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Stupid Criminals In NC

Updated on March 2, 2016

Was talking to a co-worker and was thinking about some of the inane things that certain criminals have done in North Carolina..

For example, there were the famous criminals who escaped from jail and one of them was caught in my hometown in the 80's. He was caught at the corner store with nabs after having made a call on a pay phone to his MOM! I would think the average criminal would know from law of common sense, I have escaped, might want to wait to call Mom or get her message through smoke signal...After all, isn't that the first one they will tap their phone...

Or, the gentleman who was found trapped in the vent after he had used to get in the place he was trying to rob...When they found him, he was dead and had apparently starved to death as he had been up there for awhile........Might want to check the dimensions before you try going in tight areas...

Or, last but not certainly least, the gentleman who robbed a bank in downtown Durham. Did he have a getaway car, of course not? Did he at least have a Motorbike or shucks even a regular bike? Of course not? So what does he do, he persuades to go to the old location of the bus terminal (at that time it was probably about two blocks from said bank.....Now the question becomes did he time it, so he could jump right on the bus and disappear in the wood works..Of course not, the cops found him sitting there waiting for the bus, literally caught redhanded holding the bag....

Now, tell me what are some of the crazy criminal things you have heard about?


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    • jonnycomelately profile image

      Alan 2 years ago from Tasmania

      Those stories are very funny, but I can't help feeling really sorry for the guy who got stuck in the vent, and starved to death. What a terrible, lingering way to die. No matter what he had done by way of crime, I could never wish that on anyone.

      Keep up the good work, Marc.

    • bluesradio profile image

      Marc Lee 2 years ago from Durham, NC

      The Shadow was definitely a classic TV Show....

    • William F. Torpey profile image

      William F Torpey 2 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

      "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit -- The Shadow Knows!" (For the youngsters the quote is from a great old radio show called "The Shadow."

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 2 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      I heard of a case in Maryland over 10 years ago when a man robbed a passport photo office and ran off, leaving the negatives behind. In another case, a man was robbing a convenience store, and demanded the clerflk to put in a bottle of liquor. The clerk demanded to see the robber's ID, and the robber showed it! He was arrested at his home 2 hours later.


    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Lots of stupid things have occurred in the criminal world. Many of the most famous criminals have done stupid things, too.