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Synod Or A New Tower of Babel At Amazon?: Catholicism Standing On A Cliff.

Updated on October 9, 2019

Between the Blessed Virgin Mary who came to Fatima, Church Unity, The Priesthood of Christ and The Tower of Babel, the Church has a Choice at Amazon.

But in that long Friday evening conversation," the Catholic journalist later wrote, "Minkler sounded scared. He recounted the day's events, and feared that the disclosure of the letter he wrote to Cardinal O'Connor in 1995 — at the cardinal's request — would be disastrous for him."
He asked for advice, and he was extremely apprehensive about a forthcoming meeting with Hubbard, set for Monday, Feb. 16. I suggested that he pre-empt the meeting by holding his own press conference "and let everything out." His response was that if he did that, "I'd be dead."

Less than 48 hours later, he was dead.

Father Minkler was discovered dead inside his home on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2004. His death was ruled a suicide — a conclusion few who knew him accept. < >


The experience of Fr. Minkler as captured above mirrors my personal experience when I set out to investigate the 3rd Secret contained in the Fatima Message. The difference is that I survived the several murder plots against me, and successfully fought and disabled the satanic network that tried very hard to pin a tag of mental retardation on my person.

Giving this piece which chronicles the exchanges between Bishop Hubbard of Albany Diocese and Fr. Minkler as published by the Church Militant Newspaper, Catholics who are sincere and open minded with regard to the eventual outcomes of the Amazon Synod may have cause to begin TO DOUBT THE CONVICTION OF THE PARTICIPANTS AT THE SYNOD,

Against this background, a necessary question must be raised. What, apart from the pastoral resolve of Pope Francis, are the overriding agenda and propaganda as well as interests, influences and ambitions that, first of all, made their way to Rome in the name of the Amazon Synod; and how much of the synodal room is surrendered to the Holy Spirit?

In the presence of the events of murder, falsifications, secularization, infiltrations, impositions, deprivations and other ideological submarines which globalists have employed as weapons in the raging war against Jesus Christ and His Church and which has resulted in the depletion of the population of true and authentic Church membership both in the ranks of the laity and that of the Clergy, exacerbating concerns about the real agenda of the Amazon Synod cannot and must not be dismissed with a wave of the hand neither can they be categorized as a fundamentalist attitude or as being merely reactionary.

The Amazon synod, which formally carries the title "The Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for Integral Ecology," officially began Oct. 6 with a Mass celebrated by Francis in St. Peter's Basilica.

Pope Francis later urged the bishops attending the Synod to be "unafraid of new things". He said, October 7 - during the Opening Ceremony of the Amazon Synod - that participants should not allow themselves to be "smothered by the ashes of fear and concern" as their mission was to tell the Truth and not to maintain the status quo. "The Holy Spirit", he continued, " is the main actor in the synod. Please, let's not throw the Spirit out of the room." The Pope, asked the participants to allow the Spirit to express itself "through us … and despite our resistance."

Pope Francis is correct.

It is, however, becoming very difficult, if not impossible, to discern the roots/sources, nature and character of the forces that are at work at the Synod. The reason for this is not far fetched.

While actively engaged in the Theology of Liberation in my native country Nigeria and, at the same time, investigating the 3rd Secret contained in the Fatima Message, I had grave cause to write thus:
"..... ,those determined churchmen who command the most important moral and spiritual attention of over 1.2 billion Catholics excluding non-catholic and non- Christian unpretentious collaborators hold the original key to the conscience of the world as it grapples with the choice between freedom and slavery. It is this key – the Key of St. Peter .... that the protagonists of new social morality are struggling hard to steal

Without prejudice to the trauma, scandal, suffering of as well as the justice denied these victims of sex abuse, it is important to point out that a New World comprising of a new social morality is an insipid symbolism of the Tower of Babel. The key of St. Peter cannot be surrendered to terrorists in disguise and wolves in a sheep’s clothing in their unfathomable lust for power and wealth which only informs the reasons and serves as the legitimizing factor for erecting another Tower of Babel as a proof of a radical break-through in the field of human knowledge and in the new understanding of the concept of freedom. Plans have been concluded to enthrone Satanism as an official but secret religion of the 21st Century using the World Union (a hundred and sixty six membership organization, aka, 666 which constitutes the most highest but secret and faceless level of Freemason. It is the anti-Christ and anti- God).

The Celibate Priesthood, the marriage institution, innocent children, the faith of the members of the lay faithful and indeed, the entire Church life and ministry have suffered huge abuses, have been severally betrayed and deeply wounded. The damage is awfully penetrating and legally incisive.
Today, principles of diplomacy are acquiring new modes with simple statements as “it is better to quarrel with the enemy in his own bedroom than to exchange a cup of beer with him in your own sitting room’. In practical working terms, this implies that defense depends much on the wealth of information one is able to deny the enemy about the facts of one’s own security and the much information one is able to force out of the enemy albeit by any means, not excluding some form of arms twisting. Such statements like the one referred to above provide the under-pinning and defining issues in diplomatic involvements and thus guide the major thrusts of foreign policies of many independent nations and institutions. And with the members of the World Union sitting on the seats of national governments, world institutions and multi-national co-operations, and having managed to find a comfortable accommodation and acceptance among some cardinals, bishops, priests and, monumentally in the pious organizations like Opus Dei and the Knighthood, one is no longer keen to doubt or ignore the force of the speculations and fears of Zionists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other Christian sects, even in their own eccentricity, bias, frustrations and grossly deformed insinuations, that the Papacy is the Anti – Christ. Even as one is entirely convinced on the veracity of the opposite, the need to search the different corners of the edifice which houses the fundamental deposits of our faith is a strangulating one. In the presence of this need, on the one hand, and the seductively subtle but very powerful weapons employed by Satan hiding behind the World Union on the other hand, such insinuations which have acquired wings and legs today do raise critical, urgent and inescapable questions for Vatican even in connection with the sex abuse scandals. For obvious reasons, these questions confront, first and foremost, the person of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, and mercilessly place an irrepressible task on his sincerity and commitment to the person and mission of Jesus Christ in the Universal Church generally and in the local Churches in particular. Or are we to rest on the presumption or calm assumption that the concept of the Universal Church has been long overtaken and replaced by that of Universal Brotherhood – a kind of functional religious socialism."
< >

My reflections on my experiences (see < > ) as a priest and a theologian with a strong interest to in the 3rd Secret contained in the Fatima Message brought me to a rude shock. It suffices to say that the Faith of the Church is threatened from within and from outside. I published a number of Poems in my Google Blogsite with the title" "Echoes of a Season ". Visit <>




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