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Taboo : No Religion

Updated on April 24, 2019
AnthonySOwens profile image

Self Proclaimed Realist With A Knack For Stating The Painfully Obvious. Creator of The Taboo Article Series.

Religion By Definition


nounre·​li·​gion | \ ri-ˈli-jən \

Definition of religion

1a: the state of a religious a nun in her 20th year of religionb(1): the service and worship of God or the supernatural(2): commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance2: a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices3archaic : scrupulous conformity : CONSCIENTIOUSNESS4: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.

Religion as defined by Webster's dictionary is simply the worship of a god, the attitude of the flock , and the beliefs you hold dear. The underlying tone of that definition is, you pick a god, you follow his beliefs, and you act as they would. Anyone whom hasn't lived under a rock for the past 3000 years is pretty in tune as to what religion is. There are so many religions in the world, that statistically some of them can't be true.

Lets take Pastafarians into consideration as a great example of my last statement.

Wars have been waged since the beginning of time under the guise of religious superiority. Entire civilizations have crumbled in the wake of religious zealots, hell bent on being the one and true religion. Even as we speak beheading, stoning, and other barbaric rituals are carried out daily in other parts of the world. All jocking for control of a particular population.Right now you can ask any smart home device or search engine, how many religions there are in the world and get a number over 4200. Please allow me again to guide you down the rabbit hole of taboo on the subject of religion.

Without Religion, There Would Be No Law

Some will try to argue the subtitle above, as me saying without religion there would be no morality. That could not be further from the truth. Fact of the matter is, religion as it relates to morality has a guiding roll. I'll explain that by saying, which ever your choice of religion, you follow that religion's guide lines as they pertain to your actions. If you are a Muslim you abstain from eating pork, drinking, and gambling. If you are a Christian you can't worship and idol god, or 9 other predefined living guidelines. Buddhists cause no harm, and atheists can't worship any god at all. Each of these mentioned has a direct method of informing and guiding you as to what your morals should be.

Lets look at all these things independently for a moment.

What do all of these religions have in common?

Is it hard to arrive at the fact religion is just another tool to divide and conquer the masses?

Do they aim to control your thoughts and prayers by directing you to a higher power to follow?

If you answered all of these questions honestly, it wouldn't be hard to come to the conclusion, that the driving force behind any religion is influencing and controlling the hearts and minds of its followers.

Hints the title, Without religion there would be no law. Without religion, there would be nothing to define the set expectations of society. Nothing to define the morals and over ride the animal instincts all humans are born with. We are systematically indoctrinated in to believing there is some higher power watching us, and guiding with his or her divine plan.Only to be punished for eternity for not following along willfully. This is done so that guidelines and laws can be created to put people into the mindset this is how its going to be done because god said so.

In America, our saying is In "God We Trust."

If we are still breaking down terms, then I'll say this, If we trust in god, which was created out of a necessity to control the population at large, how can we be free. How could laws created in the image of a god whom told his followers to sacrifice their children, or behead the people who wouldn't follow his word be considered anything that could be followed. Much less have an entire civilization molded in its image.

I'll tell you how. Rome being one of the strongest empires in history figured out a long time ago, that if they were going to continue to do the things they wanted, they were going to have to con the masses into believing a higher power than them was protecting them. Something you couldn't see but that you could feel in your soul. Something that scared them into submission.

For all we know Caesar was buddies with an alien race that would zap folks on command. I'll leave my ancient aliens theories out of this but you get my drift. Something, sometime allowed the Romans to pull this off. They Established the Roman Catholic Church and created their own country to rule their subjects from.They carved out an entire system based on their needs and it is still coursing through the hearts and minds of their subjects to this day.

Control Is The Answer

Anyone not following my logic to this point should probably stop reading now. But you won't because I just told you to. Which is funny. No one wants to think that they let anyone control them. No one wants to think that for some reason they aren't allowed do as they please.

In reality we are all controlled by a system that was designed thousands of years ago by a guy who didn't have access to a running water or electricity. He didn't have the internet and he didn't have a smart phone. What he did have was an understanding. An understanding that all men were created equal. An understanding that even though man was an intelligent being, he would still engage his animistic instincts when cornered.

He also understood the feral nature of early people. He understood that the human mind worked a certain way and could be easily influenced by fear. He knew that if the right conditions were presented at the right time, he could fabricate a story and make people follow it.


With Christianity you are told, you are a part of a flock. Meant to follow and obey. With other religions the basic principals are the same but the stories are different. It's like saying " Hey, everyone get in a line " then saying "the door was red" in one persons ear and telling them to pass it on. If there are more than 4 people involved in this process, by the time that sentence gets to the 10th person, the boat is green.

Lets take for example another thing that has troubled me with regards to christian religion. Why is it that there are no more chapters in the Bible. We know for a fact every day millions of people speak to God. A large majority if asked will say he spoke back and guided them towards one thing or another.

Unless they are in their religious circle or around like minded individuals those revelations could be considered crazy talk. I promise you that if I sacrificed my first born son to my god, because he told me to, I would be arrested and and probably put to death or I would be locked in a mental institution, deemed incompetent to stand trial.

Does this bother anyone else? It literally sets a precedent that says, If you talk to god and he makes you do things your crazy.

With that being said, didn't the people who contributed to the words in the Bible speak to god and he tell them to tell their story?

If it were today wouldn't we lock these people away and deem them insane?

Didn't these same people go on to murder millions of people on the back of spreading their gods plan and continue to do so to this day?

Aren't our countries laws based on the teachings and believings that were passed down from the Bible?

Isn't each religion the guiding light behind all laws governing its particular people?

I am not here to create problems or controversy. I am quite simply a person who seeks out the reality of every situation. I try to couple my ability to stay within the realm of true reality and writing things that make people question their own realities and thoughts. I try to keep things simple and easy to follow. I for sure missed a whole slew of topics in this piece, but it is an article and not a book.

Thanks again for reading. I hope I was able to challenge you to look past the Taboo and get a better picture of the world around you..


Disclaimer: This article is solely the thoughts and beliefs of the author. In no way does it represent the thoughts or beliefs of this publication.


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