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Superdelegates, Why your vote doesn't REALLY matter.

Updated on February 25, 2016

Come closer, let me tell you a tale....

Don't take the following article as criticism on a concept. The democratic republic election process is a true marvel. It allows for fair representation of the people when used properly.

When used properly, is the operative phrase here.

Bernie Sanders has a lot going for him right now. He has a whole group of youthful voters, wanting to get involved in the political process. He is spear heading a revolution in political activism in youth. To hear some people say, in a way that has not happened in recent history.

Do you see a similarity in how the Sanders 2016 Campaign, and how the Paul 2012 Campaign are being treated?

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How short the memory is...

I won't harp on this too long, but 4 years ago, there was a republican candidate who was seemingly a crazy old man, much like Bernie Sanders is painted being. They both had a very strong grass roots campaign, their political significance is mysteriously ignored by the media, to the point that the case of blackout is easily provable, and they don't have a lot of big corporate sponsorship. They are even both trying to spark a revolution in youthful participation in the political process. I am referring of course, to Ron Paul. While the differences between the two's ideologies are vast, the similarities in how this tale is going are disturbing.

Young voters really need to look at what happened, what is happening. While Bernie and Ron may argue over the source, or the solution, they are both screaming as loud as they can what the problem is. People are being oppressed by individuals with large sums of money and power.

The mechanism that is allowing this to happen

There are tons of articles already on what happened to Ron Paul, but the DNC and RNC are different beast. So lets focus on what is happening now. In the DNC presidential nominating process, there are delegates and "superdelegates"

Delegates are pledged by voters, like us. You go in, you vote for your candidate, and then depending on how many votes they get, they are awarded a proportionally appropriate amount of delegates for that state.


There are 4051 pledged delegates, and there are 712 superdelegates. which makes the break down 85.1% voter elected delegates, and 14.9% superdelegates. This is well illustrated in the pie chart to the left. Now it may not seem like a huge deal. But let's look at a potential scenario.

If the people voted, and one candidate got 52% of the voters, that would equal 2,107 delegates. And another candidate got 44% of the vote, that would equal 1,783 delegates.

The other delegates went to the other guys that ran who never really had a chance and are too stubborn to drop out. You know who they are.

The decision would be clear cut, aside from the fact that they still would need 2,383 delegates to win, which means that technically a candidate would need 59% of the peoples vote to win.

Good News Everyone!
Good News Everyone!

We forgot about superdelegates.

if 600 of the superdelegates voted for to the person who had 1783, well then that person's total would skyrocket to 2383. And if the remaining 112 voted for the candidate with the commanding victory with the electorate (that's you) That candidate would only have 2219, and they would lose.

Now before you go off on how that would never happen, that these people wouldn't vote against the electorate, please look at the screenshot from google below. Search for what i searched for,"how many superdelegates support Hillary" see it for yourself.

What that translates to is Hillary has 451 superdelegates and Bernie has 19.

Sounds alot like the impossible scenario I proposed above. Doesn't it?

Who are the DNC Superdelegates

They are made up of 21 distinguished members like former presidents or chairmen of the DNC, 20 governors, 193 representatives, 46 senators, and 432 DNC members. Most of whom can accept political campaign contributions, or are members of an organization that is completely funded through fundraising and donations.

I see in no way how this system can befall corruption.

At this point, just follow the money

When you look at the amount of total funds the two have raised, Hillary is got way more money, and Hillary has over 100 Million from large individual contributions. Bernie only has 27 Million, Bernie has tons from small individual donors, those are people like me and you, who could only afford 20 bucks.

Hillary has the businesses that can donate, it is why she has 8 million from a George Soros fund management Super Pac, as one donation. Bernie's top contributing city was New York, NY at around 830k, Hillary's top contributing city, also New York, NY raised over 10 million dollars.

This is the kind of financial backing that can do things like pledge money to a govornor or senator's reelection campaign if they commit to voting for Hillary as a superdelegate. Which is money that Hillary doesn't have to claim as campaign contributions. All that money goes to TV ads, and magazine ads, that puts her in your face in the best possible light so that at lease 44% of the people vote for her.


What this means

Unless big companies see profit in Bernie getting office, or the majority of superdelegates grow spines, the amount of delegates Bernie would have to win with votes is almost statistically impossible in this day and age, and that is if everyone plays fair.

If you are wondering how this could happen, I can explain it with a quote from the chairman of the DNC, Debbie Schultz, The superdelegates "exist... to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists."

See her say it herself, I'm not making it up.

That might seem like a good thing at first. But realize this, for a "grass roots activist" style campaign to win, they have to do it ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, and if, IF, they succeed at that, they are showing that this is what the people want. THAT IS WHY WE VOTE. The chairman of the DNC is telling you, pretty plainly, that superdelegates are there, so that the established politicians, career politicians who made the right friends, and want to pass the legislation that keeps the money flowing to the DNC are the ones that make it to the ballot. Not who you want.

Even if it is more than half of you.

This is what they mean when they say corruption is legal in America, see the below video about some research done by Princeton. Keep watch, and realize, this has happened in the past 2 election cycles, on both sides of the isle. It is not a partisan problem, we have to recognize that if we are going to actually solve the problem.


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