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Updated on July 8, 2010

in terview with evurulobi

SCROLL: You seem to have taken a big risk dabbling into politics ?

RESPONSE : If you have read the document I handed over to you titled

“ Why They Want Me Dead” – mind you the original title of that document

is the S- Code, that is , Satanic Code – you will understand that I did not

venture into this project of investigation in search of vain glory. Instead, I

believe I have a pact with destiny. As I have always told anyone who cares

to listen, I am not a politician, and I do not intend to be one. I am contended being a priest - a catholic priest for that matter. The priesthood is the best thing that ever happened to me. But then in his philosophy of ProcessThought, Alfred North Whitehead opined that Concrescence is only but the total destruction of initial data so as to yield an evaluative satisfaction, yet nothing is annihilated but everything is preserved Objective Immortality. Put simply, it means that every creature is always in the process of becoming something else, and this something else is always and must always be seen to be better, more functional and more creative than what it was formerly. Again this process of development always entails the total destruction of its original self for a bigger originality. In looking at the newly reformed mode which the creature assumes, one may think that everything about its old original mode has been annihilated. In fact, so long as this new creature follows the standard laid down plan in the cause of its

emergence, it has lost nothing of its originality. Whatever is authentic or

true about its old mode, even if not reflected in the new mode, is not lost

and cannot be lost for the simple reason that TRUTH cannot be

annihilated. So where is that remnant of truth ? Whitehead says that it is

preserved in Objective Immortality. Just like data saved in the hard disk of

a computer is not lost because it can be retrieved, so also truth cannot

die neither can it be annihilated because it is saved in – to use a layman’s

language - the mind of God. The difference is that, in this case, one cannot

ordinarily retrieve it. It is only God who can do that, and at his own time and

according to this own discretion. Even if Truth is buried in the grave and a

big stone rolled over the grave, Truth will always rise up with an

overwhelming force and power. It is only a matter of time. And oftentimes,

human beings have allowed themselves to be used as catalysts in the

womb of time.

SCROLL: How does this relate to what you are doing now?

ANS: A portion in the Bible tells us that “unless a grain of wheat

falls to the ground and dies, it will not germinate and bear fruit”. Consciously, I put my life and my most valued possessions down at the altar of sacrifice, not that I do not love them or cherish them but that I love God more especially through our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am convinced that when you have a revelation which builds up your vision so as to send you out on a mission, the only attitude which saves you from chronic defeat is only that of resoluteness. Our people call it “ikata-obi”. After Christ had rebuked the Satan in Peter, the Revised Standard Version of the Catholic Bible said that “Jesus resolutely made his way to Jerusalem.” Christ had a

Mission, and the success of this mission was tied to Jerusalem, and without

going to Jerusalem, what he is and signifies, that is the Redeemer, cannot

manifest for the World that was in chronic need of such. He had to sacrifice

his flourishing Galilean Ministry and his exalted status and as well allowed

enemies to destroy everything he had worked for in life as a man even to

the point of public disgrace. He never admitted the criminal charges against

him anyway because he was innocent, but again he never owned a jack

knife neither did he borrow one. Everything he owned especially his mother

was important, indeed, very important to him but the degree of their

importance could not be compared to the will of God that had put a strongly

unflinching demand upon his life and everything he owned or possessed.

Nelson Mandella said that struggle is his life. In my own case, the Cross is my life. And I have come to discover that, to my own embarrassment and to the embarrassment of those around me, that my own cross is a very

rugged one. I don’t think it is anybody’s fault and I have no regrets

whatsoever. In as much as perfection is a state which every priest must

aspire to, I am convinced that detachment is the magic word in the life of

every priest. I believe that the life of a priest is to be governed by a living

conscience. I believe it is all about sacrifice; about the courage to risk

everything for the sake of the gospel and be happy to have done this. And

so long as the terms of this task are not defined by social conventions, not

even remunerated by it in the real sense of this word, then the judgment

of the world is not undisputable.

Every profession has its own hazards. So it is not about ambition. It is not about politics. Instead, it is about the collective destiny of all of us as a nation. It is about life; about responsibility, and the sense of duty. It is about the cross. The Cross only holds lasting answers to the myriads of problems in Nigeria.

