were made by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force and local law enforcement agencies ( Yes they are domestic terrorist).

Scary Stuff!

This is Scary stuff not just for non-whites but for whites too, because if you're white and don't go along with their paranoid racists views, they will kill you too. You will get more pain inflicted on you because you will be seen as a race traitor. So just because you're white doesn't mean you're safe or alright!

The same can be said about black racist groups like the new Black Panther party

Some Of You Don't Want To Believe These Groups Exist

Groups like this are the ones that some people don't want to believe exist, and that some people don't want you to believe exist, and as much as I wish they didn't exist, they do exist, and no amount of wishful thinking is going to make them magically disappear!

I think it's better to know that they exist, rather than finding out they exist, after they do something crazy, like blow up buildings and or kill lots of innocent people, don't you?

But in the words of that "great philosopher" Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along!" (Of course, I'm being facetious about the philosopher part)


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    • profile image

      piet 4 years ago

      Not only do they do not now that their DNA is f..... up, impure! Their brainz sick too!

    • vveasey profile image

      The Medicine Man 5 years ago from Detroit,MI

      Nathan Orf

      thanks for commenting

      You shouldn't feel protected because if you don't agree with their racist views they will kill you and hate you worst than their "enemies" because you will be seen as a race traitor...and there's almost nothing they hate worst than a white race traitor

    • Nathan Orf profile image

      Nathan Orf 5 years ago

      What a savory mass of humanity that bunch was! As a white guy, I don't feel very protected. In fact, I feel threatened by those loons.

    • vveasey profile image

      The Medicine Man 5 years ago from Detroit,MI


      thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      You're right we are all immigrants except

      for native americans and some of the first african americans

      who were brought here against their will as slaves.

      but I agree we all need to pull together and be one nation for all americans...but unfortunately some people vehemetly oppose this view and see this as a white country or all countries with dominate white governments as white ruled only countries.

    • profile image

      Admedlin 5 years ago

      It's sad that racism is such a prevalent feeling still, really in any race. I mean come on people, we are all different in some way! Anyone in America knows that we are all immigrants from somewhere at some point in time, unless you are a Native American, and you are still discriminated against because you are a minority. Nobody wins!