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Strange Goings On in Iran.

Updated on July 7, 2020
Anti-aircraft guns at Natanz facility.
Anti-aircraft guns at Natanz facility.

Iran has been hit by mysterious fires, explosions and other odd incidents connected to its nuclear industry. An explosion occurred at the Natanz nuclear facility, it was reported on Friday. At first, the damage was reported as slight, but the Iranians have since admitted, the damage was much, much worse.

Between the 26 June - 4 July, as mentioned, misdemeanours plenty have been strangely occurring at Natanz, Ahval, Shiraz, Parchin and Sina Athar. All apparently at places related to Iran's nuclear industry.

The atmosphere between the US, Israel and Iran, has been poisonous and edgy, of late. For a start, Israel and Iran, have been sworn, enemies, since the end of the Iran-Iraq war back in 1988. Iran and Israel as two regional powers have been at loggerheads over many issues, one open sore is the Palestinians. Iran has threatened many times to wipe Israel off the map and Israel has threatened Iran, over, its alleged nuke bomb programme.

If you know your history, Iran and the US, have been sworn enemies ever since the Iranian revolution of 1979. Ever since the Iranians took US hostages and the US launched a failed rescue attempt. Eventually, when Reagan became President, the hostages were safe, released. Then the US hypocritically supported Iraq during the first Gulf War against Iran, which saw naval action in the Persian Gulf, with Iran coming off worst.

Bang-up to date with Trump, it seemed for a while, Iran and the US, were on the same side, technically, against Islamic State. However, it didn't last, with Islamic States defeat, the nastiness between Iran and the US has exponentially got worse.

It all started when Trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement with Iran. Leaving the deal hanging by a thread, with EU nations and the UK, staying in there. Trump has piled pressure after pressure on Iran, with sanctions. Iran's people and economy have crumbled, the US sanctions hit Iran, where it hurts, its oil industry.

Iran shot down a US drone, then Trump assassinated in Iraq, a top Iranian general in the Revolutionary Guards. This action came out of nowhere, everyone around the world was shocked but no more, than Iran. This general was close to the Iranian leadership and Iran fired missiles at American bases in Iraq causing much damage. Some American soldiers were injured in the attacks.

It seemed as if a conflict between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran, seemed certain. But it seemed, when both nations, looked into the abyss of a likely war, both nations drew back.

Israel for its part has been attacking Iranian targets in Syria. Israel has even threatened in the past, to attack, from the air, Iranian facilities connected to its nuclear industry. Both the US and Israel have in the past launched cyber-attacks on Iran's military and nuclear facilities.

Many are asking the very real question, are the US and Israel responsible for the incidents lately? Could these six incidents described in this piece, be coincidence or something else? Israel never actually admits to actions taken against its enemies. However, it would not be surprising, given that, Israel sees Iran's nuclear industry as a threat. Prime Minister Netanyahu, has warned time and time again, about Iran getting the bomb. So, why wouldn't the Israelis, with the blessing of the pro-Israel Trump administration (or even in cooperation with them) sabotage Iran's nuclear and military facilities? Rumours have been rife, one saying the Natanz facility was destroyed by an Israeli stealth plane. Other rumours talk about bombs being planted or even cyber-attacks.

Whatever, the truth, these attacks have apparently set back the nuclear programme (allegedly for energy only) by months. Iran for its part said if the evidence is presented that the US or Israel (or both) were behind these incidents, it would retaliate.

However, Iran, Israel and the US, are suffering the effects of COVID-19, and this may not stop any conflict, one would hope.


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