Scroll: How did all these begin

Response: Yes! The plot started with Orji Uzor Kalu and his mother Mrs. Eunice Kalu, and at its advanced stage, this plot was sold to the so-called City Fathers of Aba among whom is Chief Frank Owelle and Chief Anthony Onu. These two are papal Knights but very primitive and cruel. Together with their likes in the knighthood, especially the Knight of St. Mulumba, they usurped and murdered the general conscience of the Catholic Diocese of Aba. The Bishop gave a strong but tacit approval, provided the platform and diplomatically but effectively uprooted me from the support of the Church.

Scroll: But the Bishop said you are mad, and that as a father and bound by obligation, he was helping you to overcome your problems. More so, he has been threatening SCROLL for publishing the story.

Response: Well, I do not want to join issues with the Bishop on the pages of a newspaper. You know that in the first place I did not grant any interview to SCROLL, Newsbearer or the PULSE WEEKLY. It was latter on that I came to discover you and these other media houses did some investigations before they came to publish whatever they published. Specifically, News bearer and the News Star called my line but I told them that I was not interested in the publication. In fact, I warned them that they were publishing the story at their own risk. I understood that your reporter Kingsomebody Egbuchi kept a close surveillance on me and was able to get at some of the documents I was using to prosecute my case but that he was told by some people through whom he wanted to reach me personally for an interview that I would not speak to the Press. Anyway, I had a romance with TELL Magazine. In fact, I wrote TELL Management but the letter was not connected with my case in the diocese. Now all these media houses, including the Police, SCROLL and some medical experts saw me, evaluated the situation and came up with a conclusion. I believe that the Bishop, the Knights and some traditional rulers in their pay roll are all honourable men. If they feel that the story is libelous, there is a path of honour to follow (apologies to OBJ). They should go to court instead of resorting to thuggery and bribery. This is what I have been passing through. Now you people have experienced it. Nevertheless, I have said what I have said, or written what I have written. And I stand by what I have said or written.

SCROLL: You said that Orji Uzor Kalu, the former governor of AbiaState and his mother Eunice Kalu are all involved in this. How? Again, Kalu is no longer the governor.

Response: Initially, when Orji Uzor Kalu came on board as governor, I was excited because, seemingly then, he held a promise. But I discovered that this was just a strategy to win support and then begin his mission of satanization and enslavement of the people of AbiaState. As a priest and a prophet who is committee to the demands of Social Justice, I knew I had to do something. I started some secret investigations, and I was shocked by what I stumbled on – a document titled” The Unchangeable Victory of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP”. Much latter, precisely in 2003 at the eve of the 2003 general elections, I was invited by the Cathedral Parish during the Laity Week to speak on the topic “The Social Justice Imperative of the Laity in Aba”. It is because of this document and my resolve to be myself that PDP and the government want me dead. PPA, I can authoritatively tell you is just another PDP in disguise. Who runs Progressive Peoples’ Alliance, PPA?

SCROLL: Who runs PPA?

Response: Whether PPA or PDP, it is the Cabal that owns the parties. APGA, ANPP, and AD could have made a difference. Unfortunately, with the successful infiltration of ANPP, and the eventual frustration of Gen. Buhari out of the party, PDP has taken over ANPP. Right now with the next Local Council Elections and the 2011 elections into the National and States Legislatures respectively around the corner, PDP has positioned itself to take over APGA. You know that election does not take place in Nigeria. Instead, loyalists are “Appointed” into elective offices. The names of the different Appointees have already been written and are undergoing a kind of ritual confirmation in Ogboni Fraternity. It is these people that will fly the APGA flag when the time comes. And take it or leave it, no matter how friendly they appear to Peter Obi, they are as harmless as a Cobra. Six months after the 2011 election, Peter Obi will be impeached. Six months latter, his deputy, who takes over from him will be impeached. The emerging speaker of the House of Assembly in Anambra who already knows himself is the substantive governor of AnambraState. IBB is going to emerge as an independent presidential candidate, and would be adopted by most of the Parties including PDP, ANPP and APGA as a consensus candidate. And because of his love (?) for Ndigbo, he will pick Orji Uzor Kalu (PPA) as his running mate after “zooming”, Peter Odili and James Ibori. Orji Uzor Kalu’s younger brother is the governor of AbiaState under PPA come 2011. At the end, there is going to be the most “freest” and “fairest” election in Nigeria with IBB as the winner. But then, the election was never free and fair. It is rather an occultic and monumental armed robbery against the Nigeria people which has been going on ever since IBB annulled June 12 with the intention to perpetuate himself in office. For the sake of this over-arching pretentious ambition, many innocent lives have been wasted either through assassination, induced clinical murder as it is happening to Yar’dua and through sponsored ethnic or religious crisis. And our federal institutions have been messed up. It is the Cabal – Freemason using the hairy hands of Ogboni Fraternity to take over the nation and her resources. Unfortunately, Anambra – thanks to Dr. Chris Ngige’s timely repentance and resoluteness, Rivers and Lagos have proved difficult for PDP. Many of those who are in the position to effect some changes have been desperate and greedy in the pursuit of their own selfish interests. Greed is not just a sin. It is also one of man’s worst enemies. This is the reason why the fight against corruption holds the greatest significance for the liberation of Nigeria. Otherwise, if PDP succeeds in enthroning the Grand Master and the Prince in 2011, the privatization exercise would be said to have been concluded – Nigeria is bought over by an individual, while all of us are his employees. Otherwise, no matter whom you are or represent, you are not a citizen or rather, you do not have a National Identity Card, or a resident permit. Of course, by then the Press has been crippled because, take it or leave it, the NASS is going to pass the bill on responsible journalism into law before they close shop for this tenure. It is a new Nigeria in the making – a terrorist and terrorized state.

