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Strive for Greatness in Election 2012

Updated on August 16, 2012

Power of the Vote

Donate a Vote
Donate a Vote | Source

Can You Donate a Vote?

A Message to Americans in the other 49 States

The teachings learned from the Bible from God are tried and true. It is time for the hypocrisy to stop and for Christians to NOT be Sunday only Christians. Christians need to be 24/7 Christians (24 hours, 7 days a week) and stand up for the “spirit of community and democracy.” It is time to stand together and say no to presidential candidates, who want to buy your vote. This ideology of selling votes is contrary to Christian principles. Be a part of something “great” with your right to vote, rather than selling your vote…”donate it”.

Pennsylvania has taken a step backwards in time by suppressing the vote of the disenfranchised and minority voters for the 2012 elections. The moral crime was perpetrated to help Republications win the Pennsylvania electoral votes on a quest for power and the White House.

Mitt Romney won’t reveal his tax returns, more than likely, they probably show him unfavorably but it is important to be transparent in this high office. Thowing money at the vote is not sporting. He said he paid not less than 13% in taxes but offers no proof but his word. After watching all the negative ads (on both sides) his word is not the best barometer to gauge honesty.

However, voting rights should not be on the table to be bought and sold because a rich guy wants power and to “win.” This election is not about the good of the country or the spirit of community but about a guy who has a lot of money who wants power. The old adage, “money talks” cannot be what America is about. The Republicans have denied the right to vote to citizens of Pennsylvania and brought the United States to moral bankruptcy. You can help those disenfranchised voters NOW!

Do not condone the actions of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania. How can we be proud of the home of the brave and the land of the free in light of the fact that minority and senior citizens are denied the right to vote. It doesn’t matter, in the final analysis, which team gets to the White House; but the playing field should be level for all citizens. In fact, the Romney-Ryan team should be appalled that the right to vote has been denied to minorities and seniors in Pennsylvania.

However, they are gleeful, thus giving you a glimpse of the mindset of these two politicians and their disregard for the have nots. President Obama may be objectionable to some people; but there’s one thing he has that the Republican team does not have…”empathy.” The gullible who believe Mitt Romney’s political rhetoric…remember it is not be reversible if they are elected. Once these two are in the catbird seat minorities, seniors and middle class Americans will suffer greatly under the Romney-Ryan plan. Seniors who may not understand the “flip-flop” policies of Romney-Ryan and vote for him will immediately see prescription medication prices increase. Medicare will be reduced to a voucher system.

Residents in public housing – housing subsidies (Section 8) will be chopped. Middle class Americans who qualify for food stamps, this includes people of all ethnic groups (including white Americans) will lose food stamps. There are no welfare queens who get free checks – that’s a myth. Americans who paid into the social security system all of their lives and expect to have a little money for senior hood are in for a rude awakening when it goes private.

The only beneficiaries of the Romany-Ryan plan will be the rich. They will be sitting on their yachts, sipping from thousand dollar bottles of champagne, lounging in their penthouses and laughing all the way to the bank. There is no other reason for Sheldon Adelson (Nevada casino mogul) to donate $100 million to the Romney campaign to defeat President Obama if he didn’t believe he would get a tax break from his friend Mitt Romney. You, in the other 49 states, can level the playing field…by donating your vote.

How? This message is for every American citizen in the other forty-nine (49) states who has decided not to vote. Each of you who have decided not to become involved in the political arena – this your chance for “greatness.” If you are eighteen and over, have decided not to vote, please reconsider. Whatever excuse you have, “my one vote doesn’t count, “ I am too busy to go to the polls, I hate to stand in line, I don’t feel like riding the bus that far, I don’t have anyone to babysit”…and on and on with the excuses.

Do something for someone who has been denied the right to vote in 2012. “Adopt a Pennsylvanian!” 1) Register to vote and 2) cast your vote, in your state, at your polling place and 3) dedicate your vote to a resident in Pennsylvania whose voting rights have been suppressed. Do this on Election Day and when you push your button to vote, remember your vote counts for one person in Pennsylvania who was denied the right to vote in 2012.

Pennsylvanians, for the future of your state, everyone denied the right to vote in 2012, after the election when you finally have the specific newly created ID that the Republicans have designed for you, use your vote and your voice to right the wrong. Going forward whenever there is an election in the great state of Pennsylvania and a Republican is running for any office (judge, congressman, assemblyman or even a small local office) send them a message with your vote (with you new ID card ) to help them understand what it meant to take your voting right away in 2012. Republicans have written a bill to secure the demise of the minority and senior vote, therefore, use your future voting power to decimate future Republican elections and appointments to local offices in your state, the Senate and the House.

Each day survival gets harder for ordinary people. They wake up, read the newspaper, drink a cup of coffee and turn on the television only to find another one of life’s basic joys ripped off. Their dreams elude them as they go through the day hoping to keep their dignity intact. For each day ordinary citizens attempt to hold on to hope, another person grasping for power devises a new method to further dehumanize and destroy the aspirations of everyday people. You can reverse this trend by donating your vote and sending a message that although we may have trials and tribulations now…the country is not morally bankrupt. It doesn’t matter what Bible you are reading they all say in Matthew 19:24: “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

“Adopt a Pennsylvanian”…Register to vote and cast your vote in their honor!


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