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Updated on February 23, 2011


The Biafran War has been variously described in so many ways by so many people. Some have called the War pogrom, genocide, holocaust, genocaust, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, aru, ochu, civil war, etc. Some even have had the temerity to describe it as unnecessary and senseless. Yes, from the point of view of the Evil state Nigeria the last description fits perfectly but from our point of view the Biafran War is the only sensible and necessary war that has ever been fought in the history of this world. First and foremost to us it is nsani, ikpochu, ogwu eji ofor, igbocide, biafracide, igwe ochu, ochubiafra, unprovoked aggression, war of freedom, and so on. If there were any just war the Biafran War is one of the best examples of a just war in the history of the world. It is a just war by the Biafrans because it was fought and it is still being fought as a self defense by a people who want to survive. 


The War unlike most other wars that had been fought was not fought by Biafrans for territorial expansion or any form of self-pride or personal aggrandizement. It was an unprovoked hostility directed against a defenseless people by the anti-Biafranists, Biafran haters, anti-Igbo and mass-murderers – the Nigerian state. The Nigerian state has since 1945 till today 2010 continued to organize, implement, support and encourage collective violence, collective persecution and collective hatred against Biafrans. The 1960s war was only an escalation of the Nigerian aggression against Biafrans which means that there has not been any intermission in the on-going War ever since. As the War continues we have learned a few lessons. We have learned that there is only one form of salvation – self-salvation. We can only save ourselves by ourselves.


So right now we are launching the final onslaught to liberate ourselves forever from the clutches of oppression and cannot afford to continue to fold our hands and watch this evil Angel of Destruction – Nigeria continue on this its reckless rampage of pillage and senseless maniacal iconoclastic inflictions against our defenseless people. We have waited long enough to see if the world still has any conscience and can still see but it looks like the world does not care so we as a people must take our destiny in our hands and save ourselves. We had thought that the world of today has outgrown the largely unprofitable interventionist approach to world issues that it has been known for since our childhood days but we have been wrong. We had thought that somebody would have known that it is cheaper to prevent sickness than to cure it but the world seems to say bring on the sickness so we can deal with it. The world acts like it has an infinite amount of resources to intervene in preventable crises and would rather have us, Biafra to fight back Nigeria in self defense then it would come shamefacedly to mediate. What a shame that it has to be that way. From 1945 till date it is almost seven decades and we have endured this long and nobody can justifiably pontificate and condemn any form of action we might employ now to defend and extricate ourselves from this Evil – Nigeria.


It only makes sense that the world should justify the usefulness of the various regulatory and arbitration bodies it has put in place by acting now in the case of Biafra and Nigeria to resolve the issue. No situation in life remains the same forever. It has been a seventy years of harrowing and most tortuous time for us but our patience has run out and we can no longer watch helplessly while Nigeria relishes in the wanton destruction of our properties and murder of our children, mothers, fathers, wives, brothers and sisters. It is only just in this life that the guilty be made to pay even when justice served does not reverse the loss but it will palliate or ameliorate the agony of the victim.  It can only make sense and to a very little degree assuage the pain of our people if the present head of government in Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan is made to pay for the heinous crime committed by Nigeria against Biafrans. It is only just that a warrant of arrest is issued by the International Criminal Court in Hague for him, Mr. Jonathan so that he can answer for these crimes. He has committed no less crime against Biafra and Biafrans than Omar al-Bashir has committed against Darfur and the Darfurians. The biafracide/igbocide as committed by Nigeria is an eternal atrocity that cannot be forgotten until justice has been done. And the only justice acceptable for Biafra is an independent sovereign homeland free of all forms of bigotry and madness. This stand is non-negotiable because all the people (over 3 million) who have been murdered by Nigeria were murdered for this one purpose. The world must be held responsible until this festering sore has been addressed and justice meted out.


Today the level of human rights abuses as practiced in Biafran homeland are abhorring and cannot be condoned any longer. The whole place is a police state not to combat crime in the society but to perpetrate the Nigerian inhuman atrocities against the helpless citizenry. I will like to know why the world, United States of America and the UN particularly, is looking the other way while these crimes against humanity are going on. Is it because they want to safeguard their continuous supply of oil from there? Blood oil, God, bless them.


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    • profile image

      the prophet 

      5 years ago


    • profile image

      Emeka O. Emole 

      7 years ago

      Thanks Osita for your faith in the Igbo nation project which i deeply shard however, i wish to draw your attention to a very trubling yet neglacted by us,a coordinated misrepresentation of fact,a masive distortion of the war history and the consistent projection of a variation of the truth about the cause,prosecution and after the war treatment against ndi Igbo,by Nigerian militry, academic and political historians in collaboration with thier western backers mainly Britain on international stage through poblication and presentation of papers in conference, lectures and in the internet.The question is why spending such enagy engaging in a propaganda and horrific destortion of historical truth about the war they presume to have won fourty two years ago,i believe that these unprecedented attack on truth is in response to the growing interest in academic and intelectual instututions around the world both military and non military in their quest to learn more about, and have a comprihensive understanding of the war, a quest that has striking fear in those who prosecute the war unbehalf of Nigerian state and the foreign nations who supported them in that war,especially Britain,fear of being expose as war criminals on Nigerian side and Britain fear of being expose as an active participant of a war that will soon be recognize as the first Afican war of genocide and ethnic cleancing, for which no body have been held accountable.Let me draw you attention to my area of concern,their atempt to,

      1,Demonized and misrepresent the personality,philosophy and principles of Ojukwu.

      2,Discradit the entire leadership of Biafra as selfappointed, power hungry and self imposed leaders on an unwilling easthen Nigerians.

      3,To misrepresent historic background and event that proceede the war.

      4,To present the war as one wadged humenly and with great caution in respect to cvilian lives and property.

      5,To denied commiting of genocide and other war crime.

      6,to varsely underrepresent the sheer determination,resolve and ingenuity of the Biafran people to defend themselves against a multinational back genocide minded Nigerian army.

      7,To embark on campaign aim at misrepresenting the humiliation,depravation and dispossession of Ndi Igbo of their dignity and materal possessions befor and after the war.

      In conclussion,in view of the undeniable intelactual attack on and kidnaping of Nigeria,Biafran war history it has become imperative for the record to be set straight hence, i call on all Biafran actors and participants of the war and Igbo historians to recognize and repelled this intelectual attack by presenting in equal measure the truth as we know it and let international poblic opinion judge both side.Finally,i am convince that this falsehood is not only intend to mislead the international communities, but more so to detect how our children will veiw that war.

    • Osita Ebiem profile imageAUTHOR

      Osita Ebiem 

      8 years ago from New York

      Thanks Orji for taking time to read through the essay. I appreciate your observations. It seems to me you have only encountered mostly the negative elements. The Igbo nation will come into being soon and there are enough honest and capable leaders who will lead us right. I only hope that you will be willing to serve as a positive force both in bringing in Biafra and in true nation-building.

    • profile image

      Orji, L 

      8 years ago

      Osita, the destiny of the Igbos is in thier own hands. The would have been a great hope if the the Igbos have not gone greedy. The will be no Biafra untill those who clamour for it come clean. They should stop collecting bribe from Abuja. The Igbo governors have what it takes to recreate the Igboland and and give life to its people. Untill honest God fearing men mount the seat of power, untill brothers stop betraying their brothers,untill the people of Igbo creation recognize authorities and senority, untill we learn to love, ther will never be an Igbo Nation.


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