SCROLL: Don’t you think you are playing with fire.

Response: Fire! No, I don’t believe you. Instead, I agree with Shakeskpear who said that “It is only the eyes of children that fear a painted devil”. Look at what Gani, Whole Soyinka, Tunde Bakare, Ejike Mbaka, Femi Falana and Festus Keyamo are doing. Do you think anybody is happy doing a job like this? It’s only positive commitment to duty that is the propelling force. And I am no coward. Let me tell you my idea of victory. Victory is not about the number and size of the human army neither is it about the sophistication of conventional weapons. Instead, it is about the quality of truth that drives the motif of war. The truth has an inextricable relationship with freedom. Freedom, for me is an undiluted and uncontaminated access to that Truth which the human person signifies. The human person is the image of God-who remains the greatest and highest truth. At incarnation, this truth took flesh and by so doing established a close and tangible relationship with each and every human being. Whatever hinders one an access to this truth is worth fighting against, despite their size and number. And he who fights on the side of freedom can never be a looser. Even in death, he is a winner forever. For, according to Dele Giwa, the triumph of evil over good can only be temporary. Try to bury the Truth in a grave today, and roll a big stone over the mouth of the grave, I bet you the Truth will always rise with unequal and unparallel force.

If anybody pursues you hiding behind a mask just like they have come after you, run - run for your life; raise alarm; put up a defence within the boundaries provided by the law and the faith. But do no throw away or compromise your faith, and do not allow yourself to be a prisoner of the law. Again, do not be afraid to pay the supreme price. Ordinarily, a soldier may decide to resign from the army if he has put in some years of service. However, in a time of war, no courageous soldier deserts the war front but again, such a soldier must do everything so as to void being taking hostage. And so, whether dead or alive, I have already won this war against PDP. Please join me!

SCROLL: Currently, what is the situation between you and your Bishop?

Response: As I said before, I would not like to discuss further on this. The crisis could not have escalated if those concerned allowed sound reason to prevail. They became so full of themselves and allowed money and influence to rule them. The old Aba Youth Assembly, Ukwa/Ngwa was forced to take concrete steps to address the situation. The Police came into the matter. But the Old Aba Youth Assembly, just like you people at SCROLL, did not understand that the real contenders were wearing masks. As I am talking to you now, their lives and the lives of some priests who spoke out are also in danger. This is why some of them have gone to court – in self defence. On my side, two death warrants have been signed against me by PDP and by the Knights respectively. As a priest, I cannot go to court against my Bishop. This is just common sense, but then I am completely taken aback at the rate with which some people in the Church can be committed to murder, and the intricate web of lies they weave around their selfishness so as to win public sympathy. Personally, I must admit that I am not a saint. I have had my moments – weak and failed moments. And these, I have committed to the mercy of God. But as a Christian, I believe there is a limit beyond which you cannot go. Unfortunately in my case, we are not dealing with Christians but with occult and political marabouts as well as self-appointed Vatican jihadists. A novelist did a story on the death of Pope John Paul I (the pope that lived for only 30 days before Karol Wortyla was elected late Pope John Paul II in 1978). In as much as I have strong reservations and total disdain about the novel, my greatest quarrel with the author is in the choice of title for that book – “In God’s Name”. This shows an unpardonable contempt for the name of God, even though the perpetrators of such a heinous crime, if they committed it in actual fact, share the bigger trunk of responsibility. If only he had titled that novel “In Whose Name? God is not a murderer or a cultist. And surely, not in the name of the Church nor for Vatican interests as such do not represent the Vatican interests. The church is the spotless bride of Christ, and so nobody can accuse the church of any complicity in murder, corruption etc. You see, I was surprised that despite what Wole Soyinka is passing through in the hands of the cabal that has held Nigeria hostage, and the complicity of people like Mike Aaondoakaa as AGF and some members of the National Assembly and Federal Executive Council, he went out of his way to challenge America on the unjust inclusion of Nigeria in the list of terrorist nations.

