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Stay Safe: Personal Alarm And Pepper Spray To Fend Off Attackers

Updated on June 4, 2009

It is possible that one day you or someone you loved could be in a situation where they would need to escape an attacker. Violence happens and when it does, the person faced with it may not know how to effectively get out of the situation on their own.

Using a personal alarm is a very effective way to get rid of someone who may mean you harm. The piercing loud noise will not only alert everyone in the surrounding areas that something is going on and someone may need help, but it can quite possibly startle and scare of the attacker fearing that someone may come and see what they are up to.

personal alarm combo
personal alarm combo

Doberman Power Button and React Whistle

The Doberman Power Button and the Doberman React Whistle set is a great deal and can be shared by the family. For the runner or late night walker, the Doberman Power Button Personal alarm fits on the wrist while the React Whistle alarm hangs from the neck or can be put in a purse or bookbag, or put on the wrist. Perfect for older kids who walk to friends houses or while waiting at the bus stop or just walking home.

You family will be able to sound the ear piercing 100 decibel alarms easily and ward of anyone who might be considering harm. Both have bright LED lights to be able to lead the way at night and can be seen up to a mile away. These are light personal alarms weighing in at just 3 ounces.

mace pepper gel
mace pepper gel

Pepper Spray The Second Line Of Defence

In the event that a panic alarm will not be enough to get rid of muggers a pepper spray would be the second line of defense. Pepper sprays can generally project 8 to 10 feet ahead giving the user enough time to use and then run.

Pepper spray is easy enough to be used by older children, but adults should always first teach children how to use it and instruct them that it is not a toy to be played with. It should only be used if danger approaches.

Pepper spray is a legal, effective way to get rid of bad guys. Although it is the best way to stop someone in their tracks, It is not necessary to hit someone directly in the face. Getting in the general area of the face will still cause the chemicals to reach the face and will cause a undesirable reaction.

The Mace 10% PepperGel sticks on the face and causes temporary blindness. also has UV dye that although invisible to the naked eye, will leave a mark that can assist in identifying an attacker


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    • selfdefenseclique profile image


      9 years ago from Lake Park, Florida

      The information about self defense given by you is amazing and the message that goes with them is cool.

    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 

      9 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      Great, informative hub!


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