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Support Operation Pistolero in Mexico

Updated on February 21, 2014
Vigilantes | Source

There is an epidemic of violence in Mexico. Most of it is being committed by drug cartels, but if the all the citizens in Mexico had guns, they would be safer. More than 60,000 innocent unarmed people have been killed in the drug war. The question is, how much would it have cost to arm those dead people with AR-15s? Only about $36 million. The only way to help Mexico is to arm them.

On a side note, if the pen was mightier than the sword, why are there so many journalists being killed in Mexico? If they only had armed journalists, NO ONE would mess with them.

The Coalition for Arming Mexican People, C.A.M.P, wants to send more arms to Mexico to help the people. Why try to fix society in Mexico, decrease income equality, create jobs with livable wages, give everyone an education, when we can arm everyone for fun and profit?

People were up in arms about the “Fast and Furious” project to arm the Mexican people. I don’t know why. The United States government was only following the lead of the NRA by arming more people because as the NRA would say, it makes us safer. Thus, arming more people in Mexico will make them safer too.

Because I read it online, I know that having more guns around makes us safer. Look what happened when they took away people’s guns in Greece. The Romans came right in and conquered them in 149 B.C. What about France in 1939? It was because the French took away everyone’s guns except hunting rifles, the people in the military and the police that the Germans so easily took over. You see, a few guns could have defeated the Luftwaffe and Panzers just like having a gun in America can defeat the U.S. helicopter gunships.

If you are targeted by a sniper, having a gun will stop the bullet. Or if you are out on the town and an assailant drives by with an AR-15 and starts shooting at you from a car, having a gun will make you safe. The only way to feel completely safe is to have guns everywhere, all the time. Only having a gun in the home for self defense just won’t do; it’s the cowards way out. Thus, we need to arm the Mexican people so they can have guns at their fiestas and siestas and be able to stand their ground.

If a thug is eating Skittles in your vicinity or playing their thug music really loudly, having a gun will protect you from your paranoia and fear. It is well know that killing an object of your fear will make everything all right. People in Mexico will have less fear of the drug cartels if they were armed.


In Mexico, the drug cartels own the guns and the people don’t own enough of them. If people owned guns, the cartels would think twice about killing them. Then they would send in more gunmen or kill you in the middle of the night, but they would think twice. By having guns and being able to shoot back, those not in drug cartels might kill some criminals before dying and before their whole families are murdered. You see, more guns would prevent deaths in Mexico, just like it does in the United States.

Vigilantes in Mexico are now taking on the drug cartels, but “Fernando Cano, the Michoacan state deputy government secretary, said the vigilantes who went into the city were unarmed.” What? Don’t they know that the only way to be safe and take a stand is with a gun? Do the U.S. gun manufacturers know about this breach of protocol by the Mexican “vigilantes”?

You are only safe when you can threaten the lives of others. Therefore, owning and carrying a gun with you where ever you go is a must. If a mugger comes after you with a gun and has it pointed at your head, they will back off once they know you have a gun. Once more people have guns in Mexico, they will have a better life. Their standard of living increase. Their education system will improve. They will have clean water and food to eat, all due to gun ownership. A gun is the final solution.

Join C.A.M.P. in our efforts to arm the Mexican people. We will have fundraisers (see our website) at local firing ranges featuring a beer bash with Jello shots (free pints with every gun rental), kid’s games, target practice featuring "Jerry the Jack-booted Thug", and on satellite feed from Michoacán, Mexico we will have mercenary and former national guard officer Colonel Christian Gunn and Texas State Representative Julie Scherzo as our C.A.M.P. representatives speaking on the joys of gun ownership and self-reliance. Bring the whole family.

If nothing else, having more guns in Mexico will reduce border traffic between the U.S. and Mexico.

Tex Shelters


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    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 3 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Thanks Coolpapa. PTxS

    • Coolpapa profile image

      Coolpapa 3 years ago from Florida

      Great piece! Sent a link to my local newspaper.