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Strong Feelings On New Immigration Laws

Updated on September 11, 2011 and the same and the same | Source and the same and the same | Source
under the same sky
under the same sky | Source

Why I Wrote this...the immigration law...

I wrote this paper in response to an article on a local web site, it talked about recent immigration laws currently being inacted. I wanted to know more about these laws so I clicked on a link believing that it was an objective read of the law. I felt that it was an opinionated and biased report of the law so in a moment of passion I wrote this response to it. I am a full-time working mom of three and time is precious and limited in my life, but I felt strongly enough about the subject to write it. I posted it on a Discus panel--mispellings, grammatical errors and everything and was hoping to blog it on my hubpages soon, but it has taken me alot longer then I had hoped. I wanted to edit it and correct it, and finally here it is.

Here is a summary and a link to the laws I am referring to.

SB81 Immigration law

1.A requirement that employers use E-verify to confirm legal status. The lawyers say a system is already in place: the Federal I-9 form.

2.The new law would require proof of citizenship for a driver's license or state ID. The lawsuit will claim that leaving immigrants without ID will create more problems than it solves.

3.Law enforcement agencies' additional responsibility could affect due process in the effort to find and weed out illegals. Illegal immigrants under arrest could be denied bail unfairly.

4 .The law would penalize people for "harboring" illegal immigrants. The issue is too arbitrary, the lawyers say. For example, if a church is assisting a family in need, would that be considered "harboring"?

I hope to soon figure out how to voice my opinion further by figuring out who to contact in my own state that is involved in passing such laws. I hope you as well take some time to read and voice your own opinion in some way or another.

This is my imperfect, but strong and passionate opinion of it all.

"Our nations Founders" were immigrants themselves. Immigrating for the right to practice their religious beliefs and for a better life. The pioneers were immigrants themselves immigrating west seeking again religious freedom and a better life. "our nation’s founders" believed in the "persuit of happiness" as a basic human right not simply a benefit to those who have clout, fame or money. They sacrificed and died for that exact belief, because they had suffered for it. They created a constitution to unite this country under God, not to create individual states with individual and separate laws. The constitution is a beautiful document do not stain it with a skewed and biased interpretation to satisfy your own agenda. I went on this site to educate myself on this bill as it was presented ,I thought it would be an objective presentation of it, but have found this site to be biased in support for it and somewhat scary. The words "policing powers" make me nervous. I imagine a country where everyone is policing each other and so paranoia and distrust abound.

I find the statement that the federal government does not "give them no means to extricate them", ever hear of DEPORTATION? immigrants are so scrutinized under a magnifying glass that a person could be placed on deportation by the simply act of pulling someone's hair or pinching them as it can be considered assault and battery and a Criminal ACT. and that the government mandates educating illegal immigrants? it does not-!which is a great flaw and a big problem. A country filled with uneducated people ( black, white, Hispanic, Italian, whatever they may be) is a country which cannot compete with any other country, and where it's people can't get jobs not because there aren't jobs but because they do not have the education(the skills) to fill them.

Don't tell me this bill is about jobs and hide the bigoted ideals behind it as a seemingly GOOD cause!! If you have a good cause to allow immigrants to work-- then run the bill through cleanly without attaching other agendas to it. I drive to work every day and down the road I see many HIRING signs and they have been there for months. Know why? because the jobless on unemployment don't want them, because they don't pay enough? They would prefer to keep receiving unemployment rather then get a job that is not their "dream job" and or work two maybe three jobs to make ends meet. Why not? The immigrants can't take them, because NO COMPANY will knowingly hire an illegal person. There are laws already in place which give strict and expensive fines if they do and so they fear, and don't. SO THE HIRING SIGNS ARE STILL THERE. IIlegal immigrants can't take those jobs from anyone: and if you are saying that people want those hot and greasy jobs at burger king or Mcdonald’s for $7.25/hr, I beg to differ. That's why there are HIRING SIGNS THERE ALL THE TIME. I've seen many, many jobs on the WEB, professional jobs. Why aren't people getting those jobs? I believe is lack of education--they don't have the skills.

I would LOVE to see more incentives from the federal government to educate this country's people--everyone. Education makes a better people who can stand on their own instead of relying on handouts, and a high quality of people able to compete internationally.

