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State of The Children

Updated on December 7, 2017

Global Issues the State of the Children

Since this article was first printed in 2009 you would hope the state of the world children would have improved but as economic condition around the world decline at alarming rates so does the welfare of the world’s children, Child Labor, Child Prostitution, Armed Conflict, Malnutrition Poverty, Mortality and Child Trafficking are problems that continue to dog the world’s children.

These are global issues that children face worldwide:

Child Labor:

All over the world, children work and yes work is good, and it helps children developed discipline and other indispensable principles at the same time it can exploit children and the exploitation of Children, is not acceptable in should not be tolerated. Here are some examples of exploitation "Conditions of child labor range from that of four- year olds tied to rug looms to keep them from running away to seventeen - year olds helping out on the family farm."Children face condition like working long hours" often in dangerous and unhealthy conditions are exposed to lasting physical and psychological harm. They are denied education, sold into bonded labor where they have to work off their debt.

Child Prostitution:

"Child prostitution refers to situations in which children engage in regularized sexual activity for material benefits for themselves or others."Prostitution is an extreme form of sexual abuse of children at present there are about 30 million children victimized this way. Child prostitution is a worldwide problem that happens on every continent in the world it estimated to be a 30 billion dollar a year industry.

Armed Conflict:

Why the tragedies suffered by children doing times of war are great and inexcusable there seem to be a large number of children soldiers recent years. Some of the plight of Children soldiers "Afghanistan Hundreds of thousands youths were being raise to hate and fight a holy war. Many of these Children are members of the Taliban army."Other places that deploy children soldiers are Burma/Myanmar, Chechnya, Guatemala, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, and Uganda not to mention the children of Darfur.


"There are many types of malnutrition the most important being protein-energy malnutrition. Estimates show there to be around 149 million malnourished children in the world most live in Asia not Africa, as most are led to believe. At the same time, it is said a third of the children under five and developed country are undernourished.

Poverty: Poverty is a problem that affects about half of the world’s 2.2 billion children; the main reason for poverty is that they are born into poverty. Other Factors of poverty is inner city single - parent families.

Child Mortality:

"Children's death account for one third of all deaths worldwide," this is serious number and have many causes.

And America we face many of the same problems along with healthcare drug abuse, high- school drop outs, abortion and the list goes on.

Child Trafficking:

Child trafficking affects about two million children world-wide and is estimated to be a 12 billion- dollar business. Child trafficking involves the recruitment, smuggling, harboring, buying or selling of children through force, threats, fraud, and coercion for the purpose of exploitation, prostitution, pornography, migrant work, sweat shops, domestic servitude, forced labor, bondage.

One of the main reason children is being trafficked into the sex industry is demand predators seek out vulnerable victims and lure them under a false pretense. This is the tragedy of child trafficking the exploitation of children for sex and slavery this is a growing problem worldwide and the U,S, there are and estimated 325,000 child prostitutes the majorities are runaways that are exploited by predators; this is one of the worst forms of trafficking,

It’s our hope that people will become alarmed about the state of the children worldwide and demand solutions to these problems, we encourage people to ask question like why are there 30 million children prostitutes and the world; 325,000 of them reside in America. The Children are our future they have the right to a chance.

Above we have given a brief a description of some of the risk children around the world face on a daily basis the idea is to shed light on the problem face by children in order to lend a voice to those who speak for the children.

Source Introducing Global Issues (Fourth Edition) Michael T, Snarr & D. Neil Snarr

State Of The Children


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    • Billjordan profile image

      William Jordan 6 years ago from Houston

      have upgraded this hub to include child trafficking feedback needed on how I can improve my hubs

    • Billjordan profile image

      William Jordan 6 years ago from Houston

      thanks for commenting wish the world could be a better place for the children

    • travel-O-grapher profile image

      travel-O-grapher 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      so true... while the world is busy making wars and killing each other.. the children of the world are suffering! i see them everyday on the streets of dhaka.. its amazing how many NGOs and govt units and private doners there are but still the street children remain on the streets!