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Stephen Yaxley-Lennon Aka: Tommy Robinson, Facing Possible, Jail Sentence.

Updated on July 6, 2019

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson.
Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson, it has to be admitted, has led a colourful life. From being the leader of the EDL (English Defence League), standing in a failed bid to be elected as an MEP, and now, facing a possible prison sentence.

Robinson has also been involved in petty crime, for example, throwing punches at someone to flying to the US on a false passport, etc. Such are the misdemeanours of Tommy Robinson, that many revere, in a godlike, almost 'Mandelaesque' way.

For all his wrongs, Robinson, who some see as a civil rights leader, has struck a chord, with many in our populace. In his anti-Islamic rantings, he has attracted a large and loyal following. Yes, many of his followers, are the usual thugs you would expect to find at any far-right rally, however, many are not like that.

There is real fear in this country of Muslims for one reason or another, perhaps, even hatred. The grooming of young girls by Muslim men has led to anger and resentment, which Tommy Robinson, has spoken about. To many, he seems to be the only one talking about this issue, that up and down the country, until recently, the authorities seem to ignore. Of course, groups of Muslim men, have been convicted now and sent to prison, but, the danger has not gone away.

Tommy Robinson was found in contempt of court yesterday, for live streaming pictures of Muslim defendants, attending court, for grooming allegations. The event was lived streamed on Facebook, Robinson, did a running commentary.

There was a reporting ban, at the time of the above trial, however, Mr Robinson still went ahead and live streamed the event. Therefore, two senior high court judges found Mr Robinson, in contempt, of court.

Mr Robinson will probably face a jail sentence, Mr Robinson said he was facing imprisonment, not for what he had done, but because of, who he is. Outside of the court, Mr Robinson said British justice, was a farce.

Mr Robinson's followers, who had gathered, outside of the court, erupted into anger when they heard the verdict. Many advanced angrily, to a police line outside of the court, many police stood with batons in hand.

Is Mr Robinson, a racist, Islamaphobic? Obviously, to his opponents, he is all those things, but to others, he is a hero.

To many, he is only the one, challenging the PC mentality of being afraid to speak our minds, in case, we upset the Mohammadans amongst us.

Robinson Bus Fined.

A double-decker bus, parked outside of the court, where Tommy Robinson, was appearing, has been issued with a fine. As the parking attendant, did his job, of sticking the fine, in the form of a ticket, to the bus windscreen, Robinson followers, booed.

The parking attendant didn't appear fazed, one bit, by the booing. In fact, if anything, he seemed cheerful and was at the end of the day, just doing his job.

The parking attendant remarked that the fine was £130.00, but, would be reduced to £65.00, if paid, straight away.

The bus was being used by Robinson supporters, as transport, to get to Robinson's court hearing. Obviously, where the bus was parked, must have been wrong, as to why else, would the parking attendant, issue a parking ticket?

It would seem, from yesterdays events, Mr Robinson's followers had a bad day. First, the apple of their eyes, Mr Robinson, was found in contempt of court and then, to finish, their transport, was issued with a parking ticket.


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