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Updated on April 1, 2015

The same voices are being heard over and over warning us of the predicament and the whereabouts of the world as we are rolling our eyes, shrugging off the matter if we keep on delegating our power. The sordid reality is that nobody is there to listen. When Belgian MP Louis Laurent, when the scholars of the army, when Karen Hudes, Global are informing and alerting us of our future, the people/sheep of the "democratic" world that never experienced dictatorship and its inherent repression, that never suffered physically and psychologically, that are mainly spoiled and self-centered are simulating deafness. If I remember well the French, the Russian and the US revolutions didn't originate from the gutter but in the salons of the freemasonry. Then why to address our messages to the people? Am I addressing the people?

The people were the ones that were instrumental, sent to sacrifice to the fashion of our Generals hidden behind their gaming consoles directing our sons to butcher and get butchered. What does it mean? The revolution against the elite will come not from the elite, nor from the people but rather from the educated. The one whose awareness of the international stakes, of the ideological policies implemented by Brzezinski, Volcker and their clique to sabotage the sovereignty of a country and of its citizenry, this one is the soldier or the peacekeeper of the future. The one whose knowledge of the violations of all constitutions that federated anyone's identity, values..., the one fed up with the unpunished murdering of defenseless civilians will likely be the cornerstone of the uprising structure. Because ochlocracy is nothing but a myth.

As "Der Spiegel" (German newspaper scolded for its disinformation) states that only 19% of the German people see the US as a threat to world peace, a much more "realistic" view acknowledges that 25% of its youth "officially" agrees with the statement. A new Gallup poll says over 66,000 people in 65 countries find America the greatest threat to world peace. That's it? It is unconceivable to me that the international community is that uneducated. The only explanation to the phenomena and the "data" would be the propaganda they've been fed. In reality, the majority of the world population sees the US as a threat.

What is the consensus about exactly? What is happening internationally? NATO is advancing in Europe, in Asia. Wars are thrown in regions that disagree with the US military meddling. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called us to the rescue against enemies that we created. It is our strategy. Instigate mayhem and be indispensable to distraught governments. Notice that most of those "failed democracies" are wealthy or strategic pawns. The EU is our weapon to strategize a weakening of the continent. Their respective populations vandalized Spain, Italy, Portugal and now Belgium and Ireland protested vehemently against the austerity measures praised by their leaders. Unemployment, inflation followed by a deflation (a false breath of air for the economy, it equates to the reflux of the water of a tsunami before it strikes the shore according to our "specialists" as for me I don't see in what way a reduction of the price will affect negatively my purchasing power if salaries stagnate which has always been the case?), seizure of public assets by private entities (best moment to invest isn't it? Confer Detroit) are part and parcel of our government conscious suicides...

Our propaganda keeps us away from announced disasters, we picked Richard Stengel from Time Magazine to fill our empty brains with ineptness... Al Qaeda, literally database (in Arabic) of our computers during Massoud's glory in Afghanistan is our enemy. So far, the amputation of any constitution is made by the real enemy. A recent congressional report just innocented Al-Qaida from wrongdoings in the Sept 11 attack. Why am I not surprised? The lacerations of our freedoms are a trustworthy witness. If the Muslims are our enemies then why are we shaking hands with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey...? Why is Al Qaeda, Al-Nostra, ISIS still multiplying and ubiquitous if they weren't our mercenaries? Why are they in territories of strategic importance for the US ONLY? And, why are we bombing countries more secular, more moderate such as Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon...? I know the answer but our leaders seem to relish in lying to the people and vice versa the people love bathing in mud and lies. It is said that 80% of what our government states is a lie, feel free to disentangle right from wrong.

The people, the coward. The one that listens blindly to what the mainstream media dilutes. Either the people is stupid, either the people doesn't care. If the latter is conscious indifference and a more serious crime, the first allegation will deny us any responsibility therefore five Ave Marias will suffice to wash away our involvement. But Tolstoi's "Wrong doesn't cease to be wrong because the majority share in it" drags me back to the reality. The people doesn't care. For proof, NSA, Homeland Security, the Intelligence Bureau... are vested with more financial power and contradictorily we are experiencing exponential domestic attacks. And nobody seems alarmed of the contradiction. Attacks in movie theaters, schools, marathon venues proliferate making me wonder what is the department of defense doing? France (the Merah Affair), Canada's recent false flag shooting emulated us (or was well advised) in our modus operandi. If they are not worrying somehow it only states that they are involved. No, the new paradigm is the more investments, the more spying. What worries our government is not their attacks (what makes sense) but the eventual awakening of a certain population. Not the one that is brainwashed that is to say YOU the majority (the servile jingoist) but the "official" 13% that agrees with the 24% (by default) of the world population upon seeing the US as a world peace threat. I repeat, in reality, the majority of the world population sees the US as a threat.

Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth's' "Censored 2014 " state that the Oklahoma explosions were triggered by one of those ex military patsies (they're the best subjects to execute their orders, aren't they?) but our junk food news doesn't say so. It sugarcoats the reality. The programmed killing machine is humanized and becomes a being with dementia (so many of them!). And the mass in one voice follows. What must the informed do? Push the mass from a precipice? It is tempting but unlawful. Since when unlawfulness is illegal? America scoffs at international laws, the elite mocks constitutional laws. Then, for the mass that drinks the governmental Kool-Aid, so be it? The "useless eaters" will be sacrificed for the greater good. Hasn't the process of its eradication started already? Detroit, Pittsburgh,... are the beginning.

Elliot D. Cohen said: "Democracy depends on an informed populace", I will tend to disagree since with the widespread of information, with an easier access, with its democratization what does impede a lambda citizen to know what's happening in Africa, in Asia, the two continents where our efforts are concentrated and centralized? Who doesn't know that China is investing heavily in the area explaining our sudden change of heart? AFRICOM, our African diplomatic delegation says it all as for the US intentions. The intentional ebola spread justified the deployment of military forces in Liberia. Parallelly, Cuba sent 500 doctors. After the weapons of mass destruction, after ebola, which other pretext will we use to violate one's territory and sovereignty? Democracy depends on the open-mindedness of the populace.

It is almost a contradiction in terms. Which one of us doesn't know that the legislative and the executive branches are corrupt by the lobbies? Who doesn't know that our main motivation in waging wars is strategic and economic? Would I be right to suspect that the majority of the US citizenry knows? Which feature of our democracy does adumbrate the concept of democracy? It reminds me of those people that said when atrocities were prevailing during wartimes that they didn't know, suddenly plunged in a cathalictic denial. In 2014, we can't hide behind the sheltering lie "I didn't know". We are all GUILTY. We are all COWARDS.

Given that Obama is a mandchurian candidate, what does make us? A manipulated mob? Multiplicity doesn't rule, kleptocracy does. On which principle? Ignorance? Goebbels, Bernay... knew a great deal about the manipulation of the crowd and experimented in vivo. If our government is emphasizing studies on mind control, it is not for our well-being. What was valid in the 60's, what we knew in the 80's can't be hidden anymore, the people are the target. Which corporation aims at our well-being, happiness, ...? And if you doubt I advise you to read Dr. Nick Begich's "Controlling the human mind" to understand our military's objective. Scary.

Every people is traceable through their DNA. The people is at its purest form. If I had to draw a line and 0 would represent the purest form and minus the infinite its lowest level, the people would be at zero and royalty at minus the infinite as for the purity of their blood. The majority of Germans marry a German, the majority of French a French etc... The ones that tarnished the genetic signature of any country are the descendant of royalty, aristocracy, and logically on a macroscopic level the US, Australia, Canada, Israel... Everybody knows that the latter mixed their blood, and their lack of purity will segregate them from the pattern of the majority.

The appellation "blue blood" that they invented to dissociate themselves from the majority will find resonance in Hitler's rassenchande (the racial pollution, the racial crime). Genetically speaking, they all lost their original ethnicity. So if I follow my theory it would make sense (as another incentive) that the 1% would want to eradicate the ones at the bottom because contrary to the mainstream belief the world population is decreasing. After all, Israelis took the endeavor to find the gene that will kill Arabs! If they can kill children in Syria, Palestine..., what do you think the invisible state will do to us? Simple deduction.

The more I learn, the less I want to know... But I can't help...


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    • maxoxam41 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA

      Diplomatic or economic?

    • Lady_E profile image


      4 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks for an interesting and informative Hub.

      As to the question: "If the Muslims are our enemies then why are we shaking hands with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey...?" That comes down to what Countries benefit from each other. I doubt America will ever be able to ignore Saudi Arabia, even if they want to. The same goes for UK....all diplomatic.


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