By not allowing people to get and keep jobs we create a problem of criminality--a problem of desperate people and HEAR the word PEOPLE--human beings--NOT big ugly ALIENS with tentacles coming out their heads and claws as hands. A hungry person will steal, a man or woman with no other choice to feed their children will most like do whatever it takes to survive, to LIVE! SHOULDN'T EVERYONE HAVE THAT RIGHT?? to live?? Are they the one's taking the JOBS? selling fruit at a corner street? selling jewelry? tacos? walking blocks and blocks on-end, on the street selling blankets...Is this the IMMIGRANT you FEAR? the dirty face of child? a withered old grandma?

I THINK I know the response...NO right?

Then who? The DRUG- DEALING IMMIGRANT right?

NONE! of these bigoted new laws affect the DRUG DEALING Immigrant. The drug dealing immigrant isn't trying to MAKE AN HONEST LIVING. They don't WANT an honest job. The drug dealing immigrant doesn't fear a police officer when they are stopped for a traffic violation, they don't stick around to produce license and registration or PROOF OF LEGALITY--they RUN!! not because they are immigrants, but because they are CRIMINALS!! If they have drugs in their car they are criminals and there are ALREADY laws in place to encarcerate criminals and deport them if they are illegal-- that leads me to this thought...let me pose this question-- is the drug dealing immigrant really the problem?? Would the drug dealing immigrant be here selling drugs if the people did not DEMMAND IT! There IS A HUGE problem in America called DRUG ADDICTION, which I believe is truly the problem. It affects EVERYONE black, white, rich or poor. I would love for the federal government to place more incentives and money on drug recovery programs, counseling and research--rather then finding an ESCAPE GOAT for the problems and frustrations facing the United States of America today.

Asking everyone that looks foreign to produce a proof of immigration legality for a simply traffic violation doesn't condemn the DRUG DEALING IMMIGRANT it only creates a generalized bigoted WITCH-HUNT. A law that makes anyone living with an undocumented person a CRIMINAL is a SAD law of DEEP INTOLERANCE and anger perhaps fueled by fear, fueled by articles describing herds and herds of millions of scary ALIENS--not PEOPLE-- not poor little children in tattered clothes, poor men and women with torn shoes from walking, long, hot deserts, hiding in fear for their lives, in fear of rape, murder, dying cramped-up into a semis...FOR WHAT? for the opportunity to come get a job at Mcdonald's? for the opportunity to be greeted by hate and anger and dislike? and yet...DESPERATE enough to still do it.

AGENCY...SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST...NATURAL SELECTION... Since I learned this in school at a young age of fourteen or fifteen, I always thought these were the laws of the UNIVERSE and so things just go the way they go and take care of themselves. I believed that those who worked hard enough and struggled hard enough would be the ones to deserve to make it. I would love to still believe that, REALITY is some people are born with silver spoons, with clout, with money, with influence, with access to more opportunity then others. Unfortunately It's just life and that's just the way it is, and these are the people who often times HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO MAKE THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY. If there is any TRULLY RIGHTIOUS law-- I would obey it, I would uphold it, I would support it, but PLEASE do not use seemingly good ideals to pass BIGOTED SELF-CENTERED INTOLERANT LAWS!!

Stand for it, stand-up and speak!

In a Country where the money claims "In God We Trust" . We are no longer allowed to pray in public to that GOD (whoever your GOD may be) and we hunt down other humans and place them in constant fear. How contradictory to the beginnings and beliefs of the founding Father’s of this nation and how contradictory to God--how completely messed-up. The land- of- the- free will fail if we do not make a course correction and seek to be a righteous nation. The land-of –the- free will fail if we, who don't have money or clout or presence do not stand up and speak. This is why I finally wrote this (in my very busy life as a mother and working woman), and hope one, if not many, will read this and open their hearts and minds to do the right thing.

Stand for it, stand-up and speak! I believe in people, I believe in HUMAN beings and their humanity, their ability to love , to reason and do good.

One Way To Stand Up And Speak Your Mind


I found a website with what seems to be objective information on what is happening with immigration at the federal level, and perhaps the place where one can speak or comment regarding the issue. I have to say that the Presidents's attitude regarding immigration seems at odds with what the individual states are doing and this has left me confused. Why at odds? after reading several of the blogs it seemed to me that the President's attitute is one of safety and progress as a nation, not persecution of the innocent; yet the current state legislation seems more like a witch-hunt and outright bigotry.

I feel like we are a house divided and a house dividided is bound to fall. My hope would be that individual state legislation will soon fall into step with the President's attitude and we will be united as one-- with one goal and one purpose: to succeed as a nation. There are several informative blogs and even a way to twitter the government.


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