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Syria Declares War on Israel!

Updated on May 6, 2013

Aside from the two year Syrian uprising war between whatever factions are there and the 70,000 already killed and two million in refugee camps. Aside from Iran sending 6000 of its trained military forces to bolster Assad, aside from Hezbollah also sending 6000 men to secure Homs for Assad, aside from al-Qaeda's Nusra group being the most successful of all the rebel factions fighting to remove Assad, there is Israel.

Israel borders Syria. Since 1973, when Israel demolished the Syrian attack on the Golan Heights, both countries have actually been at peace. No, not buddies, but tolerating one another. Israel did nothing when the elder Assad, in the 80's, used chemical weapons on a rebellion killing thousands. Israel has done nothing about the Syrian uprising except to indicate a few redlines about transfer of weapons and gas to Hezbollah in Lebanon, which already has over 5000 Iranian missiles.

The Syrian and Iranian regimes are one, Russia is not far behind, as it vetoes every U.N. motion to intervene. Hezbollah wants the longer range Iranian missiles, the 110, so it can hit anywhere in Israel. They only have a few of them now. Once before, they tried to hide and smuggle them into Lebanon in sections, but were caught by Israeli drones.

Sixteen Israeli aircraft attacked with precision bombs into Syria, attacking in such a manner that allowed them to not cross the border starting May 2. Their main target was the unit which operates the chemical weapon facility at the Barzeh district north of Damascus at the foot of Mt. Qassioun. The unit operating this is the Syrian 501st, according to Russian media. The attack killed 300 of them. Four hospitals in Damascus were filled. The bombs used by the Israelis impacted with such strength, it registered as a 4.0 earthquake on monitors.

The IAF attacked again, this time destroying Iranian long range missiles being moved to the International Airport still under control by Assad. The rebels have a smaller airfield nearby. Syrian officials promised a response militarily, but there is no doubt it would be Iran doing Assad's response.The Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi stated, "The Zionist regime's attack on Syria, which occurred with the U.S.'s green light, revealed the relationship between mercenary terrorists and their supporters and the regime occupying Jerusalem. The evil actions of the Zionist regime can threaten the security of the entire region."

And what about Iran's actions? Their desire to cross the Israeli redline. I call it being provocative. If you keep pushing the limits of tolerance, a response will eventually happen. But, this plays into iran's hand. Now they can justify their own actions as a response.


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    • profile image

      Pepe 5 years ago

    • Freeway Flyer profile image

      Paul Swendson 5 years ago

      It seems that Israel's actions were directed more against Hezbollah and Iran than against Syria, although the Alawite regime of Syria / Hezbollah / Iran are practically a single entity. Israel probably figures that Assad's days are numbered, and Iran/Hezbollah will always hate Israel no matter what. So Israel has little to lose in taking these recent, drastic actions.

      Thing are going to get ugly, Of course, it's been ugly for decades.

    • profile image

      Carlos 5 years ago

      No, it's really not.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Um, yes, according what I have read, maybe not verbatim but the meaning is the same.

    • profile image

      Carlos 5 years ago

      "Syria Declares War on Israel!"

      Um, no they didn't.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Are you sure since yesterday Israel launched an attack against Syria? Which country does violate sovereignty but Israel? Who can blame Israel? I CAN. What did Syria do to deserve such a treatment? It is attacked by Europe, the US, the petromonarchies, Turkey... and now Israel! Few months ago Israel invaded the Syrian Golan, is it legitimate?