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Updated on February 23, 2011


Since on the day that Biafra was born on the 30th of May 1967, an independent sovereign state has been the only option that is open to the Biafrans because of so many reasons. We as a people cannot build a homeland in Nigeria because Nigerian soil has been so polluted with the blood of Biafrans who are being murdered en mass on a regular basis as if Nigeria can only be sustained by spilling the blood of Biafrans. From 1945 till the present day Nigeria as a state has unashamedly carried out a program of hate and mass murder against all peoples of Biafran extraction.

Nigeria is built on falsehood, nepotism and is maintained by incompetence and everything that will never make a society to progress. While Biafrans are looking for a progressive nation, a society built on merit and ability of each member. Biafranists are building a homeland where every member is encouraged to be all he can be with assurances backed by his state that his wife and children, brothers and sisters, father and mother, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces, cousins and friends are safe and free to express themselves without fear of any genocide. In this homeland all that a citizen works for are secure because the state, his country, Biafra is established to do that and more for him. In Biafra the state serves the people while the people in turn love and respect human lives and the property and rights of others.

There has been a temporary interruption in the nation building project of the Biafran state by Nigeria and we are saying here that Nigerian occupation must cease now. Biafrans today must have to realize that if they are so comfortable with the status quo, if we sat down and do nothing today, we would have mortgaged the future of our generations and it will be to our shame. If we would rather be satisfied with those things that we are sure of and would not want to risk our certitude of slavery for the uncertainty of freedom then we would have lost our Biafranism.

This is the time for us to demand for and win our freedom. In so doing we must be willing to take some risks. And the size of the victory we anticipate will directly be proportional to the amount of risk we are willing to take. Right now, what are we afraid of? Death or failure? Death cannot scare us because it is the only conclusion of all life and any life lived in dishonesty and below human dignity is worse than death. The death of the brave is always superior to the life of the coward. We cannot be afraid to fail because failure is the only way to success. There is no known successful venture or person that is unfamiliar with failure. Failures on our road to any accomplishment only show us how not to get there. They are the warning signs along the way or the guiding light if you like.

With this on the back of our mind, we can safely say that because Biafra fought and lost the last time that is therefore the reason why it will succeed this time. Some mistakes were made the last time which of course we acknowledge and shall not repeat. For instance one of such mistakes was that we failed to use many negotiating weapons for bargaining and the most important of them being oil and gas. But it goes without saying that today we are most willing to cut deals with anybody who is interested in oil and gas in order to gain our freedom as Biafrans. Our definition of freedom does not incorporate oil, gas or any similar natural resources. We are prepared to give anything to have our freedom.

Already we have paid with over 3.1 million lives who perished in the worst kind of genocide perpetrated by Nigeria against Biafra and Biafrans in the 1960s war and the constant and ongoing ethnic cleansing program being carried out by the Nigerian state against Biafra today. It is important to sound it very clear to all who are listening that the Biafran state is willing to give away perpetually every drop of oil in her soil and waters so long as we are free from every form of murder, destruction, humiliation, torture, disgrace and subjugation. The Biafran state will be built on the people rather than on any material wealth or physical structures. We as a people, the Biafranists are building a home for the free, the bold, the just, the honest and the sincere. The true essence of our wealth shall and do consist in our freedom and the liberty of our people. We would rather mortgage our material wealth than our children, our wives, our brothers and sisters and our elderly. True wealth exists only in the mind of the person who is free from all forms of religious or cultural intolerance and debilitating artificial limitations.

It is only when you have freedom that is backed by security that you can dream and follow it to accomplish it. Biafra is a land populated by a people who for so many millennia have known and cherished independent spirit, free thinking, unshackled dreams, unfettered belief in the unbounded and indiscriminate bonds of the brotherhood of man. One of the core principles of Biafranism is tolerance based on honesty and sincerity this is against compromise based on insincerity and falsehood as practiced in Nigeria. Since the inception of the Igbo nation many thousands of years ago Igbolis have always believed in the fact that if egbe n’ebelu then it goes without saying that ugo can as well belu without molestations.

This is one of the most cardinal injunctions in the Igbo cosmos. And in it lies the heart of the Biafran tolerance. It is this principle that explains why our forefathers would not build empires because by nature we abhor encroaching on the rights and spaces of our neighbors.

The Biafranist is the person who would rather die poor free than live rich in bondage. And every freedom is fought for, it is never given willingly. Nigeria the oppressor will never willingly surrender her murderous and inept grip on Biafra without a fight. Every fight involves getting your hands dirty and your head bloodied but in the end there is gain, that gain is freedom. A Biafranist is a risk taker. The Biafranist never considers himself to have arrived until every Biafran has got a piece of land on which he can dream dreams and pursue his goals without molestations and infringement of his freedom, life and property. A Biafranist is a nation builder who is committed to building a secured homeland for every Biafran. The homeland he envisions is a land where freedom, equity, justice and peace ring from every corner.

The Biafran sovereign homeland came into being on the 30th of May 1967 in an act of self-preservation by a people who were threatened with total extermination by the Nigerian state. That decision was an irrevocable one, from that day until the end of time Biafrans renounced their Nigerian citizenship and took on a new identity, a new citizenship. They became Biafrans and will never be otherwise. Biafra was established on that day because Nigeria openly became anti-Biafra and unrepentant Biafran haters. Biafra became justified on that day and will forever be so because there was a collective violence, collective persecution and collective hatred by Nigeria and Nigerians against Biafrans.


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    • Osita Ebiem profile image

      Osita Ebiem 7 years ago from New York

      Thank you Austine for stopping by. It is incontestible that the only hope for Igbolis and all other Biafrans is an independent sovereign state where lives and properties are respected and protected as against what is going on in Nigeria.

    • profile image

      Austine 7 years ago

      We have been agitaating fo our homeland since 1967 and it is about time things started takig shape. A situation where Igbo man is used as a cannon fodder can no longer be sustained.

      When there is a religious crisis, Igbo man gets killed, when it a conflict between the north and south the Igbo blood gets shade. There is always a reason to get at the Igbo man. This is a systematic elimination of a people. I am with you Osita on the need for Igbo Independence.