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Updated on January 21, 2014

Do you remember the arrogance of Arthur Hugh Clough's poem " The Ambler" excerpt from the Dipsychus ? : " ...I drive through the streets, and I care not a damn; The people they stare, and they ask who I am; And if I should chance to run over a cad, I can pay for the damage if ever so bad. So pleasant it is to have money, heigh ho! So pleasant it is to have money....."

In what way his words won't suit our elite's disdain of the people? In what way those words don't reflect the contemptuous reality?

A country among many others suffered from the same but neocolonialist cynical attitude. Sierra Leone in Africa (in case any of you will mistaken it is not Southern America) experienced for years fratricide guerrillas, executions sommaires, bled at the open from exactions and sack of its national wealth, pelf to the detriment of the $1 daily earning of the local population but who gives a royal fcku?

Graham Greene in one of his novel described what happened in Vietnam, the American ingerence (meddling), in their internal affairs thus, before their military implication, as the financial hand supporting the counter-power against the popular communist majority thinking movement. General Eisenhower who decried the military industrial complex, stated that if the Vietnamese had had access to polling vote, 80% of them would have supported the communist party led by Ho-Chi-Minh. The remaining percentage, the elite led by Chang Kai-Shek was backed up by the US. What about the will of the people? What did become of our military refrain intoning the pursuit of the freedom of speech, in that particular case, self-determination?

How acute and cunning was his comprehension and analysis of the American involvement in Vietnam? If it started by the triggering of the Tonkin event, it is impossible not to envision their sournoise participation in the development of the crescent violence: financing military attacks in rural areas (and blaming the national movement for the committed atrocities), bombings of crowded urban places, favoring a despotic leader to rise into power, is not that far-fetched, is it? When analyzing the Arab spring movements in North Africa and in the Middle East, one can easily draw a parallelism in the modus operandi or at least in the behavioral pattern.

How to unmask any involvement? Dig first the interests at stake, then will naturally follow their owners. And, will be drawn en filigrane the players. Mineral resources such as rutile, bauxite and diamond abound profusely on the African territory. Principal actors or owners of capital invested and concealed behind large consortiums are with no surprise the colonial USA and Europe. Among Europeans, (the old colonialists, the same ones that studied the indigenous populations and deduce their ethnic inferiority) England and Belgium for the diamond markets (probably South Africa too) reshape the colonial world as it was drawn two centuries ago.

Two hundred years later, the playground didn't change. The imperalist forces as called before, since September 11 are reappearing in their quest for domination. The US, the new empire, is militarily monopolizing the international scene. The ones that craved for indepedence in 1776 are the same people that subjugate sovereign countries to economical yoke, social ostracism and endemic poverty. The ones that died in concentration camps are the same that terrorized the international community with their bombs making believe that the Arabs were the criminals.

The involvement of the Mossad in the September 11 tragedy is no more a secret. The curtain fell a long time ago. A French website intelligence online and journalist Hicham Hamza's book "Israel and September 11: the big taboo" revealed the biggest Israeli crime. In his article "11Septembre: Inside job ou Mossad job", Laurent Guyenot, engineer and Medieval Studies PhD, brings on the table undisputed evidence rejected or kept under silence by our leaders as for the instrumentation and the actors of the death of our compatriots.

D.H. Lawrence said :"The American has got to destroy, it is his destiny", let me add to this truism that the Israelis prepare the terrain and have nothing to envy us since they have a long resume in their disfavor starting by the famous July 2nd, 1946 when six terrorists from Irgun (terrorist milicia led by former Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin) bombed King David Hotel killing 91 people, mostly Britons. Argentina is pointing an accusatory finger to Israel as for the bombing of the Israeli embassy in 1992 in Buenos Aires and reopened the file. The Hesbollah was the scapegoat. The truth always resurges. On Sept 11, history repeated itself but at a much more magnified scale.

Why does the UN send the blue helmets in Central Africa and not when the Israelis raid Palestine? Does double standard rule?

Movements worldwide are organized against the exploitation of the wealth by neocolonialists to defend people's interests for a decade now. In Nigeria, Congo rebels are refusing the hands-off of their natural inheritance to corporations which only right is to benefit of more capital than the local population to invest. Platforms are hijacked, workers are kidnapped as a consequence. The oil will be theirs. Whatever it takes to fight corrupt governments' greed.

Syria, in a fantastic cohesion, the people behind their elected president, since they are supporting him now, since he proved them that his only interest was his country's, built a human shield erected to break any frontal avances of the "rebels". They unanimously understood that under the disguise of Free Syria, mercenaries financed by petromonarchies, the U.S., Great-Britain, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel (the only anomaly in the region given that all the neighborhood is against any aggression) were attacking savagely their home sweet home. They understood that behind their international smiles and meetings around tables lied ferocious greed and hid incontestably geostrategic objectives. But this time, it is different, the "friends of Syria" meeting ended up being a fiasco, among the 121 members invited only 11 accepted the invitation, with in their eyes, the spark of financial gain. No one is dupe anymore.

The international community is aware of the participation of our democracies/vultures to the killing (6600 children) and massacres committed in Syria (who will forget those children agonizing in Ghouta?), to the coming of announced festivities by the so desired defeat of the Syrian army. The reality is much more different. Paulo Pinheiro, Chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Syria, stated that "...Western leaders would be held personally liable for the crimes committed by the "rebels" with such weapons. Finally some accountability. It was about time. Maybe, for once, the last verse of Arthur Hugh Clough's poem won't be a reality.

" ...But yet, after all, it is we are the winners...."


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