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Trump Promote Violences

Updated on August 9, 2017

Friday in New York President Trump spoke to Law enforcement officers telling police officers to through thugs in a paddy wagon rough don't be nice to them he joked, remember this is the President in sighting violence. Police Officers stood behind Trump applauding as he spoke with a goofy look on his face. Why would the President Trump tell Police officers to afflict violence on anyone, knowing police brutality is sweeping America.

Young Black men are being killed by cops who have a tenancy to shoot and ask questions later. No president In history has made a speech to police officers telling them to promote violence on their suspects, Trump did.

As many acts that police person are involved in why would Trump promote and act of violence among cops? Donald Trump doesn't care about anyone except himself and his family, he was invited to the 2017 Boys scout jamboree, he made a speech on himself, his rich friend buying a yacht and the size of his inauguration.

The Chief scout apologized to families for the action of the President, because the speech was all about himself. This Jamboree was about the Boy scouts of America not Donald Trump.

The six months in office Trump has done nothing but cause commotion between his administration and the media, he hires unexperienced people in the white House who knows nothing about politics. President Trump is an embarrassment to America and need to resign "effected immediately".

I think Donald Trump is tired of being the president, he miss his life and is trying to sabotage his presidency or is he mentally impaired. No president History has ever attempted to run the white house like Donald Trump. Every day a situation goes on in the White House from firing to hiring and lying from every one affricated with The President Trump.

It's time for Republican's to take a stand against The president of the United States.


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