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Stranger Stalking By JB

Updated on June 4, 2012

This second article arose out of the experience I've relayed on my blog about a woman who started following me when I was out taking pictures one day. There was no reason for her to start following me but she did anyway and now everytime I head to work or home I see this same vehicle following me or sitting in a parking lot close to me until I leave. She will often follow me for a little while then quit. It has created quite an unnerving situation to say the least.

I was able to get the tag number and found out who the vehicle belongs to so now I know the name of the woman who is perpertrating this crime. I also relayed that I don't believe it has anything to do with my husbands gangstalking but I can't be 100% positive about it.

This second article came from articles I've read online about how usually the stalker is male and how it is often a love obsessional or celebrity stalking but that simply is not always the case and it is close minded to ignore the fact that women can also be stalkers. Granted, many women stalk men they've been married to or were involved with but again there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to stalking so women can stalk for just as many reasons as a man will. And they can be just as dangerous.

In my last article I told you about the different types of stalkers in stranger stalking. There are five altogether. It is not as common to see a woman stalking someone especially another woman unless it is a girlfriend/prior girlfriend of a husband/boyfriend. In this instance you see a number of women stalking the new girlfriend/old girlfriend, etc. But to see a woman stalking a stranger, a woman she's never met before and doesn't know is far less common than other types of stalking. It is scary in all instances. And in every instance the police should be notified regardless of how the police act. The purpose is to document every instance so later on if it needed when going to court you will have it. You want the stalker to go to jail for a long time not just a couple of weeks. And hopefully when he/she gets out he/she will be less inclined to further engage in this criminal activity.

I should note also that gangstalking although not like tradional stalking is a form of stranger stalking. Generally victims of gangstalking do not know their stalkers. That would defeat the whole purpose. And the victim could send someone to jail.

I've read quite a bit about gangstalking and still don't know that much about it other than what my husband has relayed to me about his experiences. But I have to say his experiences haven't been that bad compared to the other scenario's I've read about online. I must say some sound delusional. But I am not discounting the writer's stories.

As for one on one stalking always keep a journal of incidences, file police reports when you can. Do not let the stalker rattle you. I know this may be difficult but it is important to keep your wits about you and stay calm and alert. Safety is first.


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      targetted in anchorage , alaska 

      6 years ago

      hi sassy girl i am a targetted person in anchorage , alaska i have been targetted since 1995 and have been hounded from one end of alaska to another by lies perpretated by gangstalkers. gangstalkers are the most malicious evil hateful people that you will ever encounter except maybe mass murderers and i am sure there are a few of those in the gangstalker social circles here in alaska. It is hard to forgive them and i always ask God to help me to forgive them.Other than prayer there is no solace against gangstalkers you have to pray for your enemies and ask GOD to protect you from their the gangstalkers onslaughts.shalom


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