He has the wherewithal to stay away in Los Angeles for the rest of his life and win another prize in Literature. But here he is living like any other Nigerian, and sharing her blames. He can equally stay in America and form a vibrant Nigerian community over there comprising of the best engineers, medical experts, academicians, artists, sports people, etc. Yet when the issues about Nigeria surface, the point of reference is Abuja, not Los Angeles. The attention is, first of all, on sick Yar’dua or the Acting President Goodluck Jonathan and not on fearless and courageous patriot known as Wole Soyinka. His views may be very authoritative but not decisive, and remain only at that. In the same way, the Church as a visible society does not and cannot be said to exist in the fullest sense outside of the Catholic Church. If these other denominations come to appreciate this fact, then the road to Ecumenism becomes a smooth one. I think our problem in this regard is that more often than not, some people make an unnecessary appeal to emotions concerning issues that are otherwise logical and factual. There is only one Nigeria, and even if Soyinka decides to relocate to America that does not make Nigeria to exist in AMERICA as a sovereign nation yet Soyinka is and remains a Nigerian. I think Wole Soyinka is one of the greatest patriots of our time. You see, I am part and parcel of the church, just like Wole Soyinka is part and parcel of Nigeria. Despite the rot, I will not succumb to the fact that the Church is guilty just because she has been reluctant to address my case. To do so will mean that God was unjust to have allowed Christ to die shamefully on the cross. I think the church is being wise to allow me be the priest I am even if that means Martyrdom, and I am not afraid of this. Jesus told the Jews, go into it yourselves, it is not the case that a Prophet dies outside Jerusalem. I studied Trinitarian Theology. It was important that the son of man should die, but then God himself, Joseph and Mary did not ask nor permit anybody to kill their son. More so, those who killed him, even when they came to realize what they did, decided to play the ostrich, and ended up a tragedy. Our Lady told me that this is the main reason for the present situation of Israel as a people. Israel must be humble enough to address the question which the person of Jesus Christ presents to her life and history. Mystically, this, and not America/European support is the condition for peace in their land.

You know that the costly sacrifice is always offered by the church. As a matter of fact, this is done everyday in the holy mass. It is not that the church kills Christ everyday but that if the sacrifice offered by Christ at Calvary, and re-enacted everyday in the holy mass is the most acceptable and most pleasing offering to God the Father, so be it. And as a Catholic priest and in my little way, I am an alter christus – another Christ. Of course the Good Friday events are a strong rebuke on crossless Christianity.

Every trap has been laid against me in this regard, but I will not fell into this trap. Msgr. Etche warned me about this before he gave his approval for my mission. And with our Lady by my side showing me the direction to follow every minute and providing minute to minute analysis of what and what to do, I know I will succeed. Right now, and added to the death warrants, they have started the process of dismissal from the priesthood and laicization eventually, yet I am not afraid to loose an ecclesiastical title, for by God’s grace, I am what I am – a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek of old, and this status is established by God with an oath, and sealed with Calvary blood. Nobody can expel me from the priesthood.

SCROLL: But you have petitioned the Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria, and the Pope. What is the response?

Response: I believe that the Church is competent enough to handle her own problems. But when moles are planted around you, you hear nothing; see nothing, know nothing and do nothing except what they approve, except anyway you possess an extra Charisma. What I am passing through is what Nuhu Ribadu and El-Rufai are passing through in the Yar’dua government. My greatest predicament is that Freemasonry wearing the mask of Ogboni, Eckannkhart, O.O.O, Grey Message, traditional cults etc, reigns supreme not only in Nigeria but also in the U.S, Germany, South Africa, Anglicanism, World Bank, United Nations, Germany, Knighthood, and equally maintains a deafening influence on Vatican. To appoint them is what it means to be voted in an election. To belong to them and then launch an opposition is the meaning of credible and responsible opposition; to serve their interests is what good governance means.

