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State Systems

Updated on September 15, 2019
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The author of this text is an ordinary man, eager for freedom, a life of a worthy man, a free spirit.

The system we live in

The system we live in is perfectly established and all its components are perfectly functional and functional. The question is, how? Well, exactly as those who created and created this system and put into operation wanted everything to revolve and happen around them, that every possible attention was turned to those creators of the system.
The creators of the system replaced theses, namely, they skillfully played nature, made everyone forget and replace what first came into being, and who to whom the subject was. First a people was created and then the state, the people and the peoples created the state and the states, thus the creator, the people rule, use the state, now it looks different. The state is ruled by the people and used by the people. There is no nature here, there is nothing normal nor can it be. States and systems hold their peoples in slavery, in lies and delusions, in giving them lies, false promises, and false hope. Peoples are wary, slaves of banks and finances, cheap labor, poor education and health, with fear of existence, without the possibility of any planning or direction in life conditioned by the constant presence of fear of any form.

The system we live in, which is unnatural at first, has given birth to inequalities and crises in all walks of life, created class differences with the special note that there is no middle class. In this combination, the system creates the following:
1. Eligibility is beyond ability,
2. The law is the same for everyone, but not everyone is the same before the law,
3. Loyalty and loyalty, belonging, cost, knowledge and competence are neglected,
4. You cannot have your own opinions and views.
Unnatural or this crippling system has led to an imbalance:
1. Production and consumption, what is consumed is what is gone and what is not produced, it cannot
2. Capital and investment, scrounging for capital and asking for money and begging for it to later be invested outside our borders or something that doesn't make money, it can't
3. Imports and exports, imported more than exported, and neglected or depreciated domestically, cannot,
4. Unemployment and employment, having more unemployed people and pensions than employees with the trend of emigration, cannot.

A complete system of this kind was created in the interests of the most influential social class, politicians. Politicians on all new power, whether positional or opposition, ruling or not.
However, to be honest, only politicians or creators of such an unnatural or insidious system cannot and should not be blamed. It is a natural relationship when one wants something, when one seeks something to do or establish, to enable it, that one is the people themselves. In some madness, cohesion, the people first believed, sat down and then accepted that ugliness, we became limited in all spheres, without measure and border, without character and morals, naive, without the desire to seek better or to go for it.

There are two popular sentences that I have personally heard at least a hundred times, in which the biggest lie is hidden:
1. It will be better
2. It was better before.
These two sentences hide the greatest demise of one nation, community, or population, in these two lies. Repeating as Parrots "It will be better" I ask the question when if you say "It was better before", if you were better before why you say "It will be better" and all that in a circle. Such a nation gets sick of nostalgia and becomes indifferent to it and eventually flees to other people's systems and countries where it again becomes a cheap labor force or even cheaper, without the identity of both individual and collective, without their self, without the right to vote ... similar or identical to a bastard , and again he would embark on an act of heroism, heroism, heroism and heroism. What it can't do is not natural.
In any case, today / at the time of this writing, there are living greats of Serbia, Jovan Ducic, Meša Selimovic, Ivo Andric, but e.g. and Socrates, would be hanged on the pillar of shame, persecuted, the sufferers of the times, Why?
Because we live in the environments, environments and conditions described by Jovan Ducic, in which there are priests whose religion is hated by you, military leaders hated by your army, government officials hated by you, and women by whom your love is hated. In the democratic systems defined by Socrates, where democracy and its environment pays for what suits everyone. The poor want the wealth of the rich, the young want the respect of the elderly, women want to be like men, foreigners want the rights of the natives, thieves and fraudsters want important or state functions. All this is allowed and given by democracy. In such a system, when thieves and fraudsters finally take power, where criminals and criminals want power, worse tyranny arises than during any monarchy or oligarchy.

We live our lives by the characteristics of unsuccessful people, loving titles and decorations, criticizing, envying, thinking we know everything, blaming others for failures, imposing feelings of guilt, wanting to manipulate, fearing mistakes whose collection is called experience, we want everything now and now, without patience and times though these are the two strongest allies and warriors, whose fruits are the sweetest. We listen and follow people who not only cannot reach the word, but after their story we cannot reach ourselves. We have allowed the honest to swear, fair to justice, benevolent to repent, noble to gossip and condemn, where everything is viewed through interest and purpose, where we carry more in our pockets and on our backs than in our hearts, where everyone asks when will you and no one how you will.
We forget, as Ivo Andric said, that long-term slavery and bad administration can confuse and distort so much the understanding of a people that common sense and the right court weaken it and weaken it completely. Such a deranged nation can no longer distinguish not only good from evil, but also its own benefit from obvious harm. With the distorted understanding and reason, we forget about the truth and deal with it less and less. On the other hand, truth requires two things, the heart and the balls, but without it, we have become slippery. The slips as described by Meša Selimović, that these are the worst people in the world, the most harmful, the most corrupt. They support every authority, they are power, they radiate fear without mercy, without any regard, cold as ice, sharp as a knife, like dogs loyal to every state, like whores unfaithful to every single person, the least crazy of all people. As long as they are out of luck in the world, they will destroy everything that is truly human value.

