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Trump, The Unfit President-Elect

Updated on March 25, 2018
Donald J. Trump, candidate for President of the United States
Donald J. Trump, candidate for President of the United States
Candidate has praised his father and all that he has taught him.
Candidate has praised his father and all that he has taught him.
Settlement of Estate 1918- Frederick Trump Sr.
Settlement of Estate 1918- Frederick Trump Sr.

Why the obsession with Twitter?

As a parent, your child does something wrong and they quickly go to one parent to try to convince them that what they did was legitimate; that way they get the support of one parent and in turn play them against each other.

Trump's obsession with Twitter achieves the same goal. It's his link to supporters to convince them that he's in the right; he's being picked on and you have to defend me. He plays the American people with his Twitter account and it works.

He uses it to create a false reality of who Donald Trump really is....

Who is Donald J Trump?

Trump would have you believe that he was the son of immigrant grandparents who came to America, fresh off the boat and married, worked hard to become citizens and provide for their family. A true rags to riches story, only it's completely fiction or in Trumps own words "Fake News"

His grandfather, Frederick Trump came to America around 1885 and he showed no employment, but he had his own bank account as his description for financial support.

Like the true Trump male, he was 41 years old and his wife Elizabeth was 24 years old; neither were naturalized citizens. Elizabeth had come to American in 1901. They had three children, Elizabeth, Frederick Christ and John G. Trump. There was no record of Trump's grandparents ever becoming U.S. citizens.

May of 1918, Frederick Trump, Sr. passed away, his son Frederick C. Trump Jr was only 13 years old. He listed his wealth in personal property as over $20,000 in his will and $6,300 in real property. In today's value, that would be over $345,291.77 in personal property and $108, 766 in real property (house). His wife received $30,000 ($517.937) after the will was probated. He had several bank accounts and debt, because he like his grandson, was share holder and bought much on credit. In the end his debt was $30,000+. In 1918, that was a lot of debt. And to those who knew him, he was a wealthy business man; with no one the wiser about his debt.

In 1920, Elizabeth was alone with her children, with no record of support other than her daughter Elizabeth who was working as a typist for an export house. In 1928, she took the children to Germany for a visit and returned to New York.

By 1930, Fred Christ Trump, who was born in New Jersey, was a builder and proprietor worth $23,000. It doesn't sound like a lot, but in 1930 $23,000 was the equivalent of $316,000 today. By 1936,he met and married Mary McLeod, an immigrant who came to America and seven years his junior.

It's not known exactly when Fred Christ Trump became a member of the KKK, but it was well before he married his wife. Records show that he was arrested during a march in 1927 at the age of 22. He was also a developer and slum lord. Donald longed for his fathers approval and in turn is the spitting image of Fred Christ Trump. From the obsession with pretty young women, the lack of respect for women and the love of money and power.

By 1940, Frederick Trump was not claiming his true worth simply saying $5,000 +. Which could have been double or tripled the wealth he had claimed before. When World War II began, Frederick Trump was making millions from the government; building temporary housing for workers and Navy Personnel in Virginia and Pennsylvania. There is no record that he ever registered for the draft.

On his death, he was called a "conservative real estate developer".

While Donald Trump may claim to not have been spoon fed and had to work hard, it is hard to believe by his actions and the fictional history he has fed the American people.

He claims to be a billionaire and great master of business, yet his businesses continue to fail and his taxes were never released to show America what kind of finances he has; but if you can't keep your businesses open, you aren't that great a business man.

The bottom line, his need to WIN!, comes from his obsession to prove to everyone that he is better than them. A weakness in a person who is unsure of his or her self.

Trump supporters

Trump uses fear against other races to solidify his base

To attract racist, those disenfranchised with the immigration population. Trump started his campaign by trying to divide and conquer. With much success until it started to border on the insane.

Trump has called Mexicans thieves and rapists, not illegal immigrant Mexicans only ; but Mexicans of this country he calls them liars and crooked. When the media quit pushing his propaganda, he called out a news paper company as being biased because it was owned by a Mexican; which it is not. When a judge sided "against" him, it was because he was Mexican, not because Trump himself was in the wrong.

What to do with them? He wants to build a wall and deport them to where they came.

He won't hire blacks if he doesn't have too, he's called them lazy. He had a black accountant and was disgusted at the thought that the "black man was counting his money". Trump was sued for discrimination, because he wouldn't rent to blacks. Something his father taught him so well.