Through adequate and committed representation in the congress and Parliament in Europe and U.S.A, Freemasonry has come to build its doctrine into the Constitution of these countries. For instance, the Constitution of the European Community (EC) is a Masonic document. And there is something about the Constitution of a democratic state – it is the working instrument established and tailored to achieve a pre-determined goal. Go into it and see for yourself. Atheistic capitalism at one extreme is worse than atheistic communism. Communism does not pretend to believe in God, but atheistic democracy believes in a Supreme Being who, by virtue of my discovery of the S–Code, they believe to be Lucifer. Unfortunately, they are pretending about this in the guise of religious tolerance, and defence of human rights. With major tinkering on the Constitution of U.S.A, America is practicing not just anti-Christ but atheistic or anti-God democracy. As long as Satanism hides behind democratic masks to dictate the decisively defining vocabularies of the Constitutions of Europe/America, especially as this relates to foreign policy, the ends to ethnic, religious and leadership crisis ravaging the third world countries is very far removed from sight and will remain this way for a long time, unless the people fashion out a home grown resoluteness. And Nigeria is not an exception. Nigeria must evolve a healthy suspicion against Europe/America especially in terms of cultural evolution. Indeed, at no other time in our history as a nation should this challenge loom large in our consciousness than now. In concrete terms, the imposing structures of corruption and occultism stand out as pre-eminent among other challenges not only in the search for security and nationhood, but also in the delicate task of sustaining national unity that has for a long time assumed a high a degree of probability. Its pretensions not withstanding, atheistic capitalism does not in the least, present a credible alternative to Islamic Militarism neither can it claim superior to this. This is why America cannot win any war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is only the satanic structures and images which America has erected against herself over the years that are hunting them from far away Iraq and Afghanistan, even Yemen. The greatest and most important war America/Europe needs to fight presently and must fight, is the war against the Anti-Christ. It is a genetic war, and has nothing to do with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vatican and Nigeria have been made a Masonic project. And these two places are my immediate constituency. Many have doubted the spiritual content of my struggle, but I think I have made it clear. Whether I am listened to or not, does not perturb me. My satisfaction consists in the fact that, thank God, I have done my duty. The letter to St. Jude says “contend for the faith that was handed over to you by the Fathers”. This is why there is a strong need to reform the Roman Curia. Over here in Nigeria, we must rise up to the challenges which corruption, ethnic and religious clashes present by addressing the many lapses in the Constitution. In America and Europe, religion has been reduced to a private thing but Freemason, by virtue of grand deceptive designs, has been accorded a national status and veiledly declared a state project. That is hypocrisy. The worst terrorists are not Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen; the worst terrorists are America and Europe. They are the greatest threat to global peace and security.

SCROLL: What measures have you taken to ensure your security?

Response: The issue you have raised has a lot to do with finance. As I am talking to you now, I have no kobo of my own. I live on the charity of my family and friends. As a priest, I do not have a room anywhere in the world except the little room I had in the village as a Seminarian and which I retained after my ordination in 1997. But as it stands now, I cannot go home to the village because a plot has been hatched to frustrate me out of all the places I used to hang and force me back to the village where I and the rest of the members of my family would be wasted by a sponsored armed robbery attack. It is my belief that nobody would kill me. It is when I am weak that I am strong. Besides, my mother, our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary is more powerful than all the cults put together. By the special merits of Jesus Christ, I am a seed of this woman called the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In as much as I would not like to commit suicide, I am not afraid to die a martyr. The ultimate evil is not that one has died. The ultimate evil is to die outside of Christ. If I am to beef up any security about myself, it will have to be in this regard – to help me remain in Christ. Whom are you going to talk to? Governors, bishops, general overseers, pastors, politicians, business tycoons and captains of industries are members. If you are fighting a member, you are equally fighting all the members because, according to one of the statutes in the S-Code, “a drop of blood of a member is an ocean of blood of all of us”. In this case, those you expect to protect you, diplomatically but tacitly betray you and hand you over to your fate – “an imposter who deserves nothing but gets everything” By everything is meant prosecution, reduction to the zero point, expulsion to the zoo and gradual but miserable death. It is only those that prove themselves strong that are punished through assassination, otherwise there is no need to dignify an infidel with martyrdom. Recently, I heard Orji Uzor Kalu insinuating that former President Obasanjo be sent to the zoo. He was speaking to a special audience. In my own case I am insisting on a more dignified death, and this is why I am still talking. Also, this is why I am so concerned about Nuhu Ribadu, El-Rufai, Dora Akunyili, Cecilia Ibru, Peter Obi, Cardinal Okogie, Bayo Onanuga of the News, Nosa Igiebor of TELL, Insider Weekly Magazine, Peter Odili, Ejike Mbaka, Mathew Hassan Kukah, and a host of others. These people, together with other numerous institutions and establishments are clearly marked “Projects” – Masonic projects. Some of these people may think they belong but their ID cards were not “Confirmed” because they are infected with the virus – faith, and therefore may turn out to be traitors. Obasanjo should hear this.