We remain silent, although it is worse than a lie, because even the greatest lie involves a small measure of truth, our silence ignores that small measure of truth.
How, as a nation, we lost our chivalry and became a people inclined to evade, forget, accept everything else as better purer or nobler, forgetting or rejecting all that their mother, grandparents and their parents had taught them. The answer lies in the background of the people who led us, the bastards and people with no family background. Even today, the background of Joseph Broz is not clearly known, or is not even published, that Joseph Broz family background is unknown to most of the Serbian people. We are nostalgic for the same, saying "It used to be better".
After Joseph Broz, the problems continued, with mass demonstrations on the Serbian streets, from 1990 to 2000, where the people and his youth were manipulated after every protest, and eventually did not realize that nothing could be changed for the better.
Each protest created a class division, into what they have and what they don't, without a middle class without a middle class, this middle class is a critical mass. With each new protest, that middle class was increasingly killed, creating a larger class division, a division of the people. Simultaneously creating these divisions is destroying the economy, creating an artificial crisis in which the more they have are working for the interests of the ruling class, while those who do not have only to live in hope and with what they have, but also in fear of having them together. with the ruling and they do not take it, forcing them to remain silent.

In essence, the authorities and their holdings deal with someone else's business, various US-Russian relations, German and Chinese economies, false nationalism, thievery, and, of course, indictment on the basis of "who is the bigger thief". Nobody deals with ideas, the realization of ideas that would bring money.
People base their luck or success on the lottery or betting, election promises and lies placed by the ruling class and those who lead and represent them, without responsibility or answer, though no one asks them anything, and no one asks them.
The faith in God is also lost, when one sees the property of religious communities, the fleets of church leaders, businesses, all of these things are disappointing, they do sects in our countries, nobody deals with them, and through them a large part of the people make a profit. The Constitutional Court gives itself the right to prohibit the views of Sv. The Sava represented by Cheek, faith in God is evaluated in schools through religious education, in no way can this arouse the consciousness of children later and young people, that love and respect for the faith be given, but these children are evaluated, they are questioned further education towards what they like through the grade point average, which is something that a religion grade has a significant impact on.

Our countries in the last 30 years have no money for the socially disadvantaged, security, health, education, what is the money invested in, where is the money spent gentlemen? It is sad to say and call you a gentleman when there are ministers who like to immediately squat or get down on their knees, when you are not attending parliamentary sessions for twitter announcements, when the Minister of Transport says that there is an increase in traffic at an airport that does not exist, when the minister talks about the regular payment of wages or pensions, portraying it as a result worthy of attention, and awarding the person of the year awards by forgetting that he or she is owed it.
Dropping is synonymous with exploitation, stuttering, muddy hunting, working through "loopholes in the law", and contrary to the rule of law, even though these mills are full of the mouth of law and legality. The relation of the authorities to the people, the relation of our authorities to the authorities of other countries, and the return of the authorities to the people is a stir, as are the relations of position and opposition.
These relations constitute a diversion, which is prescribed as a criminal offense and punishable in an otherwise normal state. Legality, in the broadest sense, is the act of all, on the basis and within the law, of the principle of legality. In the narrower sense, legality implies that all legal acts lower than the law must be in accordance with the law or laws. However, arbitrary use of authority or arbitrariness is present and entails all violations of the rights of both an individual and a group in one country, resorting to cunning which it comes from lies, which, according to Scripture, are the devil himself. It's not natural.

Such systems, as I found one occasion, are called quasi-systems, some call them mafia systems, they can do both. In both systems, the primary and secondary systems exist, main or auxiliary. The principal, the primary, is the public, the one that everyone sees, indeed, it represents democracy, the application of legality and human rights and freedoms, the application of the constitution and all that it prescribes. Auxiliary, or secondary, is a secret system, they do not see it, but they all feel its appearance and presence, it is a corporate and mafia system and functions according to the old rules without democracy, the law, where the law of the stronger applies! The main and auxiliary, primary and secondary systems, the form of organizing is incompatible but maintains and nourishes one another. This upkeep and food against each other is forced, violent, by the media and the lies of those media, by various clans or informal associations, depending on the interests expressed by those in both systems.

EXAMPLE: a multiparty system and elections, the main or primary system, which pre-empts the state, calls elections, democratic and legal. The ancillary or secondary system, corrupt or mafia, leads and assumes the main role in this, it later grows into the main system, the state. How? This system defines precisely its goals, tariffs, individual roles, but also determines the prices in the main or primary system and individual roles how to get there. Specifically, individuals are determined who will bring or secure a certain number of votes for a candidate who is from the main or primary system, so is the funding of party candidates and the like. Also, as a public secret, as everyone knows, there are countless examples, individuals from the ancillary system buy votes for their candidates, with money, goods, and services. Therefore, the state with its main and exemplary system "turns a blind eye" to this, silently does nothing and everything to protect the state and its institutions.
The biggest regret of all this is that the largest number of people in a country with such a system do not belong to either the main or the ancillary system, they are the mass that serves to accomplish the goal, the mass that gives legitimacy to both systems. That way all the monster is legalized !!!!


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