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They Owe It

Updated on January 23, 2018

Donald Trump first year of being the President has been like no other president, he has changed politic in America. Americans are wondering what platform do they trust?.

On Trump anniversary American Government was shut down, leaving Americans wondering what to do next.Donald Trump made this decision, a statement he made in Dec that there should be a government shut down. Last Thursday Trump invited 12 lawmakers to the White House to try and come up with a solution on immigrant(DADC).

The president got angry and used racist slurs against Haitians, El Salvador, and some African nations, predominate, nations of color.Trump wanted people of Norway, who are "white". He was heard by a Democrat senator Dubin and some other Republicans in the meeting

. Cotton and Perdue both said they didn't hear what the president said but later said the president didn't say what The Democrat said. Senator Lindsey Graham said he spoken to the president about his comments, omitting the president, said what he said. Trump almost begged for a bill to go to his desk, saying I will sign it and take the heat.Later him he didn't like the bill and refused to sig it. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan is blaming Democrats for putting DADC bill on the table but Trump and the Republicans want to look at it in March when the bill expires.

Monday the Democrats gave in to Mitch McConnor and voted to keep the Government running why Donald Trump sat back and gloat. It's would have hard for all American but Democrats should have fought for what was right. The immigrant's bill is delayed, sooner or later the president will have to do something about The Dreamer, Will he send them back or will he let them Stay? The president said he could make a deal better than anyone, what deals have he made. If this is a short time fix, I hope Democrat's grow some balls and stop playing into the hands of Republicans.


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 3 months ago from > California

      New Yorkers have known for decades that the ONLY time in the past "Delusional Donald" ever made "DEALz" was when he was taking advantage of OUR Elderly Citizens at the now BANKRUPT "Trump University" where a judge forced him to pay Tens of MILLIONs in Judgments to those individuals whom he had BAMBOOZLED ~

      Where's the 25 BILLION for his USELESS Pile of Concrete he promised his little gullible 'trumpeteers" Mexico would pay for ?? Reportedly, The President of Mexico when asked to pay for the wall by "Delusional Donald" told him where to put his asphalt ~