He has gone on to say that Muslims can't be trusted. He will have them take a test before coming into the country and those that are "bad" will be kept out and deported from our country. He will create a force to deal with them. Much like Hitler and his SS, Trump will create a larger government and more debt for the country.

His racist words and behavior have drawn others like him to support him and it has created a rift to large to repair among the GOP.

Do you trust Donald J Trump?

Do you think Trump will do what is right for America?

See results

Nuclear War...

Donald Trump cannot understand why we cannot use nuclear weapons if we have them. Does this sound like someone you want in charge of the nuclear weapons? I think not. If he read about history, other than "The New World Order", he would understand whey we don't use them.

The devastation should a nuclear war break out could easily be the end of mankind as we know it. If this candidate can't understand that, then Donald J. Trump has not business being President of these United States.

That's Entertainment

Donald Trump, the self proclaimed Winner of 2016 as he claims, has been using the same tactics to keep viewers on his reality t.v. show to create followers of his campaign. As he put it, he's lost weight because it takes a lot to entertain the people at the rallies.

Donald Trump fails to understand that this is not one of his shows, but its the sovereignty of this nation. It's security for all Americans, not just the select few of his choosing.

So much to say... not enough space to say it.

  • Trump takes no responsibility for's always someone else's fault.
  • Trump calls people he doesn't like by childish names: Crooked Hillary, Pocahontas, Lying Ted Cruz and the list can go on for days.
  • Trump talks about dating his daughter if she wasn't his daughter.
  • Trump says he knows nothing about David Duke and the KKK, but yet his father was a member of the KKK and he's and avid reader of supremacist propaganda in books and on line.
  • Trumps idea on who to fix Michigan. Send the automotive jobs to another state, when they are desperate for work, bring the jobs back and they'll take the job at any pay scale. That's his solution for minimum wages and getting people back to work.
  • Trump says Clinton wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment. He got a liar liar pants on fire for that one; because there is no truth to it at all.
  • Trump and his team, trying to convince America that Hillary Clinton isn't healthy enough to hold the office of the President of the United States.

Does anyone really know where he stands?

Donald Trump, when losing support, says "I" alone will fix it. I will pass all these laws and create all these "fix it" solutions. Every President promises the world, but only somethings can actually get done. It takes votes from our elected officials to allow the President to make things happen.

Gridlock has kept many of policies from being implemented on both sides of the isle. So when Donald J. Trump dropped his hat into the ring, he used the thing that would unite the people the most; fear. He promised that he would deport 11 million immigrants by force and he would get Mexico to pay for the "Wall".

Then once he had his followers, his stance changed to almost what the Obama presidency has in position now. He talked about everything being negotiable. Next, he staged a meeting with president of Mexico and came off quite presidential. Within a six hour span, he held a rally where he took back to the immigration hardliner stance and made racial innuendo. Speaking clearly to whites and announced that he had not spoken about payment for the "Wall" with the Mexican president.

The Mexican president, held his own conference and said Mexico would not be paying for a "wall".

So, now Trump is left to "fix it" on his own or with a large amount of the taxpayers money.

Since Donald Trump keeps changing his stance about immigration to garner votes, can he be trusted to follow through on anything that he has said?

Trump: Immigration Series

So far his "Win" Has been America's loss

Donald Trump won the electoral vote, conspiracy theory; if he had hackers looking into Hillary Clinton's email, could he have "rigged" the election?

Hillary Clinton took the popular vote. Will the electorates give her the election, as they can by law?

  1. In less than a day after the election, Trump was back on Twitter, disparaging the media and the thousands of protesters.
  2. His Vice President has taken over his transition into the White House, not usually done.
  3. He told his voters he would Repeal Obamacare. He now says NO!
  4. He told his supporters, he'd build a wall. He now says NO!

How long before his staunch supporters realize that they have been played? Time will tell.


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    • Life History profile image

      Historian 14 months ago

      How disappointing that we lost on both counts. It is scary to see what is becoming of this country and how complacent people have become.

    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 19 months ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      Obviously, the apple doesn't fall far from the family tree. Trump's sons also seem to be carrying on the infamous Trump legacy. There would be two great conclusions to your piece. First of all, it would be extremely enlightening to see Trump's tax returns. Secondly, I want this to end with him losing by a landslide.