I do not believe anybody can succeed in killing me or my close prayer partners, but even if God decides to allow anybody do this, I have nothing to worry about. Why? Because, I am a strong believer in the resurrection. Even if I do not rise from my present predicaments today, I have the Hope that one day when Christ comes, and I am sure he will come, I will rise up – never to die again. Instead to live and reign with him- forever. This is my Hope. Every morning I wake up with this hope – happier, confident and more determined. And, Hope does not fail us.

SCROLL: What is your next move? Are you hoping to begin your own ministry?

Response: If you go to a corner of one of the remotest areas in Aba or Port Harcourt, you will see up to five or six churches springing up like a mushroom. And each of the founders claims a divine mandate. Personally, I do not claim any other mandate than the priestly one, and as a Catholic priest, I cannot function outside the Church. In cases like this, you do not have to relent. You have to be patient with God. To do this is to lend yourself back to the devil as an effective instrument ans a support for him to destroy the Church by sowing seeds of discord and division. Once you succumb to this kind of temptation or permit that others do it on your behalf or in your name, then forget it. The devil used you to win a battle against the church – something that was difficult for him to accomplish using the enemies you are battling against. The whole problem is a two - headed cobra. You have to be very careful so that you don’t cut off one the heads only to be bitten by the other one.

Church members are not only the human beings you see seated on the pews on Sundays – some saints, others sinners, yet others devils in disguise. At another level, there is our Lady, the Saints, Martyrs, Apostles, Evangelists, archangels and angels. Of course, God is at the throne. You do not have to go and destabilize the entire church because somebody does not like your nose or your colour. And for this reason you leave to start your own church. No matter what we pretend and how we go about it, there is only one church. And Christ did not go about looking for demons to cast out, nevertheless, he did not allow any demon to frustrate his mission. He cast them out. The church is a mystical communion with both the seen and unseen. For instance, I have taken time to study Pastor Kumuyi’s DeeperLifeBibleChurch. Authoritatively, I an tell you that W. F Kumuyi runs one of the most purest and committed ministries of our time but then the Catholic church, because of the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus cannot afford to begin to struggle for a space with Deeper Life. The Catholic Church is as old as the 21st century and still maintains a credibility which no other denomination can rival. Until these other denominations are able to go through these centuries of stress, persecutions and betrayals and come out unscathed, they cannot point credible accusing fingers against the Catholic Faith. And, personally, I cannot join the war against the Church.

As a physical personality, my membership of the church has a legal implication and as well demands the physical presence of Jesus Christ. While the Pope serves this legal implication in terms of tangible leadership and unity, the Eucharist represents the tangible ever abiding presence of God the Father through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Eucharist is the most radical and most simple form God can assume if he ventures outside the domain of heaven, like he did through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a necessary implication of the incarnation, and to question this is to question the reality of the presence of God in the physical person of Jesus Christ. The Pope, as Peter, is the authorized mouth piece of Christ, and the Bishops derive their offices from here. Of course the Satan in Peter did not cancel out the Pope in him. However, it brought him a strong rebuke, and God is no respecter of persons. This is why I am pleading with SCROLL to calm down. The Church is equal to the challenges which those murderers in Aba present. With Jesus present in the Eucharist and still in charge of this Church, the devil is a liar. Indeed, a very big liar.



27- 02- 2010


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