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Stop Paranoia over Obama's Education Speech

Updated on September 7, 2009
 Politics of paranoia.
Politics of paranoia.

Read the Speech and decide for yourself

Well, tomorrow, The President of the United States plans to speak to the school children of America about their responsibility for their education. Despite all the rhetoric and fear that has been going around in the media, that is what the speech is about. If you do not believe me, read it for yourself. Now there has been a lot said in the media and by those who believe in this politics of paranoia that he is somehow going to indoctrinate there children into some socialist/Marxist/communist agenda. Well, if getting a good education and being responsible for yourself is socialist indoctrination, hallelujah.

I am a teacher and I see the effects of students who have no motivation and refuse to be responsible in the classroom every day. Most teachers spend valuable time dealing with those students instead of teaching those who actually came to learn. Yet a faction of American society has placed fear in the hearts of others because of this idea that the Obama will use mind control to indoctrinate children into his political agenda. They have done this without ever reading the words the President intends to deliver. Well, now is your chance to see for yourself what the President plans to say and stop the fear-mongering.

Most of this fear is from the far right and it carries with it a political agenda that is based in hate and racism. I have not seen such virulent hate since I was a boy in sixties watching the civil rights movement. There was the same paranoia in the sixties when some of the most religious people in the country fought vehemently to deny black people the right of citizenry.

I hope that every child who can watch takes Obama’s message to heart because we as a country need it. San Bernardino County, where I work, has a 25% dropout rate overall and it is closer to 50% among Hispanics and African-American males. Most people want to blame it on teachers, but the problems go deeper than that and most of them begin in the home. Kids come to school hungry, abused, and sometimes neglected. There are other distractions for their time including video games and the internet. Many seem to think that their education is not important and the President, by using his own life and that of others who have overcome difficult situations, is trying to point them in the right direction. Good for him.

I am teaching persuasive writing and speeches to my writing classes and I plan to use this in my classroom to show students the different techniques used to persuade people. I also plan to ask them, as I do every year, to be responsible for their education on a daily basis because it is the only way for them to overcome the poverty that surrounds them. I know because I was one of those kids who went to school hungry and struggled to stay focused on my education. Yet, I prevailed and they can too. Get over the paranoia America.


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    • profile image

      Greta Blalock 8 years ago

      I, too, agree. I have been too upset to even write about this.

      First of all, I don't even believe anyone could authentically be upset at Obama's proposed address. I believe that, like the town hall tantrums, these outrages are all staged performances (initially). One radical (probably a paid actor) riles the crowd into a frenzy and then sits back and enjoys the snowball effect.

      This kind of behavior is disgusting. Since when does the President have no right to speak to kids being educated by a federally funded system?

      Most of the people complaining probably send their kids to private schools anyway.

    • profile image

      pgrundy 8 years ago

      I agree. I have not seen such open and unapologetic hatred since I was a kid. I was born in 1953. The Civil Rights movement happened during my lifetime, and it was violent and ugly but somehow this most recent version of that ugliness is different. The people promoting this hate are disturbed people who now think their twisted rage is justified. It's as if a wound was festering for a long time and now the scab has been ripped off. I don't think it's just noise either--I think the U.S. is witnessing the beginnings of fascist movement based on racism, evangelical right wing religion, and reactionary politics based on sick notions of entitlement.

      It is beyond irresponsible for corporations and the Republican party to keep fueling this fire. I could say more but I won't. No one listens anyway. Anyhow, thanks for saying this flat out.